Refuse the "secondary retire" public welfare person

Refuse the "secondary retire" public welfare person

Hainan has a volunteer "march", it is 76 years old. "Bird" is called Cheng Meizu. He is active in the streets of Haikou, traffic guidance, obligation relief, beach garbage … he was rated as "the most beautiful volunteers" in the country, and he made a few years. The public welfare seeds buds in the heart in 1990, Cheng Mei is working in the Ministry of Industry of Hainan Province, engaged in the service selection of labor models and the May 1st Labor Award. Frequently in touch with the moving advanced people, Cheng Meizu buried a enthusiastic seed in my heart, slowly develop a habit of doing a good job.

Today, Cheng Meizu is known as "flag".

"Do a public welfare to make people’s mindset, and the body is healthy.

"Cheng Meizu said," After retirement, I am in the process of doing things, I found that there are many people who are willing to do well in society. "In order to call more people to participate in public welfare undertakings, Cheng Meizu decided to form the establishment of Hainan" Yijia Pro "Volunteer Service Center.

The volunteers in "Yijia pro" have a lot of age between 40 and 50 years old, usually go to the beach, street garbage, began to promote transportation, to promote traffic, to Haikou’s old age apartments and nursing horses, and so on.

From a first-line volunteers to the "housekeeper" with a group of like-minded people, they have to find a "foothold".

In 2011, Cheng Meizu decided to take out his house as a office. "Everyone can get together to open the meeting, discuss what public welfare, how to do it, can better organize you together.

"In the Volunteer Service Center, the wall is full of volunteers to make public welfare photos, the big blackboard records the length of the volunteers to volunteer service every month. The eye is fascinating, the door of the door is full A lifelike crafts. Cheng Meike launched a crafts of an elephant to tell the reporter, "This is our volunteer to use the use of used newspapers, turned waste into treasure."

They also often teach children to make, promote environmental philosophy.

"The affected by the father, the children of Cheng Meike also began to participate in the public welfare undertakings.

"Wife and children support me very supported, there is time to follow us to do volunteers, participate in the public welfare activities such as helping people with disabilities, condolence the nursing home and the orphanage.

"Cheng Meizu said. After years of development," Yijia Pro "volunteer service center has more than 6,000 volunteers in the volume. Cheng Meike launched a large number of public welfare activities with volunteers, and the service center was rated as" 2015 ~ 2015 ~ 2015 ~ In 2017, the two-created work advanced unit ", he was rated as the advanced individual in Haikou City. In 2019, Cheng Meizu was rated as" the country’s most beautiful volunteer ". I look forward to more people in public welfare roads today, Chengmei bidistics is not as good as before From the volunteer first-line position to the parish work, do a good job in every volunteer service, take a photo, record a little bit of a little bit of public welfare work. In his computer, there are many volunteers’ work. What time is it labeled, where did you do something?

"’Gaogo’ is a very loved person, doing things serious, no matter what is always done.

"The central volunteers Zhao Tongwei called.

In 2013, Zhao Tongwei saw a group of volunteers in the beach, and the longest-long Chengmei labeled him a profound impression, and he also became a volunteer. "Every Sunday, the ‘Shi Ge’ takes us to go to Haikou to do public welfare activities. We see that he is old and advised him to go, but he still insisted." Center volunteers Wu Shao Say.

During the interview, the reporter heard the most sentence of Cheng Meizuo was: "Do something well, it is a good way to pension!" "I hope more people join us to do public welfare, help more people need help.

"Cheng Mei smiles," If you must ask me to play, when I’m going to retire, I think I don’t know, it will be a completely standing.