Tsinghua Holdings were unpaid to this place to be home! Tsinghua Holdings were unpaid to this local country! – Related Dynamics

Tsinghua Holdings were unpaid to this place to be home! Tsinghua Holdings were unpaid to this local country! – Related Dynamics

[Abstract] Plus the latest release of the announcement on the evening of December 12th, a total of 8 A-share companies with the "Tsinghua Department" background have released the "Tsinghua University to discuss 100% stake" Related Announcements, Tsinghua University’s school-enterprise reform work is accelerating. (Original title: Suddenly started! Tsinghua Holdings are unpaid to this place to be home-owned, involving 8 listed companies) Plus the latest release announcement on December 12th, with 8 weekends with "Tsinghua Department" background The A-share company issued an announcement on "Tsinghua University to discuss 100% equity of Qinghua Holding Shares", Tsinghua University’s school-enterprise reform work is accelerating. Specifically, these 8 A-share companies are Tongfang shares, Chen’an Technology, Ziguang National Micro, Chengzhi Shares, Ziku Shares, Enlightenment Environment, Square Education and Micro-Core Biology. The main content of the company’s announcement is that Tsinghua University has signed the "State-owned Property Rights Free Cultivation Agreement" from Sichuan on December 10, and it is proposed to transfer 100% of Tsinghua University’s Tsinghua Holdings held by Tsinghua University. Give Sichuan. The most important industrial platform in Tsinghua University and Sichuan state-owned "hand in hand" declaration, which also allows the high-profile college enterprise reform work to enter the actual phase. Tsinghua University intends to "strip" of its industrial platform information, Tsinghua Holdings are Tsinghua University, based on the integration of Tsinghua Industry, the State-owned Solar-owned Co., Ltd. was established by the State Council, and the company was established in September 2003 and has a registered capital of 2.5 billion. Yuan.

As an important industrial platform in Tsinghua University, Tsinghua Holdings’ equity disposal has great significance to the school-enterprise reform of Tsinghua University. Further, Tsinghua Holdings are located in the depth participation in innovative driving development strategy, and promote the development of scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities. As an investment-shaped company, Tsinghua Holding Business sector includes information technology, energy environmental, life and health, technology services and knowledge, asset management and other. In fact, from 2019, the school-enterprise reform begins to enter the battlefield. Retrospective.

On September 25, 2015, "Deepening the Implementation Plan of Deepening Science and Technology System" was officially issued and opened the reform of college enterprises.

In order to continue to advance reform, the Second Conference of the Central Committee of the Reform Commission passed the "Guiding Opinions of Enterprise System Reform" in Colleges and Universities on May 11, 2018. Among them, the pioneer of reform is Tsinghua University. At the end of October 2015, the National Education System Reform Leading Group issued a letter on agreed with the "Tsinghua University Comprehensive Reform Plan", officially approved the comprehensive reform plan of Tsinghua University.

  On October 12, the same year, the Tsinghua Holdings of the Tsinghua Holdings, the suspension announcement of the Tongfang shares and the two-double disclosure planning of major matters, kicked off the reorganization of Tsinghua University’s operating assets. At the end of August 2018, Tsinghua Holdings issued the "Takenote Announcement on Industrial Reform", Tsinghua University is working on the development of related industrial system reform programs.

  Since the reform of the self-school, Tsinghua Holdings have been related to its assets in different ways. Taking the enlighten environment as an example, the controlling shareholder or Tsinghua Holding Enlightenment environment is announced at the end of August 2020, Tsinghua Holdings intended to transfer the enlighten control unit shares by public listing, which may lead to enlighten the environment. The real-controlled person has changed.

  In fact, this is not the first time the Tsinghua Holdings will plan to transfer the stakeholders of Enlightenment Holdings.

In November 2019, the enlightenment environment issued an announcement. Tsinghua Holdings signed a shared share transfer agreement with Xiongan Fund on November 9, 2019. 14% of the share capital.

  In addition, Tsinghua Holdings are promoting the relevant reforming efforts of the Ziku Group holding 51% equity.

Ziguang national micro-December 10th released announcement, the company received a letter from the Ziku Group’s manager to inform the letter, determine the integration of intelligence, and the establishment of a consortium of the integration of the Wisheng Group, and became a substantive merger of 7 companies such as Ziku Group. Reforming strategic investors. Sichuan can develop Tsinghua Holding reporter noted that 8 listed companies disclosed the pick-up of Tsinghua Holdings – Sichuan.

  According to the data, Sichuan, which was established in 2011, is the importance of promoting energy infrastructure construction in Sichuan Province, accelerating the important subjects of major energy project construction.

At present, Sichuan can invest in Sichuan’s power in A-share, Sichuan can invest two listed companies in Sichuan in Hong Kong stock market. As of the end of the third quarter, the total assets that Sichuan can invest is about 100 million yuan, and the total liabilities is about 100 million yuan, and the net assets are about 100 million yuan. According to reports, Sichuan’s short-term struggle is to strive to achieve total assets of 400 billion yuan at the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan". The operating income is 1500-20 billion yuan, with a total profit of more than 5 billion yuan, and accelerate the first-class, domestic leading energy and chemical industry. Comprehensive enterprise.

  The reporter noted that the strategic business that Sichuan can publish is mainly energy industry, HP financial, tourism integrity, service trade, chemical sector and LED lighting.

The Industrial Layout of Tsinghua Holdings is mainly for technology industrial incubators, science and technology industries, innovation services, science and technology finance, creative industries and online education. From Beijing to Chengdu, Tsinghua University why did Sichuan State-owned Assessment As its industrial platform, the reporter noted that several negotiations of the two sides or in cooperation "Vold". In January this year, Tsinghua University has been discussed with Sichuan can vote on the exhibition; then Sichuan can invest relevant leaders in June, the team went to Tsinghua University, and the two sides were in promoting school-enterprise cooperation and building a production and research integration development platform. In-depth communication, Tsinghua University in Tsinghua University hopes to work together with Sichuan, continue to promote school-enterprise docking, deepening new energy, new materials, etc. Be a contribution.

  At the same time, Tsinghua University plans to "entrust" to Sichuan, but not given "burden" to Sichuan.

  Specifically, in the relevant announcements of the "Tsinghua University to discuss 100% equity" in the weekend, the company has said that this variation does not involve employee resettlement.

At the same time, the transfer does not involve credit, debt relationship adjustment, and the creditor of Tsinghua Holdings, the debt is enjoyed and undertaken by Tsinghua Holdings.