Qiu County: The first batch of products after completing the work, the next line is sold

Qiu County: The first batch of products after completing the work, the next line is sold

At the end of March this year, in the help of the departments of Qiu County, Hebei Fort Biotechnology Co., Ltd. quickly completed it. The first batch of LGG starter products produced after completion, as the core raw material of probiotic yoghurt, has been sent to Hunan Province Dairy Enterprises to produce LGG fermented yogurt, the product is underline. Hebei Hofmont Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has 50 employees and 40 people have arrived.

In order to reduce the hidden dangers of the epidemic, the completed employees are all local people in Qiu County. In order to increase employees, 5 new employees were recruited in the near future.

Ling Fan, Chairman of the Company, said that the company has completed the online epidemic prevention knowledge training on all employees before completing the work on February 17. All employees measuring body temperature before working with lunch every day, and strict hand and sole health disinfection before work. For workers entering clean workshops, they need to be more stringent, and they need to pass through two disinfection procedures. On the basis of ordinary disinfection, they will replace clean clothes and then disinfected, and they can enter the workshop.

In order to ensure that one person has a table to die, the company has opened up two rooms for workers to eat.

It is understood that in order to ensure the smooth completion of the enterprise, Qiu County multi-party coordination funds set up strong backing for enterprises. The county leaders hosted the financial coordination meeting to coordinate the Qiu County Branch of the Bank of China, and the rural credit cooperatives were coordinated to coordinate more than 20 million yuan in production funds.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Qiu County Economic Development Zone Management Committee, during the epidemic, the Development Zone Management Committee sent a special person to enter the enterprise 2 times a day, and the help unit county health bureau delegated a special person to assist the company as a "stationer". Work, providing strong support for enterprises to successfully refecting. "Under the vigorous service and help of all departments of Qiu County, under this epidemic, I am very pleased that I am asked as much as possible, I am very pleased!" Ling Fan said that the sales of the company’s products are affected by the epidemic. " Currently, the main line is sold. Qiu County not only helped the company quickly completed in the special period, coordinate the publicity of probiotics in relevant departments such as County Science and Technology, County Health Bureau, jointly opened health lectures, helping enterprises to open up the market, improve brand visibility, and open more Sales channels.

It is understood that the company has opened production equipment such as fermentation, emulsification, lyophilization and packaging of Yisheng bacteria, and the main product of the fermented agent is known as yogurt, the company’s newly launched to LGG probiotic freeze-dry powder solid beverage On February 20, in Jingdong, Tmall started online, which is convenient to carry and preserve, and each contains 30 billion LGG active probiotics, which is also the newly launched product of the company this year. It is understood that since March, the county has "four-go enterprise" has taken 85, starting 85 start meters, and the operating rate is 100%. (Editor: Chen Si, Shi Jianzhong).