Shanghai Disneyland nucleic 3 million people were negative

Shanghai Disneyland nucleic 3 million people were negative

Original title: Shanghai Disneyland nucleic 3 million people were negative October 31, the Shanghai new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work leading group office announced that, according to other provinces and cities Xiechatongbao Shanghai on October 30, 2021 to October 31 in Shanghai Disneyland and Disney town of stakeholders and related sites, night to carry out the investigation and to implement appropriate prevention and control management measures.

As of 8 pm Nov. 1, a total of 33,863 people related personnel screening, nucleic acid test results were negative.

Cumulative acquisition-related items and place environmental samples 920, nucleic acid test results were negative.

Related sites have been terminally sterilized.

Evening back to the destination on the evening of detection results received October 31, Shanghai Disneyland was nucleic acid detection in the garden overnight tourists from Hangzhou to play Disney visitors Chan was among them. She told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter that afternoon when she was ready to leave at 17 am, was stopped at the exit ticket office staff, told her the need for all people in the park today for nucleic acid detection, about 17:30, there will be wearing protective clothing medical personnel arrive at the scene, a tent as a nucleic acid detection point ticket office.

Ms Chan said that while Disney staff to maintain order at the scene, while guiding visitors appointment nucleic acid detection in the "healthy cloud" applet, because the park earlier, Ms. Chen at 18:15 to finish the test, then take the subway travel train station and take the night 20:30 high-speed rail back to Hangzhou, Ms. Chen that night she saw a notice from the nucleic acid detection negative "health cloud" applet. Beiqing Bao Chan told reporters, from receiving the notice to respond positively to the implementation of the measures, the staff acted quickly and epidemic prevention personnel can detect a few minutes there, "I want to say to all the staff worked hard! Thank them for their dedication spirit, we hope the epidemic under control as soon as possible. "when the fireworks were still fighting the epidemic working to October 31 evening 23:30 Xu, has basically accepted the Disney park visitors from the park after the completion of nucleic acid detection.

Site police and CDC staff to continue to provide protection for nucleic acid detection park workers.

Mr. Chin is one of the tourists go to Disney 31, 2009, after finishing nucleic acid testing, he also watched the fireworks show.

Beiqing Bao Qin told reporters, almost all visitors are well in line with the evening staff nucleic acid detection, medical personnel and Disney staff is very professional, "visitors spontaneously pregnant women, tourists with children children’s priority queuing, playing one day many tourists battery died, and we will also charge each other to borrow treasure, I feel very warm heart.

"Although met with unexpected situations, but the Shanghai Disneyland amusement activities did not stop, scheduled for the night of 21 and 19 when the two themes fireworks show is still scheduled to bloom, retrograde medical staff and police hard at work, ordered tourists with the night sky, fireworks still in bloom. Mr. Chin also done after the nucleic acid detection watched the fireworks show. tourists and different night "Disney fireworks when they retrograde fight against SARS," the topic also boarded the hot microblogging search 220 buses transfer visitors to Disney announced according to Shanghai, the Shanghai traffic authorities unified deployment, at 20:15 on October 31 until the end of the operation, pause Shanghai Metro line 11 Disney service station operators, passengers can not stand out , not passengers up and down the train, while the Pudong section of route 11 terminus adjusted Kang Xingong Road station.

Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission launched the emergency plan, arrange 220 temporary shuttle bus to Disney Indonesia transit hub, visitors will be forwarded to the Longyang Road transport hub.

It is understood that, in addition to the driver involved in the evacuation of the second nucleic acid testing needs to be done, from now on, part of Pudong bus routes and prevention measures on site upgrade via Disney. For vehicles, "a one-way sterilization" measures, site requirements "sterilize three times a day", and is located three transit hub near Disney, the temperature of the passenger car measures implemented. Hebei, a 6 1 infection were upgraded in risk areas for map / Xinhua News Agency, according to the country health committee of Hebei Province November 1 news, 0-24 October 2021 when 31 new novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosed in Hebei Province case 9 cases, of which 6 new confirmed cases of Shijiazhuang City. November 1, Shijiazhuang health committee announced the details of the track confirmed cases of the new 5 October 7-24 when 31, which had confirmed cases of confirmed cases Kwak and Lee sharing a unit, Kwak previously in Inner Mongolia Ejinaqi work, on October 13 to return Shijiazhuang. October 31, Shenze Shijiazhuang respond to new outbreaks of pneumonia crown Leading Group Office has published two track infection, were 73-year-old Wu Moumou surname Wang and his son. Subsequently, Wu Moumou husband, daughter, daughter and granddaughter were infected, six were infected with a new crown pneumonia. According to the health committee of Hebei Province 1 news, since November 1, 2021, Shenze Shijiazhuang City River Village adjusted in risk areas.

Other areas of the province are low-risk areas.

