The representative of the fifth party meeting of the 15th Party Congress of Yanji City

The representative of the fifth party meeting of the 15th Party Congress of Yanji City

  On January 6th, the Fifth Conference of the 15th Congress of Yanji City, the Fifth Conference of the Fifth Conference of the Communist Party of China, called the Work report of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and launched a warm discussion on the specific content of the report. At the organ, township, street, urban construction, finance, industrial, cultural and educational delegation, from all walks of life, are actively spoke. Everyone combines the actual work of their own work, and has actively recommended the development of Yanji City, and has given a definiteness on the report. The delegates agreed that the reporting ideas were clear, the target positioning was accurate, the theme was clear, the focus was highlighted, and it was strong and guided.

In the future, under the leadership of the Yanji Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, it will definitely work with the hearts of morality, hard work, and to grasp all the tasks filed by the report, and vigorously promote Yanji City better and faster. The agency delegation discussed the scene of Wang Xiaoyuan, the party representative Nie Jing received an interview Wang Xiaoyong took the party on behalf of the party, Nie Jing, the municipal party committee’s work report is encouraging, and the inspiration is excited. Not only in the report, the focus of 2021, but also proposed "Ten The overall goal of the four five "development, so that we are looking forward to. As an Overseas Chinese Federation, in the new year’s work, it will unite and lead the majority of the overseas Chinese and Chinese, around the center, service overall situation, and contribute to the construction of socialist modern beauty. The Township Delegation discussed the Site Golden Shishi Shutong Party representative to accept the interview with the township delegation, the party representative of the town, said that the work report made by Hong Qing Shuji is a scientific and pragmatic and condensed work report.

In the past year, for the township and village cadres, it is extremely extraordinary year. Under the correct leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, united to lead the people of all ethnic groups in the town, successfully completed the anti-epidemic situation, and the Taiwan wind Create a national civilized city, meet a difficult and heavy political task such as the extraordinary examination of the Elevated University, and created another brilliant performance that can be loaded into the history of Yanji, and the achievement of these results is far from the strong leadership and science of the Municipal Party Committee. Decision, benefit from the solidarity and selfless dedication of the masses of the towns and villages.

After the meeting, I will convey the spirit of the conference to the cadres of the whole town, and the specific requirements and general deployment of the report will fully promote the project construction of the 100-day attack, and fully fulfilled this year’s work tasks. Modernity Beautiful Yanji contributes power. The street delegation discussed the scene of Yang Tingting, the party representative Xu Yijie accepted the interview with Xu Yijie, the party representative Xu Yijie said that the report made by Hong Qing, showed the brilliant achievements made in 2020, depicting the "14th Five-Year Plan", which is also The work goals in 2021 proposed a clear direction. As the grassroots representative, in the future work, I will contribute to social governance and service people’s livelihood, especially while consolidating the results of Chuangcheng, sustainably, and gives new life vitality for old communities. The Urban Construction Delegation discussed the scene of Wang Xiaotong, the party representative of Wang Xiaotong, said that Jin Dong, the party representative, said that Hongqing Secretary is objective and comprehensive, and true reflects the fruitful results of this year’s Yanji City. It is very encouraged. . The acquisition of these results is the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, the various industries, all departments, solid, solid, concise, clear, clearly out of the development prospects of Yanji City, the goal is exciting, the measures are solid, it is guidance Program of development of Yanji City in the future. As a party representative of a real estate, after returning to the unit, I will organize all cadres and workers to study hard, profoundly understand, consciously implement, and take advantage of the party congress as an opportunity to further enhance real estate management and service level, for building beauty Yanji, the people ‘s lives have contributed.

The Finance and Trade Delegation discussed the scene of Wang Xiaoyong, Chen Li Bin, was accepted by the interview. Chen Libin, the party representative Chen Libin, said that the work report made by Hong Qing Secretary not only uses the most simple words to describe the results of 2020, but also mentioned " Policy, adopting the "one industry and one" "one entry" method, actively solving the difficulties and problems of the enterprise, providing more opportunities for our future development. As a corporate representative, I will implement the spirit of the party congress to the team, providing more economic power for the future development and construction of Yanji. The Industrial Delegation discussed the Site Li Jun Guangbao Party representative Jin Ying-Mei received an interview with Wang Xiaoyu Turbochemical delegation Party representative Jin Yingmei said that the party congress reported a review and summarizing the work of 2020, and the work of 2021 is fully scientifically put forward the goal and Key tasks, inspiring. In the future work, I will implement the spirit of the party congress, put the ideology and action to the project construction of the project to build a 100-day attack activity in Yanji City, and do a good job in enterprise service, and make the social and economic development of Yanji City. The contribution you should have.

Cultural and educational delegation discussed the scene Wang Xiaoyuan, Cui Meiyu, received the interview with the party representative of the cultural and education delegation, said that as the party representative of the medical front, can participate in the party conference, listen to the report, and feel the atmosphere of the conference. Honor. In 2020, it was very hard for medical staff, and we were in the city, and the epidemic prevention and control has achieved phased victory.

After learning the spirit of the party, after returning to the job, I will combine the actual work and share the spirit of the party congress to the hospital. Our medical staff will bear in mind the mission, stick to the post, better Safety to escort the life of Yanji citizens. (Wang Xiaotong).