Torn online "psoriasis" is not slow

Torn online "psoriasis" is not slow

  Mobile Application (APP) is always popped up, users click "Close" but directly jump to the advertisement page; personalized advertising floods, consumers need more than a dozen steps to temporarily shut down; false advertisements are unscrupulous, consumers are not It’s annoying … The APP Advertising Consumer Protection Evaluation Report (2020) "released by the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Committee (2020) pointed out that 58% of the APP contains advertising, where% of the advertisements do not" Close ". Today, when the user is moving with mobile phones, "can’t get lost advertisements" in mobile applications, but not only directly infringe on consumer rights, but also hinders the healthy development of the Internet.

  APP ads are closely related to each mobile phone user, and some small problems that seem to be inoperate may bring great trouble. The accurate push of advertising has no hole, thereby could generate personal information leakage risk. The supervision of false advertisements in the app is also very easy to attract consumers "spending money" – the five-flowers of online loans, a net skin care product, 3 seconds, hot underwear … Many platforms only Regulatory, the final consequences are all borne by the consumer. Why is the problem of the app ad? This is related to the profit model of Internet companies.

"Selling advertisements" is an important way for Internet companies to achieve "traffic change". Digital Economic Age, data is an important resource for Internet companies, who has mastered more, more detailed user data, who may have more advantages in market competition. Internet companies can build detailed user portraits based on user chat content, usage habits, etc., thereby achieving precision marketing. There are also head companies to go to "Data Monopoly", with exclusive massive data to obtain market advantages, bring many market competition order, market resource allocation issues.

  It is reported that the APP that can be monitored in the Chinese market has exceeded 3.5 million, and continued to increase. In order to maintain the union of the Internet, tearing the Internet "Psoriasis" is not going to slow. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the 10 standards of "APP User Rights Protection Evaluation Specification" and "APP Collection of Personal Information Minimum Equipment Specification" to specify APP personal information. The National Net Trunker Office also releases "Common Type Mobile Internet Application (App) necessary personal information scope (seeking opinion)", promoting special rectification of mobile app information content, first batch cleaning and disposal of 105 illegal mobile applications. The supervision department shot, to build hard standards for rectifying the APP, and effectively protect user rights. The prosperity of the Internet economy should not be at the expense of consumer interests.

It is hoped that under the increasingly improved policy supervision and increasing technical supervision, the Internet companies operate more specifications, thus promoting the uniform development of China’s Internet economy. (Editor: Zhao Anne (intern), Li Dong) Share let more people see recommendation reading.