Tianjin: 43.59 million participants in "119" fire safety month launching ceremony large network live broadcast activities

Tianjin: 43.59 million participants in "119" fire safety month launching ceremony large network live broadcast activities

In order to further improve the overall fire safety literacy, enhance the whole society to resist fire, maintain the city’s fire safety situation, November 9, Tianjin held the "2021" 119 Fire Protection Month "launching ceremony and large network live broadcast activities. Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, Director of the Municipal Emergency Administration Wang Tonghai, Zhang Fu, General Captain, Municipal Fire Rescue Corps, and political commissar Liu Xinyuan attended the event.

The event takes 5 platforms to simultaneously broadcast, the main broadcast and the 7th outer scene is connected, 15 sets of rolling switches are divided into "main venue launching ceremony" "Fire safety" "Fire Culture" I ‘online " Three sectors, a total of 43.59 million viewing volumes for 12 hours.

In the event, Liu Xinyuan officially implemented the new "Tianjin Fire Regulations" as an opportunity to implement the newly revised "Tianjin Fire Prevention Regulations", through the network, through the network, detailed the new "Ordinance" in "Regulations" in "Problem, Management Innovation, Local Characteristics, Moderate Prospect" The six innovations showed under principles. At the same time, I hope that the whole society can enaculate the implementation of this new "Regulations" as an opportunity, vigorously create a strong atmosphere of learning methods, and continuously promote fire control system and capacity modernization, and contribute to the city’s fire safety barriers. Zhang Fu, introduced the city’s fire prevention work in all walks of life and the majority of netizens. He said that under the strong leadership of the municipal party committee and municipal government, the city’s fire rescue team vigorously promoted the fire legal system and planning construction, perfecting the responsibility traction, netbook, promotional coverage, integrity constraint, wisdom support "five integrated" prevention and control mechanism, promoting each The level strictly implemented the "three-point three must" requirements, deepening special rectification, endurance, under the hidden dangers, the lower impression, and vigorously carry out fire protection and publicity education, effectively maintain the continuous and stability of the fire safety situation.

At the same time, it emphasizes that winter has always been a high-incidence of fire, the general public and social units should seriously perform fire safety duties, and consciously prevent the elimination of fire hazards, and resolutely put an end to illegal violations. The whole society should take this "119 fire publicity month" activity as an opportunity to act, jointly participate in the party, win hands with the winter fire prevention and control, and create a good fire safety environment for "Ping An Tianjin".

After the launching ceremony, Tianjin Fire Propaganda Ambassador, Zhixin Group Tianjin Municipal Committee deputy secretary, famous volleyball player Wei Qiuyue, Olympic champion, famous weightlifer Lu Xiaolun, Tianjin fire propaganda ambassador, Tianjin Radio and TV station host Bai Jun, Tianjin fire propaganda ambassador, famous youth More than ten public characters such as the intercourse actor Liang Yuan, Zhang Siyu have walked into the live broadcast or passed VCR, issued a good initiative to pay attention to fire safety and participating in fire protection.

In the "12-hour big live broadcast" activity, the team surrounded the two major sections around "fire culture ‘I’ online", I have launched "fire into the safety of you, I am" "" " . , To the general public radiation fire safety culture, spread fire safety concept, and interpret all aspects of winter fire safety. (Editor: Zhang Jingqi, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.