Shanshui Aikang West Bank Notes 65 Delingha, I come for poetry

Shanshui Aikang West Bank Notes 65 Delingha, I come for poetry

The Dedu Harbed train station in the rain. This is a wide-rare western small town. There is a few passengers from the outbound, and I can’t see my blink of an eye. I fell a solitary me before the station.

It is very empty around the station, there is no business, and has not seen several bundles and trees of small business hawkers, zero scattered, really different from other hustle and bustics.

The station square has a stunned sculpture, I have not thought about it, gray, and the wind and rain, some cold, quickly leave here is my top just. The left hand of the station is not far from the bus station, but I don’t know.

At this time, the rain is strong, and it is big. I am panicked. I am in the railway station square like a headless flies. The left right striied the public transport, the square wrapped around a large circle, and I walked along the East along the horse. I haven’t found it far, but I saw the bus from the west. When I flew over, I knew it wrong. The site here is a bit far, there is a few miles between the site.

So I walked in the west, riding a boy, and a lot of bus stops at the west side of the train station, finally found. Here should be the station station of the second and three bus, just casually arrive in the city center.

I got the road to the road, and I added three people in the company, and I still worked when I arrived at the departure.

The rain is also stopped, the bus runs for a while, but also reveals the blue sky, although the sun does not come out. The streets on the way are vertical, wide and flat, surrounded by low construction and flat rooms, sights and can see very far, except for straight white briefing. There are very few people who can see on the road, and even if you can’t talk.

The atmosphere here makes people feel that they are walking in the streets of China Xiaocheng in the 1980s, those farms, factory buildings, farmhouses and brick houses make people nostalgia, and have historical sense. It is a peaceful calm. The city is often in a self-emotion, filled with sadness and love.

It seems to be at the Delingha Chinese Medicine Hospital, walking towards the sea poetry exhibition hall, I like this kind of empty. The Haizi Poetry Exhibition Pavilion was built on the bank of Bayinhe River, and the head is to ΡΡ Qilian Mountain, the sea level is high, and it is still snowy, so Delingha is also a multi-change city. The gate of the exhibition hall is in the river, can only be entered, and we will go around the small door of the back.

The antique Huizhou architecture is still quite a lot, and there is simple and not advised.

In addition to the exhibition halls, the exhibition hall exhibited a large photo and life introduction, manuscript and some birth items, is his various Chinese and foreign versions of poems and audio-visual products, and there are cafes and books, you can sit down. Reading and appreciating Haizi ‘s works, of course, many works about Haizi are naturally available, you can take it.

Going out the door is a quiet flowing Baye, it is very quiet, there is a poems in the surrounding gardens, and there is a poem in each stone monument arranged in an orderly manner. Looking at the neighboring river water and the distance in the distance, read the verses of the stone monument, it is true that the scene is blended in this plateau small city. You seem to know what, you haven’t understood anything, this poem mood touched the most soft place in your heart.

I don’t say anything about the sea, so as not to say, I will be reluctant.

I just want to say poetry is his best statement, and it is also the best proof. He came for poetry, he went for poetry, I didn’t want to discuss those who were in the 25 years. For all mankind, noble and vicious, great and humble, bright and dark have never shades, do not lose each other. The star of the night sky, the most dazzling of the meteor, and the shortest thing, so that you haven’t come to see it, you have already lost in the vast universe. There is a sadness in the poem that reads the sea. This is sad from the depths of life. He is not the outbreak of the kind of tsunami, but there is a surging of the bone marrow. The resonance is like the most warm moonlight. Exhaust the bottom of the person. "Witurn the gods of the gods, the wildflowers are far from the far wind than the distance. My piano, my piano, the tears, I have no, I will return this far away, and the grass is called the wood called the horsetail. Only in death, the wildflower is a Mingyue like a mirror. I have the same grain. My piano sounds. I have a slap in the grass. "I have read this" September "again next to a stone monument.

It has already been spent on the song, and it is sang in the bar by the folk songs.

Walking in Drescent, its beauty is not outside, and Unconsciously, I liked this loneliness, I heard that Delingha’s night scene was beautiful, but I have no time to see, my wish is already. I ate the bowl of noodles on the way back to the train station. The family was hand-made, delicious, then I was eating alone.