The first issue "Discovery Tour" "Science and Technology Finance Micro Forum held in Tongzhou Branch of Nanjing Bank

The first issue "Discovery Tour" "Science and Technology Finance Micro Forum held in Tongzhou Branch of Nanjing Bank

On the afternoon of October 18th, the first issue "Discovery Tour ‘Xin’" Science and Technology Financial Micro Forum was held in Tongzhou Branch of Nanjing Bank.

Nantong High-tech Zone Science and Technology and Talent Bureau, the leaders of the Tongzhou Branch, and the investment institution, guarantee company, law firm, and the representative of the company, open the ideological feast, and create innovation.

"Through the micrograph series, optimize the resource allocation, achieve resource sharing, and give full play to the" political and silver investment ‘cooperation advantage, help more creative enterprises to break through the development bottleneck. "Nanjing Bank Tongzhou Branch President Feng Yu, this line and Nantong High-tech Zone Technology and Talent Bureau jointly planned to organize the "Discovery Tour ‘Xin’" Science and Technology Finance Micro Forum Series activities, built a technology roadmaking as the main line, gathering investment companies, service agencies and other resources for depth exchanges. This micro-forum is the first activity of "Discovering Tour ‘Xin’" series activities.

The first phase of the micrograph is divided into a speech, the project road performance discussion, and the guests around the operational model, risk points, market competitiveness, follow-up financing, and creditor’s financing options, new product promotion, relevant legal key points, etc. Discussion, I know that I know the development path, financing method, etc. It is understood that the micrographic activity organizes 1 game per month, no more than 20 per scale, 4 to 6 enterprises to carry out project road performances, invites experts from experts in investment, laws, and finances.

"Subsequent, will also promote financial knowledge, enter outstanding enterprises to visit and learn, invite entrepreneurs to share entrepreneurship experience, further enrich the form of activity, provide multi-dimensional support for Kobang Enterprises.

Feng Wei said that the bank will always be committed to "the personal manufacturers", continuous innovation service, collect more resources support enterprises development and grow, realize multi-source "live water" precision water. (Nanjing Bank Tongzhou Branch Yang Yuki) recommend.

The Agricultural Development Shandong Branch will hold the signing ceremony of the political and silver enterprise project with the Liaocheng Government

The Agricultural Development Shandong Branch will hold the signing ceremony of the political and silver enterprise project with the Liaocheng Government

People’s Network Liaocheng December 14, on December 10, the agricultural distribution Shandong Branch will organize the "financial live water Fuel entity economy village to revitalize you, my peers", talking, urban agricultural policy financial support, economic high quality development conference and cum Signing ritual of political and silver enterprises project.

When the party committee of the provincial party committee, the vice president, Zhu Hua, the vice chairman of the Liaocheng CPPCC, Ge Jingfang, Zhang Xuehong, secretary of the Guan County and County Party Committee, Zhang Zhigang, the county magistrate, attended the meeting. The county (city, district) government, the municipal development zone management committee is responsible for the responsible comrades of financial work, the main responsible comrades of the Guan County Local Finance Supervision Bureau, the main responsible comrades of the state-owned platform company.

Ge Jingfang said in a speech that the agricultural development Shandong Branch fully safeguards national food security, supports agricultural modernization and regional coordinated development, continuously broadening business scope, innovative service model, and has made a positive contribution to the "three rural" and economic development of Liaocheng.

The relevant departments should continue to strengthen business cooperation with agricultural issuance, and jointly describe the concerto of political and silver enterprises to support the development of the country. When Zhu Hua first, he was sincerely thanked the Municipal Party Committee of the Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee to care and support the development of agricultural issuance.

