The official opening of the Tie Muna is as long as nine months

The official opening of the Tie Muna is as long as nine months

On September 1, the author learned from the Turgun Huimin Heat Co., Ltd., in the early hours of the morning, the city officially opened the heating, officially entered the "heating season" unique to the North.

It is understood that this heating season has been from May 31, 2022, the heating period is nine months, one of the longest heating in the country.

"Beginning at night on the 31th, the trembiend of the city will also fall below ten degrees, and the room has also become wet.

In order to create a comfortable and warm living environment for residents, we officially started heating in the early morning. According to Chen Haibin, a general engineer of Huimin Heat Co., Ltd., in the middle of the year, the temperature of the city will decline in the middle of the middle of the year, and the local enthusiasm has made a good preparation work every year, according to the temperature. Changes and local residents’ heating needs provide heating services to the city’s residents.

In the early morning of the first, with the official launch of two furnaces, the 1021 heating work in Inner Mongolia was officially opened. It is understood that this year’s local heating area exceeds 2.7 million square meters, and heating users have more than 20,000.

In order to ensure the heating period and effect of winter urban residents this year, from the beginning of the year, the local thermal department organized personnel to conduct a comprehensive maintenance of the city heating system, and made a comprehensive replacement of the combustion system of the two hot air furnaces. Technical transformation, comprehensive cleaning of the equipment of 20 heat stations in the city, improve heat exchange efficiency.

At the same time, in response to the problems of the heating of the old community last year, the local area of ??the city’s two old distribution stations and 16 old community heating pipe networks were implemented, and the newly laid-level pipe network was 1 kilometers. To ensure that residents are warm in winter.

The winter is long and cold in winter, often suffering from extremely cold weather, the lowest temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius, and heating has also become one of the most important people’s livelihood issues in the local area.

"At present, the heat source is fully satisfied with heat demand. In the future, with the continuous decline in temperature, it will gradually increase the equipment in time, and the fuel reserves are sufficient. In order to protect this year’s heating quality, we also increase the storage coal, Established a heating and repairing small packet, the company’s service hotline provides repairs, complaints, business consulting, etc. Share let more people see the recommended reading.