The opera "Zhou Enlai" will show two "sing" the legendary life

The opera "Zhou Enlai" will show two "sing" the legendary life

Zhou Enlai is a true portrayal of the Chinese Communists to practice the initiality and mission in Jiangsu. After more than a year, the opera "Zhou Enlai" will appear in the Nanjing Zijin Grand Cinema on May 5th and 6th.

The opera "Zhou Enlai" was guided by the Jiangsu Provincial Committee, and Jiangsu Province Performing Arts Group, is one of the four works of Jiangsu to the Central Propaganda Department, Wenxiong Department, China Wenmpions, celebrate the 100th Anniversary Stage Art Works of the Communist Party of China, Telling the legendary life of a generation of great people with a opera. The opera "Zhou Enlai" gathers the strong domestic creative power, strong performance lineup: the famous composer Tang Jianping, the playwright Feng Bo Ming, Feng Biao screenwriter, famous director Xing Shijun directed, Jiangsu Province Performing Arts Group Symphony Orchestra Conference The male high-calorie singer is the prime minister of Zhou Enlai. Jiangsu Province Performing Arts Group Opera Dance Theater, Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Symphony Orchestra, Jiangsu Province Performing Arts Group Dance Mei Company undertakes the performance mission. The drama was in the background of the Soviet Union withdraw an expert. The domestic economy has a great difficult situation as a background. Talking about the premiell of Premier Zhou’s death, it is successful to build a "two bombing a stars" in the country; in 1972 Tough negotiations, eventually reached China and the United States "Shanghai Junfeng"; in 1975, when the condition deteriorated in the condition, I still insisted on the scene of "Work Report" of the People’s Gate of the People’s Congress, with the "War of Zunyi", "Zunyi" The Bandung Conference "is the flashback space, and the hero poem" Dajiang Song "is connected by its teenager, and the historical scene of" chemical and difficulty turning to the transfer "in the art language will reproduce him. The outstanding merits and the lofty style, writing it for the Chinese people, for the Chinese nation, and struggle for human progressive careers.

Fashion the wise, diligent, and insist on independent protogan prime minister image. "I hope that every respect person can not only learn from the" Era "in the performance process, but also to pass this spirit through the opera to every audience." Zheng Zeyun, secretary of the Jiangsu Performing Art Group, said, In 2019, the "Zhou Enlai" is "Zhou Enlai", the whole party carries out the theme education of "I don’t forget the initiative, keep in mind the mission". The drama chooses to premierate in the revolutionary holy land, gain a huge response. In 2021, another 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the whole party launched the education of party history, "We re-reroute this drama has a special era. Opera" Zhou Enlai "was on October 15, 2019 as" Central Conservatory " · Yan’an 10 · 15 Art Festival "opening ceremony in Yan’an Grand Theater premiere, won the warm and praise of the local audience, praised" Zhou Prime Minister a wish, and also circle the dream of Yan’an people. "

Then, the play is a new stage repertoire in the 2019 Zijin Culture Art Festival. The first appearance of the Jiangsu stage, won the 2019 Zijin Culture Art Festival "Special Award". After more than a year, after several grinding and modification, I will meet with the audience, whether in singing or performing, it is more excellence.

"In this opera, the drama component of Zhou Premier Role is the most important, and it is very challenge for men’s high-sound. His drama performance and almost full of various singles, including 6-segment large amounts The sigh and Xuotian. "The famous composer Tang Jianping said that it is a huge project that is equivalent to everyone in a year.

During the rehearse, he was moved many times, "it will be a 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

"In order to perform the people’s good prime minister Zhou Enlai, after 80, the opera actors have studied the details of the prime life, the habitual movements, the way to talk, and have answered many film and television materials, and the documentary repeatedly watched it." Love is deep, I Always can’t help but red eyes, Premier Zhou dedicated to the country, and remember the country and the people at the time of the end, such sent the sentiment deserved. I also hope that more audience can enter the Zijin Grand Theater and see a prime image of the model to shape the opera.

"The difficulties in this drama are also to sing emotions and stories through opera. This is a very difficult and very advanced thing. It is different from the oral language, not only to sing, but also sing To the hearts of the audience. Executive director, famous drama actor Hao Guang said, Premier Zhou Enlai always made a heart to the people, the enthusiasm for the revolution, to the party’s loyalty, in shaping such a great person, he requests The actor should go deep into the little bit of the prime minister, and understand why the Prime Minister I forget to invest in the revolutionary work. What kind of feelings do he have? This is a key to the actor. "I believe that through the continuous Working, this drama will definitely get the audience. Because the heart of the prime minister is closely linked to the people, the people love Prime Minister, the Prime Minister love the people, so this play audience must like it. "Xinhua Daily · Intersection Reporter Chen Jie correspondent Tang Xiaoman.