She said that Liaocheng has a "new era" as the leadership, focusing on the nine reforms of the gathering, the "physical" "physical" "physical", "" content "is higher, and the people’s acquisition is more embarrassing. The agricultural distribution Shandong Branch is fully promoting "Daruting Forced" construction in accordance with the goal of the director of Huiwen, and has a broad cooperative space to have a broad cooperative space, which contains unlimited development prospects. The Shandong Branch of the Agricultural Development will cooperate with this docking and further play a unique advantage in the interest rate, period, scale, etc., and constantly improve the service level, increase financial support, and contribute more for Liaocheng. At the meeting, the provincial industry client, the main responsible comrades were responsible for comrades, respectively, respectively, the agriculture of agricultural and eldest-day credit policies, from business status, credit support key, mode cases, various products, etc. In-depth explanation of agricultural issuance policy advantages and typical models, so that participants have more intuitive understanding of the type of agricultural development line business.

Guan County, Dong A, and the Gaotang County Government have exchanged experience in how to cooperate closely with policy financial. The Guan County People’s Government has signed a strategic cooperation agreement on site, and the county-level branches have signed a contract with key projects and key companies, and 7 intended to sign the intentional cooperation project, involving the amount billion yuan. The docking will fully reflect the trust and support of the Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to obtain the multi-effect of the "bridge", policy preaching and project propulsion, opened the Shandong Branch and Liaocheng Government and related A new chapter of the company’s deep cooperation. (Li Xiaoxiang) (Editor: Public Snow, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shanshui Aikang West Bank Notes 65 Delingha, I come for poetry

Shanshui Aikang West Bank Notes 65 Delingha, I come for poetry

The Dedu Harbed train station in the rain. This is a wide-rare western small town. There is a few passengers from the outbound, and I can’t see my blink of an eye. I fell a solitary me before the station.

It is very empty around the station, there is no business, and has not seen several bundles and trees of small business hawkers, zero scattered, really different from other hustle and bustics.

The station square has a stunned sculpture, I have not thought about it, gray, and the wind and rain, some cold, quickly leave here is my top just. The left hand of the station is not far from the bus station, but I don’t know.

At this time, the rain is strong, and it is big. I am panicked. I am in the railway station square like a headless flies. The left right striied the public transport, the square wrapped around a large circle, and I walked along the East along the horse. I haven’t found it far, but I saw the bus from the west. When I flew over, I knew it wrong. The site here is a bit far, there is a few miles between the site.

So I walked in the west, riding a boy, and a lot of bus stops at the west side of the train station, finally found. Here should be the station station of the second and three bus, just casually arrive in the city center.

I got the road to the road, and I added three people in the company, and I still worked when I arrived at the departure.

The rain is also stopped, the bus runs for a while, but also reveals the blue sky, although the sun does not come out. The streets on the way are vertical, wide and flat, surrounded by low construction and flat rooms, sights and can see very far, except for straight white briefing. There are very few people who can see on the road, and even if you can’t talk.

The atmosphere here makes people feel that they are walking in the streets of China Xiaocheng in the 1980s, those farms, factory buildings, farmhouses and brick houses make people nostalgia, and have historical sense. It is a peaceful calm. The city is often in a self-emotion, filled with sadness and love.

It seems to be at the Delingha Chinese Medicine Hospital, walking towards the sea poetry exhibition hall, I like this kind of empty. The Haizi Poetry Exhibition Pavilion was built on the bank of Bayinhe River, and the head is to ΡΡ Qilian Mountain, the sea level is high, and it is still snowy, so Delingha is also a multi-change city. The gate of the exhibition hall is in the river, can only be entered, and we will go around the small door of the back.

The antique Huizhou architecture is still quite a lot, and there is simple and not advised.

In addition to the exhibition halls, the exhibition hall exhibited a large photo and life introduction, manuscript and some birth items, is his various Chinese and foreign versions of poems and audio-visual products, and there are cafes and books, you can sit down. Reading and appreciating Haizi ‘s works, of course, many works about Haizi are naturally available, you can take it.

Going out the door is a quiet flowing Baye, it is very quiet, there is a poems in the surrounding gardens, and there is a poem in each stone monument arranged in an orderly manner. Looking at the neighboring river water and the distance in the distance, read the verses of the stone monument, it is true that the scene is blended in this plateau small city. You seem to know what, you haven’t understood anything, this poem mood touched the most soft place in your heart.

