The third quarter of the third quarter of Sichuan listed wine enterprises received a new high

The third quarter of the third quarter of Sichuan listed wine enterprises received a new high

Original title: the first three quarters of net revenues wine enterprises in Sichuan to market a new high revenue rose% Wuliangye, Luzhou revenue rose%, revenue rose% Shuijingfang, willing to liquor revenue rose% – Recently released the wine prices listed on the first three quarter results show, four liquor brisk performance of listed companies, the average increase in the leading industry average net revenue to new highs.

In the 19 listed wine company, in addition to niulanshan Shun Xin, Wong Toi two fell, the remaining 17 have achieved double-digit growth, the performance of listed companies and liquor gratifying.

From the potential related to the potential start to affect the overall situation. From the end of 2021 has been less than a month, the high growth in the first three quarters of liquor could continue to the end of the year, whether in order to achieve a beautiful performance "Fourteen five" perfect start? Look start: and "good" and "fast" and "stability" as industry leaders and leaders liquor, Wuliangye continue to follow the high-quality solid growth momentum in the first three quarters of revenue billion yuan, an increase of%; net profit of one hundred million yuan , YoY%. Since 2016, Wuliangye has 23 consecutive quarters of double-digit revenue growth.

Due to the good sales momentum in the market, Wuliangye cash flow has maintained a high growth rate, dealers actively back section, the first three quarters of this year, Wuliangye cash flow generated from operating activities Net billion yuan, an increase of%. As the liquor’s second ten billion listed enterprises, Luzhou-expected performance in the first three quarters, operating income billion yuan, an increase of%; net profit yuan, an increase of%, net profit exceeded last year, highlighting the a strong growth momentum. In addition two "Golden Flower" and willing Shuijingfang Wine is also doing well, respectively, in% and% of ultra-high revenue growth highlights the industry. Sichuan Daily reporter combing the whole media research report found that the first three quarters, liquor listed companies with a "fast" "good" "stability" three prominent highlights.

"Fast" is the corporate revenue growth rate of stressed, four liquor revenue growth of listed companies, the province’s GDP growth rate higher than the national average level of the industry, especially as the general volume of Wuliangye such industry giants, each percentage points of growth will bring over a hundred million of revenue increase, while the smaller "basic disk" Shuijingfang and are willing to use ultra-high double-digit and even triple-digit growth in the interpretation of the development potential.

"Well", is a requirement for enterprise development quality and efficiency, revenue and net profit growth rate equal to or even slightly higher, reflecting the high level of liquor balanced speed and efficiency of the development process, such as Wuliangye is steadily the "300,000 tons Tao Chen Tan wine library a project" and other quality and efficiency project for the company in the future to improve the quality, increase productivity and lay a solid foundation; Luzhou-depth implementation of brand rejuvenation project, sharp focus "dual-brand, the three strains large single product "strategy for the future development of the accumulation of potential energy. From the overall look Kawamata, four liquor listed companies net profit exceeded the total Kawamata total net profit of 30%.

"Stability" is the growth of toughness, a large room for maneuver, comprehensive reflection of the full development potential. From the development of the past few years to see, and liquor business performed solidly, keeping Wuliangye 23 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth, the industry has created stories; Luzhou achieve double the performance with just four years; Shuijingfang, willing to liquor by enterprise reform and adjustment, have embarked on the fast track of steady development, four liquor listed companies has become a steady development of support industries "ballast stone."

View trends: the first year is expected to collect "leopard tail" "In the past three quarterly view, the liquor industry to accelerate to more favorable areas, competitive enterprises, the advantages of brand focus on the trend more obvious, although development of the industry by many uncertain and unstable factors affecting , but the front-line wines with high certainty given the growth potential.

"Liu Feng known industry experts believe that the first three quarters of this year and liquor results in line with expectations, the market continued good feedback, profitability continued to improve, lay the foundation for full-year growth target achieved last year" 12 18 "conference, proposed Wuliangye 2021 development goals – strive to achieve double-digit total revenue growth in the industry backbone enterprises continue to maintain the advanced level of the average pace of development to ensure the steady development of enterprises run sustainable growth in a reasonable range.

At present, Wuliangye in the market, channel, brand, and other fields has been formed directional pattern of the basic situation, as well as gaining momentum and hair. Industry experts believe that the first three quarters and lay a good foundation based Wuliangye annual double-digit growth in almost a foregone conclusion.

The eve of National Day this year, issued a document Luzhou National Pits liquor sales Limited, in view of the 2021 National Pits products quotas have been implemented, no longer receive sales orders for 1573 all items of products this year, which shows that subsection end products in the market a good sales trend. Luzhou dealers Li Xiaohua said that in 1573 the ten billion selling large single product driven, Luzhou expected full-year growth is expected to exceed 20%. CITIC Securities research report also pointed out that, Luzhou in 1573 to ensure continued strong pin, overall performance continued high growth trend. The first three quarters, revenue Shuijingfang close to the overall level of last year, is more than willing to liquor revenue of last year.

Based on this ultra-high-speed growth, coupled with the fourth quarter shopping season, performance continued to grow very determined and willing to basically achieve Shuijingfang Wine sales volume for the fourth quarter that is incremental year.

High growth in the liquor business expectations, also reflected in selling capital market ratings and end markets. When near the end, the reporter visited some super find, good to eighth Wuliangye, National Pits 1573, blue and white Lang as the representative of high-end liquor sales trend, price stability.

Capital markets, brokerage agencies issued during the year 123 copies research report, over ninety percent Wuliangye given a "buy" "highly recommended", "overweight" rating and so on, competing investment fund holdings Luzhou, continued good business development . Standing by the end of 2021, 2021 and glimpse into the liquor the whole picture, the whole, and liquor "Fourteen five" first year results gratifying.

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