Heihe epidemic caused by the Delta variant strain 0-24 October 2021 when 31 new Heilongjiang Province, 27 cases of pneumonia new crown indigenous confirmed cases, of which 25 cases Aihui District of Heihe City, Harbin City, CA 2 cases were centralized isolation or isolated active investigation found during home control.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted that currently is becoming a new Heihe hardest hit by the epidemic.

Since October 27, Aihui District of Heihe City, found a case of domestic new crown positive pneumonia infection, calculated according to the Black Dragon Jiang Weijian Commission published information, as of November 1, Heihe confirmed cases have been 79 cases in less than a week .

In the previous joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council press conference, deputy director of the Health Committee of the National Health Disease Control Bureau Wu Liang has said that Heilongjiang Heihe epidemic since October 27 report rapid development, according to the current flow reconcile virus sequencing results, this recent outbreaks associated with Inner Mongolia, Gansu and other provinces have no local epidemic, the epidemic was a new foreign input virus. Currently new cases mainly through full screening and active treatment was found, suggesting that the local community transmission has occurred, and there is a proliferation of spillover risk.

Harbin there are a Heihe related cases. According to CCTV news, Heihe City, this round of outbreaks caused by foreign Delta variant strains.

Currently, the diagnosis of patients, mostly mild, treated in isolation at designated medical institutions.

Since November 1, Heihe City has opened the sixth round of the National nucleic acid detection.

Qinghai Xining a CDC staff member confirmed three bursts announcement on November 1, Xining City, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters disposal bursts of three announcements.

Notice shows that at 7:01 on October 31, Xining City, the new crown a new confirmed cases of pneumonia native. CDC diagnosed Moumou Department West District staff worked with her husband Moumou starting from Xining, from driving to reach the Gannan, Longnan, Tianshui, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province and other places.

After back to Qinghai, Chen so the travel path involves shop, supermarket, and went to relatives and mother’s home.

Back to Xining, the Moumou and her husband had dinner with friends.

After that, Chen Moumou trajectory involving buses, institutions, restaurants and other places. In addition, Chen Moumou had also to Cai Moumou (Department of indigenous confirmed cases Qinghai No. 1) home with four colleagues (Qinghai Province, Xining City, CDC staff members of the two), Mou (co-workers) to work together, work specification of the guard, a length of about 4-5 hours of operation, after working for disinfection. November 1 morning, added two new cases of viral pneumonia crown nucleic acid testing positive persons Xining.

November 1, Xining City, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters disposal Notice (No. 21), notice the contents of display, high slot Lane 3 homes, Qinghai Electric Power Construction Engineering Company family area, Building 2, West District Disease Prevention and Control Center as a sealed off area.

High slot Lane 5 Hospital, Hospital No. 7, No. 9 hospital; all areas within the range of thermal power the cell walls (except Building 2); Kee Hou lamb store (Road Fair); Nanshan Hospital Road 151; Seongdong innovation venture Building A, B Block; Hai Lake District comprehensive resettlement area; Fu Hing shops on both sides of things; east region Hui Wanda gourd restaurant is listed as the control area.

Tianshui City, Gansu Wei Jian Accountability Commission director was dismissed, according to Xinhua News Agency and other news 1st, October 31, Tianshui Municipal Standing Committee decided, replacing Chen Kexiao Tianshui City health committee party secretary, director of the office, Wu Yi disease in Tianshui City prevention and control center director duties.

Since the current round of outbreak, Tianshui City, a total of 15 cases of confirmed cases, including four people in Tianshui city health school students.

30, Tianshui City, the new confirmed cases in 4 cases, including 3 cases of Tianshui City health school students, both 17 years old, three people have been involved in training and participate in accounting accounting detect detection sampling work. Ejinaqi informed 6 from epidemic prevention and control and discipline violations November 1, Ejinaqi Discipline Inspection Commission informed the discipline violation epidemic prevention and control work in 6 cases, of which Ejinaqi Bayan Tao Nie Limei driving to hematoxylin Hospitals public car without permission to enter the sealed off area, working under the guise of the name of the homes in flagrant violation of epidemic prevention and control policy, free access to sealed off the area, and bad attitude of staff on duty at the time of inquiry. There is Nie Limei violations of the provisions of epidemic prevention and control, the entire division now be criticized. In addition, Ejinaqi Transportation Bureau Wang Haihong, Ejinaqi health committee, to call up Ejinaqi cloth town government, Ejinaqi Bureau of Statistics, Ejinaqi agricultural comprehensive law enforcement unit, Ejinaqi City Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau and other departments and individuals there is the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in place, issues such as poor performance of their duties is criticism. The group of text / reporter Zhang month deceive Li Tiezhu (Editor: Yuan Han Ling, Zhang Wei-Yi Hua) share to allow more people to see.