The Weiwei River flood is rigorous

The Weiwei River flood is rigorous

Original title: Yanwei River flood is rigorous in Shandong Section, Yan Wen, Linqing Station, Linqing, Liaocheng, Linqing, China 24-hour uninterrupted patrol … is affected by the upstream water and the early rainfall, the Weiwei River has once again occurred 1,100 cubic meters of floods per second after August, and the maximum flood record since 1997. "Currently due to the continued high water level of the Weiwei River, the river embankment may be dangerous for long-term soaking.

"Wu Jiaqing, director of the Water Resources Department, Water Resources, Introduction, since September 24th, the provincial water conservation, the provincial water conservancy department, the provincial water conservancy department, the provisional dispatch, and organize hydrologies 24-hour scrolling forecast forecast, focus The river section reports every 1 hour to report a water, promptly release the flood forecast warning.

Warfaring floods, engineering scheduling is the weight.

According to Wujiaqing, in the past few days, the Provincial Water Resources Department strengthened the Water Conservancy Department Harbor Committee and Hebei, Henan Communication, and coordinated to reduce the amount of Shandong Province, the water and Yuecheng reservoir, and alleviating the pressure of Shandong Province.

At the same time, Guide Texas through the Shayang River, Zhama River, Yuefeng River 80 cubic meters to the horse-free river, reducing the flood pressure.

At present, the provincial water conservancy department has sent three expert group to reside first, 3 hall-level cadres to pass the first-line inspection of the Weiwei River, urge local to strengthen the defense of patrols and important parts of the patrol, to the team materials, and do a good job in flood defense Emergency transfer provincial water and drought disaster defense materials support Linqing City emergency rescue. Channel along the Wi-River, Liaocheng, Binzhou, close attention to the flood evolution and defense situation, October 8th, 18 o’clock, the Dezhou Water Conservancy Bureau will increase the water and drought prevention, III emergency response to II, Liaocheng, Binzhou Keep III emergency response . Municipal cities further strengthen hidden dangers investigation and inspection and defense. At present, more than 100,000 patrols in the three cities have been organized, and more than 2,000 sets of large-scale machinery are prepared, and they are found to have timely and effectively.

Provincial hydrological center waterfare data shows that on October 9th, the Yue Yue City Reservoir (Hebei) Delivery traffic 850 cubic meters per second; Wei Yun Henan Tao Hewen Station 1190 cubic meters per second, lower than the alert water level, Water growth; Linqing Hydrology Station 1160 cubic meters per second, lower than the warning water level rice, water level; 1058 cubic meters of four female temple hydrology, lower than the warning water level, water level. Weiwei Xinhe Qingyun Gate Hydrological Station 934 cubic meters per second, lower than the warning water level, the water is rising; the Xinji gate hydrological station 837 cubic meters per second, super police 戒 水米, the water is rising.

"In the case of the current Yuecheng Reservoir maintained the discharge of 850 cubic meters per second, it was developed that there was further increased pressure pressure such as the seaport and some of the reservoirs below the Haikou section below.

"Wu Jiaqing said, next, Shandong Province will continue to strengthen communication and coordination and information sharing with the Haijing, the Weiwei South Canal Administration and Henan, Hebei, etc. Scheduling and inspection, doing a good job in the hysteresis of Enji County. Liaocheng, Binzhou should transfer the threat to the masses according to the water, work, and continue to organize experts to demonstrate the flooding measures for rivers and maximum excavation of water conservancy projects. Potential, reducing the flood control pressure of the Weiwei Xinhe.

Implement expert packages and river towns, village sub-package engineering systems, 24 hours uninterrupted patrol values. Full-footing team and geotextile, woven bag, excavator, etc. The partial inspection, which is dangerous, early discovery, early, early report.

At the same time as the Fan River flood defense, Shandong Province continued to strengthen the Hongshuo flood defense of the Yellow River, Dongping Lake, Golden Diva, 24 hours of uninterrupted inspection. As of 18:00 on October 9, the traffic of the Yellow River Gaocun Station 4770 cubic meters per second, the water is rising; Sunkou Station traffic 4850 cubic meters per second, water, 5,100 cubic meters per second, water premises; 泺口 station traffic 5080 cubic meters per second, the water is falling; Lijin Station flows 5090 cubic meters per second, the water is falling. Dongping Lake water level rice, ultra-police odd water level, water.

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