The Agricultural Development Shandong Branch will hold the signing ceremony of the political and silver enterprise project with the Liaocheng Government

The Agricultural Development Shandong Branch will hold the signing ceremony of the political and silver enterprise project with the Liaocheng Government

People’s Network Liaocheng December 14, on December 10, the agricultural distribution Shandong Branch will organize the "financial live water Fuel entity economy village to revitalize you, my peers", talking, urban agricultural policy financial support, economic high quality development conference and cum Signing ritual of political and silver enterprises project.

When the party committee of the provincial party committee, the vice president, Zhu Hua, the vice chairman of the Liaocheng CPPCC, Ge Jingfang, Zhang Xuehong, secretary of the Guan County and County Party Committee, Zhang Zhigang, the county magistrate, attended the meeting. The county (city, district) government, the municipal development zone management committee is responsible for the responsible comrades of financial work, the main responsible comrades of the Guan County Local Finance Supervision Bureau, the main responsible comrades of the state-owned platform company.

Ge Jingfang said in a speech that the agricultural development Shandong Branch fully safeguards national food security, supports agricultural modernization and regional coordinated development, continuously broadening business scope, innovative service model, and has made a positive contribution to the "three rural" and economic development of Liaocheng.

The relevant departments should continue to strengthen business cooperation with agricultural issuance, and jointly describe the concerto of political and silver enterprises to support the development of the country. When Zhu Hua first, he was sincerely thanked the Municipal Party Committee of the Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee to care and support the development of agricultural issuance.

She said that Liaocheng has a "new era" as the leadership, focusing on the nine reforms of the gathering, the "physical" "physical" "physical", "" content "is higher, and the people’s acquisition is more embarrassing. The agricultural distribution Shandong Branch is fully promoting "Daruting Forced" construction in accordance with the goal of the director of Huiwen, and has a broad cooperative space to have a broad cooperative space, which contains unlimited development prospects. The Shandong Branch of the Agricultural Development will cooperate with this docking and further play a unique advantage in the interest rate, period, scale, etc., and constantly improve the service level, increase financial support, and contribute more for Liaocheng. At the meeting, the provincial industry client, the main responsible comrades were responsible for comrades, respectively, respectively, the agriculture of agricultural and eldest-day credit policies, from business status, credit support key, mode cases, various products, etc. In-depth explanation of agricultural issuance policy advantages and typical models, so that participants have more intuitive understanding of the type of agricultural development line business.

Guan County, Dong A, and the Gaotang County Government have exchanged experience in how to cooperate closely with policy financial. The Guan County People’s Government has signed a strategic cooperation agreement on site, and the county-level branches have signed a contract with key projects and key companies, and 7 intended to sign the intentional cooperation project, involving the amount billion yuan. The docking will fully reflect the trust and support of the Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to obtain the multi-effect of the "bridge", policy preaching and project propulsion, opened the Shandong Branch and Liaocheng Government and related A new chapter of the company’s deep cooperation. (Li Xiaoxiang) (Editor: Public Snow, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.