The "meat case" "bottle" in our district is stable

The "meat case" "bottle" in our district is stable

  On November 10, the reporter learned from the autonomous regional agricultural rural house. Since October, in our district, we have insisted on the prevention and control of the epidemic, one hand, "meat case", "milk bottle" stabilized, effectively guarantee the quality and safety of livestock products and the mass life need.

  In response to the prevention and control of the epidemic, the Agricultural Rural Department of the Autonomous Region is timely coordinated. It is the production of people’s livelihood and the production of people’s livelihood, and the production materials such as the cultivarity and breeding industry. supply.

Relying on Ningxia Wisdom Monitor Information Management Platform, implementing paper quarantine certificate in the district, "do not see face, zero contact", ensuring that livestock and its products are adjusted normally. In order to ensure that the livestock and poultry products are "transported", the transportation vehicle of the driver’s 48-hour nucleic acid detection and the trip code verified.

For Yili, Mengniu, Xia Jin and other dairy processing enterprises, more than 800 employees outside the factory, more than 300 livestock products transport drivers to handle more than 1,300 livestock products related to card box packaging, for farm More than 1,600 special pass issues such as feed, veterinary drugs and other processing and sales enterprises. Strengthen production reserves to ensure that livestock and poultry products "supply".

Instructions for dairy processing plants, livestock slaughter enterprises have implemented good disease prevention and control and livestock products Quality and safety measures, and timely master the production and operation of enterprises, product transportation, etc., effectively guarantee the quality and safety and market supply of livestock products.

At present, the city’s animal husbandry production is generally stable, and the purchase and sale of livestock products, fresh milk, livestock slaughter enterprises have normal operation, and produce more than 9,400 tons of fresh milk in size, and the slaughter enterprises are slaughtering livestock (only) The above, effectively guarantees the supply of livestock products.

(Reporter Zhang Wei).