The new fund sets a huge hi-changer at the end of the year

The new fund sets a huge hi-changer at the end of the year

Original title: The new fund sets up a huge tide Li Rui, and the new fund declares the heat and charter. The other is the new fund raised frequent failure. The fund issuance market is crowded and the differentiation is increasing.

With the end of the National Day holiday, the new fund issued a small peak again, product innovation is also accelerating, and for the end of the year, the hard technology sector is favored.

The second batch of public fundamental Reits is reported from the latest information from the Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchange, and the second batch of public resolution REITS products officially declared.

The announcement shows that on October 14th, I was immediately reported on October 15, I was officially accepted by the exchange, and the second batch of public resolution REITS quickly advanced. On October 15th, the official website of the CSO showed that there were two public offerings of the Qing Dynasty, the Thaun Anlunang, and the Securities Securities Investment Fund. At the same time, Huaxiu Expressway proposed in the Shenzhen Exchange has also been officially accepted by the exchange. Among them, the Huaxiu Expressway Closed Infrastructure Securities Investment Fund declared as the only highway REITS declared in the current period, and the head fund company Huaxia Fund, head brokerage CITIC Securities and Yuexiu Group jointly built heavy public funds The REITS project has gained market attention. The renewal period of REITS, the Thailand Anlier’s Tung Dynasty, and 40 years. The fund custodian is the Bank of China, the original equity includes Shanghai Lingang Fengxian Economic Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Linang Huaping Economic Development Co., Ltd., etc.

The first batch of MSCIA50ETF was approved on October 18th, the MSCI China A50 Internet Interoperable Futures In the same day on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, from Huaxia Fund, Yi Fangda Fund, Huiyuanfu Fund, Southern Fund’s first batch of MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF Officially approved, it is about another product.

Specifically, MSCI China A50 Internet Interoperability Index ingredients include a batch of stocks with high market attention. There are existing China Merchants Bank, China-Free Banking, Consumer Dream, also with Guizhou Maotai, Wuliangye, Ningde Times, Longki Shares, BYD and other "Mao Di" and "Ning Companies" lead stocks, but also new newsletter Industrial faucet.

After the exponent released, 4 fund companies quickly reported the target ETF, and the product has also been closely concerned by the vast majority of investors. They are the Chinese MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF, and Easy MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF, Hui Tianfu MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF, the South MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF, its tracking MSCI China A50 Internet Interconnection Index Focus on China’s core quality assets. And in this week, the number of new and export funds reached 30, involving 27 fund companies including Castrol, Guangfa, Jianxin, ICB, Ruixin, Fuguo, BOC, Penghua. Among them, the fund worth paying attention has Li Yingfang managed by Jianxin History, Guo Rui management’s investment balance returns, and He Xiuhong managed the work and silver robust Ruiying a year to hold bonds. The failure of the issuance is uncommon, and with the continuous adjustment of the market, the new fund issuance also has a raised and failure.

On October 9th, the Ping An Fund released the annotent of the Separate Open Index Securities Investment Fund Fund in Ping An Mixture. As of September 30, 2021 expired, the fund failed Meet the conditions for the fund filing of the Fund Contract, the Fund’s "Fund Contract" cannot take effect, which has become the first industry theme ETF in this year, and has not been established twice before the release. On October 16, Jiinti Fund said that it is proposed to hold a fund share holder meeting to consider issues related to the termination of Jiu Taike’s new enjoyment, flexible configuration hybrid securities investment fund fund contract.

As of the end of the second quarter, the total scale of the product is less than 50 million yuan. Only one day ago, a product declared a clearance of the Jiuti Fund. It is understood that on October 15, Jiitai Fund released Jiu Tai Yinghua quantitative flexibility and conflict of the fund contract termination of the fund contract and the fund property liquidation arrangement. It is understood that as of October 14, 202, Jiitai Yinghua quantified flexible fund asset net value has been less than 50 million in 60 million yuan, and there is a case where the trigger fund contract is terminated.

This is a fund product that Jiinti Fund is only in the year to "mini" in the year. From September 16, Jiinti Fund has issued Jiu Tai Rui sincerely configures the liquidation report. The reason for the liquidation is also because the fund has emerged in the net value of less than 50 million yuan, trigger automatic Conditioning of the dish.

"Hard Technology" is worth looking forward to facing the market of unpredictable, Jingshun Great Wall Fund said that although the profit of the enterprise may have a single season’s growth rate, but in the fourth quarter or put the margin, the overall performance growth of listed companies in the whole year It is expected to maintain a high level.

At the same time, as the market has gradually stabilized the supervision of the Internet, education and collection and other industries, investors’ risk preferences have improved. After the Adjustment of the A-share, the current market risk and valuation pressure have been released, and the liquidity of liquidity is less in the market. The market has a systematic risk, and it is expected that the market is still dominated by structural opportunities. Science and technology growth in support and industrial trends is still the most identified main line.

From profit growth, you can pay attention to the photovoltaic industry chain and lithium-industrial industry chain with higher growth expectations.

The China European Fund believes that due to the short-term liquidity downstream pressure marginal mitigation, it is recommended to pay attention to the stabilities of the sectors such as electricity such as electricity such as the quantification fund and financing discs, and the medium and consumption industry.

If considering the relative valuation advantage of other tracks such as technology, it is recommended to pay attention to the valuation of the food and beverage and household appliances in the fourth quarter. Du Meng, deputy general manager of the Morgan Fund and Director of Investment, pointed out that the medium and long-term opportunities for consumer and service trails in the domestic healthcare market are also worthy of optimistic. (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.