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Shoushou old man’s Fenghua-remember the old leaders, the old Red Army Deng Zhongde Xie Jialiang Yi Yuexiao Li Merfia Tianxia 2015, 99-year-old Deng Lao, although there are countless war baptisms, it seems very hard. Deng Lao is only a lot of listening.

Deng’s daughter introduced us that every year, Many people have a lot of people to visit him, or send blessings, most of them are Deng Lao’s students, they are now the ancient years.

In the winter, there is a student’s disease, I am afraid that I can’t catch up with Deng Lao’s 100-year-old birthday, leaving the willingness to let the wife must go to him.

Chengdu Meteorology School (now Chengdu Information Engineering University) Wuhan 68 classmates have written this old Red Army, the old principal: "The famous educator Tao Xingzhi said ‘principal is a school’s soul’, as the old Red Army Deng Zhongde The principal, in the career of the school, always highlights the spirit of the Red Army, and his words and teachings are the soul of our meteorological school. After we enter the school, we also experience Deng President Deng President’s extreme responsibility, very enthusiastic about teachers and students, treat people Sincere, Guangming and Leisure, It is close to people. He is very concerned about students’ thoughts, learning, life, often goes into the student dormitory, canteen, playground, etc. .

He is the principal, but it is like a parent-like considerate; as a leader, it is more intimate; ask the cold and warmth, care, so that we have a teenage doll, stay away from his parents, have a feeling of home. After he left, there was a tourist road through Wuhan. The Hubei Provincial Meteorological Bureau banquet him. He took him in Wuhan 68, and the 69-level student was called to drink the same table. He also took a group photo, and the teacher and students were not in general. His people are in the world, talking about, and landsheat infects our outlook on life, the worldview, and values.

The ‘Zhiyong, unity, unity, unity and struggle, not worth,’ The tenacious style, has been integrated into our blood, deeply affecting our life, making us benefit from a lot of spiritual wealth.

"Deng Lao’s lover wishfully said:" When he prescribes the principal, the class is not in the classroom to understand the students’ class and the teacher’s lectures. If you don’t play basketball, table tennis, table tennis; reading documents or other matters It is carried out after get off work.

During the national difficult period, he also took the children’s own vegetables, and the vegetables were all gave students to the school cafeteria; he also launched everyone to raise two pigs. He sometimes sees the students on the road to wear less, and he will worry that the students are not difficult to life, reflect whether to see if they want to make some subsidies; "Cultural Revolution", the students understand him, just More protection.

"April 1978 officially continued to upgrade the undergraduate college, Deng Lao, the deputy dean.

After retirement, I still continue to care for the school. At the age of 69, I also served as a college consultant. In 2001, the 50th anniversary of the school. In June 2006, the school held the sixth party members of the sixth party members, and Deng Laoxu attended it. It can be said that Deng has witnessed the school. The development also dedicated his life to the school.

Radio Communications Long March 24 January 1916 In the heart of Deng, his hard work style.

In 1933, with the admiration and belief of the Red Army, Deng Zhongde, who was only 17 years old, voluntarily joined Li Xianji’s 88th division 264 in his hometown.

It’s too late to talk to my family, Deng Lao’s Red Guard followed by the majority of the team to transfer to Chuanbei, Chuandong, began his own love. "At that time, Zhang Guo said that he was strong, forced south, and later failed, leading to the red four military three through the grass.

At that time, we were young to live, first, the two crosses were not difficult, difficult is the third time, because after one, second, the grass is not eaten by us.

At that time, I didn’t eat it at all. We quickly found the wild radly (just like carrots), the taste is very bitter, but we eat the radish.

However, such luck is rarely encountered, everyone is thin and geeled.

Later, once I sent us "dried beef", I can only eat two or two.

Because you are in a long time, someone eats more, beef is swollen in the stomach, swelling.

On the way, I often see the remains of comrades along the way, some have exposed bones.

"That is the scene of unforgettable in Deng’s long.

