Reference characters poor white house chef

Reference characters poor white house chef

On November 10th, the US "Political News" website issued the article "Poor White House Chef" on October 20, the author is Tina Sirede, Alex Thompson. The full text is as follows: New crown pneumonia epidemic is extremely impact on the diet industry, making it changing in terms of aspects, from the final profitability of the restaurant to cooking raw materials around the world.

This impact is particularly deeply deeply inside the White House. According to sources that know about the duties of the White House, there is usually a dish to make a dishes for the grand events of the grand event, and prepare simple meals for the Cabinet level and government agency conference. . For the first time, it is a historic period for the first time. The White House kitchen has been in history. The first time by two women: Christta Kuberford and Susan Morrison, the former defeated hundreds of applicants after 2005 by the first lady Laura Bush Appointed as the White House Executive Chef, the latter was appointed for the administrative paste for the chef at the end of last year. She has been a helpful pastries since 2002. Both people have been gradually promoted in the White House kitchen for decades.

However, after arriving at the peak of personal career, they are now facing different reality: due to the rare organized activities due to the current stage of the White House, this means that they have learned all the delicious meals and luxury desserts that have been doing for many years. The menu of the national banquet. Instead, it is a tomato that bidelines preference.

Because Kobimo Ford and Morrison have been working in the White House before, they have been familiar with the diet of the President of Biden. His taste is basically no different when the vice president is. However, the big kitchen did a due diligence.

When I went into the White House in January this year, the staff met with the first lady, took out a written questionnaire, asked about the preferences, food allergies, and dietary demand to prevent any changes in nearly five years.

Both chefs are very low.

We contact the first lady’s office and want to interview them, learn more, but they are rejected.

This is different from the situation in the Obama’s ruling period. At that time, the other chefs worked under Obama and other chefs under Obama had appeared on TV programs and printed media. Sometimes the first lady Michelle will move to us for the first lady. initiative. Among them, Kobimer Ford has participated in the shooting of the "American Food God" program, and there is a propaganda video in the White House. The video tells that there is a beekeeper in the White House, and the chef is in this person. Brewing out the unique beer in the White House. I hope that the normal rhythm is one of the publicity offensions that let us move in the media. Komerford has accepted the interview with the American Cable TV News Network in 2014, and the work experienced work experience from the bottom step by step.

She was born in the Philippines and came to Chicago 23. Her first job is to make a salad girl in Chicago.

Since then, she is a chef in two hotels in Washington, and in a resident training program in Vienna, Austria, a one-month round-value chef.

In 1995, the Clinton’s ruling period, the front white honegun administrative kitchen Vartte Shaset recruited Kokford to the White House kitchen, she became an assistant chef. A news that is closely related to the White House staff said: Komervad likes to say, with taste and flavor, traditional Philippine meals can make people understand everything she does.

And add a lot of garlic in the food is at least least.

They also said that Morrison is an amazing sugar artist. (Yes, she applied to sugar to the extent of godification.) However, new crown pneumonia is popular to make the White House many of the grand activities and wonderful dining opportunities, including the most important social activities on the White House Calendar: Usually In February, the chief dinner party is held. So far, the President and the first lady have not held the national banquet. In this occasion, the number of guests gathered in the national banquet usually up to 120 people.

Bill Josez, who has served as the White House Executive Pastry, said: I will definitely, Christta and Susan are very eager to return to normal rhythm, because they accepted the training to address such an occasion. This is their duties and the responsibility of their leadership team.

Not easy to spot diplomacy is not an important role, but the White House chef does have to take into account the President’s homeless diplomacy.

The activities of the White House may become a carrier for trading, idle chats and informal conversations with leaders of various countries. The food provided for these occasions can be promoted.

Former President Franklin Roosevelt held 11 national banquets, at a national banquet in 1939, he enjoys the King of the British King George and Elizabeth King and Elizabeth I eat hot dogs, drinking beer, and become a world famous scene.

We asked about the historians of the US President Jon Micha, if the president could not hold a traditional White House dinner and party, what he lost. Mikham said: I think that the difference between the period from 2020 to 2021 is no one in the history of modern politics, or at least one of the characteristics of the people. New crown viruses have changed the common life rhythm of president, from traveling to the White House.

It doesn’t mean that these social rituals and common event space will really have a significant impact, but this type of activity means that the status quo of President Biden has to face it is that he can even expect retail politics possible help. Even if this help is negligible.