The writer Chen Yingsong quinested to prosecute the network, and another professor said that hundreds of articles were included.

The writer Chen Yingsong quinested to prosecute the network, and another professor said that hundreds of articles were included.

  After the writer Chen Yongsong expressed the preparation of the Chinese knowledge network of more than 300 articles, December 13, the news noted that the deputy professor of the Huaiyin Teachers College, the Dean of Huai’an Talent Development Research Institute, Xu Xiaohu registered in personal real name The news report link to the news report of China Zhiwang is preparing to prosecute China’s comprehensive news report, "I also have the first author (or the only author).

"Xu Xiaohu issued Weibo, said hencers of hundreds of articles were included in the 13th, and the news was in the form of a message to contact Xu Xiaohu, and did not reply before it was published.

  Huaiyin Teachers College official website information showed that Xu Xiaohu is currently the executive vice president of Huai’an Talents Development Research Institute, and the "Huai’an Development Research" executed by Huai Yin Teachers College. Xu Xiaohu has long been engaged in the study of career planning, talent selection, intellectial governance, public management, local history, information research and other fields.新 新闻 新闻 新闻 作者 作者 作者 作者 作者 作者 作者 发现 发现 发现 发现 第一 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 论 期 论 论 论 论 论Journal of Journal Sciences.

  Introduction to Xu Xiaowu Personal Profile Recently, the 89-year-old Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, the retired professor Zhao Dexin sued the praise after knowing the Internet, and the 700,000 yuan will continue to pay attention. Zhao Dexin said in an interview in the news, "I don’t know me, don’t sign the agreement, take it to sell money, especially my students, I have to pay when using my article. I saw this The situation is that it is not respectful for intellectuals, and these graduate students are also disrespectful.

After the victory of the rights law, the Chinese knowledge network will be all under the next article. On December 10th, China Zhiwang Yingcai "China Academic Journal (CD version)" Electronic Magazine Co., Ltd. public response: 虚心 听 法 法 法The opinions and suggestions of experts, scholars and publishing agencies, strictly implement relevant laws, regulations and policies, and have a problem with academic editorial publishing unit, solve problems. On December 12, writer Chen Yongsong received the interview with Changjiang Daily reporters said that he has Preparing for the prosecution of more than 300 Chinese articles. Chen Yongsong believes in an interview with the Changjiang Daily reporter that the knowledge of the introduction of the introduction will bring the article to his own platform, "This is not what stolen. "Beijing Zhongmei (Changsha) Law Firm Lawyer Liu Kai analyzed that in the case of not using multiple articles in the absence of authorization license, and passed the port of the computer, mobile phone for network users to download, Users can get works at their own time, location, which belongs to a typical violations of information network propagation rights.