Recalling the long queue, Deng Lao Lu continued to talk about the past, "In order to avoid the Kuomintang attack, the troops should choose to touch the black march at night, everyone is very mechanically walking.

Once I walked and walked, I fell asleep, I also dreamed, I woke up when I met my buttit, I was very tired, and I didn’t raise the door to kick me. In the mountains, the top of the mountain is snow, the ice is snow, can’t talk soon, can’t shoot, can’t sit down. People are too tired. Once they are sitting, they will be frozen immediately.

The troops came out of the grassland. It was 1936. On the way, the Xi’an incident broke out until 1937 Deng Laohe troops arrived in Yan’an, Northern Shaanxi, and the Red Army University Deng Lao began a year of learning life for more than a year. In 1938, Deng ‘s "University" graduated, and the communication was sent to the Three-China radio station of Yan’an Military Commission, so he became a radio reporter of our party. In the anti-Japanese career, I left a deep impression in Deng Laogao. Deng Lao fluently said a Japanese, meaning "paying guns and not kill, wide-to-wait".

Deng said: "We grabbed the captive, let them walk in front, they cry, the Japanese thought that we would take them later." Be a radio report service, for Deng Laowai to be a challenge. He is young, and has not read the book. He has a cultural officer in the march road to teach Deng’s 5 words every day. He uses a wooden stick to write.

It is necessary to become an excellent reporter not only to learn English.

At that time, many people had culture when studying telegrams, and Deng Lao has been worried about himself.

Under the encouragement of the head, Deng Lao quickly mastered the wireless newsletter business, and served as the radio captain, contributing to the security of the troops in the war.

The revolutionary period can master a radio station, and it seems not simple in others.

From a guardian until a professional "communication" person, it may be incredible in others, but Deng Lao did.

And the force behind him supported his forward is the firm belief in the victory of the Chinese revolution and is willing to go to the fire. Ninetyty-nine years of sour and salty in the education of children, Deng Lao is very strict, and it will not be convenient because they are cadres and children.

"I responded to Chairman Mao at the age of 16, I went to the countryside to work, my father came to see me. Later, I only know that he is a good performance of the farmer.

Although Dad felt that my life was very hard, I didn’t say anything. "Deng’s daughter said. Even the dangerous experience has not heard a fear.

That is the most impressive thing.

"Perhaps I have seen too many young life like meteors like a meteor. Deng Lao is particularly close to life. And the people around Deng have a total of the old Red Army, the old, the old leader, the total There is a unclear admiration, and the children also love this kind of Deng Grandpa.

Deng’s old people evaluated him, for people, with the people, there is excellent reputation and cohesiveness in the masses. He is always strict, and he can always see the revolutionary spirit of the old generation revolution on him.

The left foot of Deng Lao was hurt, which was a glorious history left to him in the war. Deng Lao proudly said: "In addition to Ningxia, all the provinces have been there.

"Some are all the war years, some are there after retire, Deng Lao to somehow, if the local student knows, it will definitely come to visit him.

The rich life experience, the short text can not be happy, that is full of smoke, blood tears, the painful days have been went by Deng Lao Yuan, but those experiences become the medal of Deng Lao’s life, shining. "The Red Army is not afraid of the expedition, and Wanshui Qianshan is just right.

"The poems of this junior high school study, and now read more deep tastes.

The elderly spirit is the precious wealth created by the older generation of heroes in the mountains and rivers. It is worth studying, carefully understanding, and "Xiangzhong Sangshu is good, time, Shengshi old people", here I wish Deng Lao "Head Express to add a child, and the label is a hundred years old."

However, we believe that for Deng Lao’s best blessings are passed down to the precious spirit of the Red Army, unite mutual help, unfair, overcome difficulties, and go forward, let the alma mater are proud of us. (Deng Zhongde, September 1957, April 1978, Ren Chengdu Meteorology School, from October 1979 to June 1983, Vice President of Chengdu Meteorological College. This article is from the school newspaper reporter Xie Jia in Deng’s 99-year-old birthday Written).