Sichuan tourism market continues to heat up multiple scenic spots

Sichuan tourism market continues to heat up multiple scenic spots

  On the third day of long holiday, the Sichuan Wenke market continued to heat up.

The reporter learned from the Provincial Wenke Hall, as of 16:00 on October 3, the province’s 649 resumed open scenic spots received 10,000 visitors, and the ticket income was over 50 million yuan.

Compared with this year’s "May 1" holiday, the province’s scenic spots received the number of tourists and ticket income.

Compared with October 2, the number of tourists, the income growth of tickets is nearly two%, 40%. The venture market accelerates recovery. On the same day, 13 5A-level key scenic spots received more than 400,000 visitors, an increase of 60% from the previous day; ticket income exceeded 20 million yuan, which was nearly half a day before. Among them, Jiuzhaigou, Leshan Big Buddha, Emeishan, Dujiangyan-Qingcheng Mountain, Jianmenuan, Dagu Glacier, Huanglong, Zhu Dehi, etc., all reached or close to the maximum limited number of tourists on the scenic spot, and implement temporary limit measures.

  In addition, a large number of tourists have ushered in the suburban tourism destination for Chengdu, Chongzhou, and other festivals such as Chongzhou Wenmiao Traditional Culture Week. Chongzhou received nearly 200,000 visitors yesterday. Long fake passenger flow is expected to last until October 6.

The scenic spots remind visitors to make an appointment ticket before traveling, try to travel. (Reporter Guo Jingwen).