Russian troops Communication "New Look"

Russian troops Communication "New Look"

Recently, the Russian "Izvestia" correspondent walked into the Russian Signal Corps to conduct field interviews. Reports indicate that in recent years, in order to adapt to the changing battlefield environment, to carry out national security tasks, the Russian Defense Ministry and actively absorb the use of high-tech development results in stages with digital information processing and communications transmission equipment for the troops.

The military training and information technology equipment levels improved significantly.

Mining equipment extreme performance this year, the Russian Signal Corps receives ten thousand specialized communication equipment, modern technology and equipment over the next three years will reach 76% of equipment.

At the same time, the soldiers train hard, the purpose is to play to the performance of active-duty equipment to the limit.

In the training season just ended, the eastern part of the Russian military stationed abroad Baikal Territory an Army Signal Corps, using the P-230T directorate headquarters command vehicles and other new communications equipment fitted out, completed more than 200, within the range of 15-2500 km signal transmission and reception tasks, provide stable telephony and video communications field protection and maneuver command post. Western Military Region, a Russian Guards Tank Army officers and soldiers use 70 specialized communication equipment, training ground near Moscow Elabinuo, drilling units away from the main activity is the formation of satellite / radio communications network.

Central and Russia, more than 300 military officers and soldiers stationed in communications Novosibirsk an army, take the 50 special vehicles, rapid march arrived at the designated area, open field and self-propelled command post, using the R-166-05 "Artek" communication stations and P-260 "Bastion" multi-functional mobility communications equipment, skillfully establish stable channels through secret radio communication to ensure that the secret headquarters of the command of the troops, command post exercise was rated as "excellent."

Fielding of modern communication equipment to respond to security threats under high-tech conditions facing the field of information transmission, the Russian army forces are equipped with modern communication equipment and a unified tactical command automation equipment, may be closer to real-time command.

Currently, the western Russian military has taken the lead four divisions facelift, enabling the armored vehicle technology, unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic warfare systems, reconnaissance equipment, guide and fight fire equipment integrated into a unified network and build a unified automation and information systems space.

During the "army -2021" International Military Technology Forum, Russian industrial enterprises "Smart Technologies" debuted "station" switching equipment for maritime communications. It can protect surface ships, Fleet headquarters owned fixed and mobile coastal defense objectives, with the active exchange of information and development of communications equipment on board an aircraft. The company also for the marine, land and air communications equipment and technology equipment development device digital ecosystem.

Russia Technology Group company previously announced that its subsidiary "flying" Scientific Production Association, has developed a communication system for the S-111 Su -57 fighter used. The system uses the latest high-speed transmission of information technology, the transmission rate up to Mbit / s, transmission of real-time voice, video and data of the radar apparatus.

Simulators for the training of professional help take into account scientific and technological content increasing military communications troops, the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces troops inter-service regional communication training center to upgrade training tool.

Center for the radio operator, operators, cable and fiber-optic communication staff established by the participants well-equipped classrooms and modern simulation equipment, and to develop professional training program.

Not long ago, the training center received a new high-tech simulator, designed for various missile systems, communications equipment maintenance squad officers trained to use. It can realistically simulate various real-time scenarios to help students quickly master new skills to use communication equipment. (Li Zi) (Editor: Chen Yu, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see.