Taizhou speed up the Yangtze River Delta to build the best Culture Travel Destinations

Taizhou speed up the Yangtze River Delta to build the best Culture Travel Destinations

Original title: Taizhou speed up to build the best Culture Travel Destinations sea fairy country Yangtze River Delta, the picture in Vientiane. Is located in Zhejiang Province, "the central point north and south, at the junction of land and sea" in Taizhou, a coastal Pearl of the Yangtze River Delta region.

Cultural heritage and magnificent mountains, waters and magnificent natural endowments, the source Fozong Road, Wo Hop Holy Land, drawn up in Taizhou of text brigade gold card. Blending into the Yangtze, when the first text brigade.

In the Yangtze River Delta integration historical opportunity of development, Taizhou text brigade active cooperation with Shanghai and close interaction with the brothers city, toward "building the Yangtze River Delta the most desirable Aboriginal leisure travel destination" goals, made a high-quality development of integration road.

The depth of integration, the development of text brigade growth geopolitical pole Yangtze River Delta region similar popularity to each other along, are the main economic activities range Taizhou and cultural exchanges. Taizhou rich and charming text brigade resources, but also much Yangtze River Delta area residents and visitors alike.

Today, the Yangtze River Delta integration of a national strategy, "to break the open standards" is the path to a new era of development in Taizhou.

By this "wind", Taizhou text brigade sailing, strengthen regional co-developed text brigade, hoping to become an important growth in the Yangtze River Delta regional development poles.

In March last year, "chasing the sun to Taizhou" one hundred days ten million tourists visit Taizhou activities, starting in Shanghai. Shanghai, Taizhou two places text brigade departments, trade associations and enterprises to establish a strategic partnership, Taizhou nine counties (cities, districts) an invitation to the public to join hands in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta area.

Then, do tourists come here, see the "21st century mainland China the first rays of the first dawn" Fang Yan.

As a starting point, in 2020, Taizhou has held 20 games, "chasing the sun to Taizhou" brand activities, including "a million people visit Taizhou Yangtze River Delta," "warm lake stage three rural tourism go pro" and so on. Through cooperation with the donkey mother, little red books online platform, Taizhou city tour to promote the brand image to the world. City of Culture and Tourism of Radio Sports Bureau party secretary Lv Zhenxing also the embodiment of "anchor", the studio online speak for Taizhou Culture Travel products.

Lv Zhenxing "crying" products, the most representative, non-text brigade eight fine line perfectly.

"The new finding love Goddess Marriage" tour "island style romantic trip" "fresh food tour in Taizhou," "eastern Zhejiang Tangshizhilu destination Tour" route, brought together Aboriginal and cultural characteristics, visitors to select any one line , Taizhou can enjoy a different kind of style.

Wen Nengxing brigade, brigade can live text.

No go hand in hand with the text brigade, it is the cultural exchange between the Yangtze River Delta region. Last December, the Yangtze River Delta Sixteenth National Orchestra performances held in Taizhou. Period, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Taizhou City People’s Government, in the future the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in literary and artistic creation, personnel training and cooperative education and other fields. In fact, as early as last September, there are well-known musicians from the Yangtze River Delta folk songs to Taizhou, where the mountain Xiushui, giving them a wealth of creative inspiration.

Please come in, we have to go out. In May this year, Taizhou erhu player Zhang Jue hard act to level the 37th "Spring of Shanghai" International Music Festival, on the international stage, he played a fantastic string sounds from Taizhou. Wheel drive, create the best destination in the tide of integration, Taizhou text brigade how to identify the location, highlights the advantages? This is the text of Taizhou travelers seeking long-term thinking and proposition goals. "Fourteen Five Year Plan" text brigade mentioned in Taizhou: Yangtze River Delta region as the main source markets, unswervingly implement the "branding" and "cultural decoding" wheel drive. "Tourism has a market rule ‘better than distant neighbors’, just a short, leisure tourism, more and more favored by the people, and convenient transportation in Yangtze River Delta region, the development of Taizhou Culture Travel provides an opportunity rather warm gold, Suzhou, Wuxi and other cities, there is a huge the market potential to be tapped. "City, Guangdong tours Bureau of two researcher Ji Chen outfitting think.

While consolidating the Tiantai Mountain, Shenxianju and other famous brands, to implement the "wind from the sea, tourism Look East" strategy, to build islands, coast tourism projects, to do bigger and brighter "sea" of the article. Welcoming scenery, culture detain a guest. City, Guangdong Tours body, Deputy Secretary Chen Bo said that the process of integration in the Yangtze River Delta, in addition to good complementary cultural resources between cities, cultural interaction, but also to open up the information platform, "For example, the Yangtze River Delta region to promote public cultural service facilities share linkage, go out to the public, visitors come to realize ‘Sudy’ early experience in the cultural, tourism and so on. "when Lv Zhenxing out Recommend Taizhou, often With a sincere heart. He sincerely hoped that more tourists to enjoy the beauty of Taizhou, tasting food.

"We will focus on creating a comprehensive cultural development highlands, the best tourist destinations in Yangtze River Delta two main objectives, seize more and more outstanding cultural products of high quality tourism products link the two centers, Lulitongxin, temper forward. "Lvzhen Xing said. (Editor: Zhang Fan, Zhang Liwei).