I don’t say anything about the sea, so as not to say, I will be reluctant.

I just want to say poetry is his best statement, and it is also the best proof. He came for poetry, he went for poetry, I didn’t want to discuss those who were in the 25 years. For all mankind, noble and vicious, great and humble, bright and dark have never shades, do not lose each other. The star of the night sky, the most dazzling of the meteor, and the shortest thing, so that you haven’t come to see it, you have already lost in the vast universe. There is a sadness in the poem that reads the sea. This is sad from the depths of life. He is not the outbreak of the kind of tsunami, but there is a surging of the bone marrow. The resonance is like the most warm moonlight. Exhaust the bottom of the person. "Witurn the gods of the gods, the wildflowers are far from the far wind than the distance. My piano, my piano, the tears, I have no, I will return this far away, and the grass is called the wood called the horsetail. Only in death, the wildflower is a Mingyue like a mirror. I have the same grain. My piano sounds. I have a slap in the grass. "I have read this" September "again next to a stone monument.

It has already been spent on the song, and it is sang in the bar by the folk songs.

Walking in Drescent, its beauty is not outside, and Unconsciously, I liked this loneliness, I heard that Delingha’s night scene was beautiful, but I have no time to see, my wish is already. I ate the bowl of noodles on the way back to the train station. The family was hand-made, delicious, then I was eating alone.

Shanghai Disneyland nucleic 3 million people were negative

Shanghai Disneyland nucleic 3 million people were negative

Original title: Shanghai Disneyland nucleic 3 million people were negative October 31, the Shanghai new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work leading group office announced that, according to other provinces and cities Xiechatongbao Shanghai on October 30, 2021 to October 31 in Shanghai Disneyland and Disney town of stakeholders and related sites, night to carry out the investigation and to implement appropriate prevention and control management measures.

As of 8 pm Nov. 1, a total of 33,863 people related personnel screening, nucleic acid test results were negative.

Cumulative acquisition-related items and place environmental samples 920, nucleic acid test results were negative.

Related sites have been terminally sterilized.

Evening back to the destination on the evening of detection results received October 31, Shanghai Disneyland was nucleic acid detection in the garden overnight tourists from Hangzhou to play Disney visitors Chan was among them. She told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter that afternoon when she was ready to leave at 17 am, was stopped at the exit ticket office staff, told her the need for all people in the park today for nucleic acid detection, about 17:30, there will be wearing protective clothing medical personnel arrive at the scene, a tent as a nucleic acid detection point ticket office.

Ms Chan said that while Disney staff to maintain order at the scene, while guiding visitors appointment nucleic acid detection in the "healthy cloud" applet, because the park earlier, Ms. Chen at 18:15 to finish the test, then take the subway travel train station and take the night 20:30 high-speed rail back to Hangzhou, Ms. Chen that night she saw a notice from the nucleic acid detection negative "health cloud" applet. Beiqing Bao Chan told reporters, from receiving the notice to respond positively to the implementation of the measures, the staff acted quickly and epidemic prevention personnel can detect a few minutes there, "I want to say to all the staff worked hard! Thank them for their dedication spirit, we hope the epidemic under control as soon as possible. "when the fireworks were still fighting the epidemic working to October 31 evening 23:30 Xu, has basically accepted the Disney park visitors from the park after the completion of nucleic acid detection.

Site police and CDC staff to continue to provide protection for nucleic acid detection park workers.

Mr. Chin is one of the tourists go to Disney 31, 2009, after finishing nucleic acid testing, he also watched the fireworks show.

Beiqing Bao Qin told reporters, almost all visitors are well in line with the evening staff nucleic acid detection, medical personnel and Disney staff is very professional, "visitors spontaneously pregnant women, tourists with children children’s priority queuing, playing one day many tourists battery died, and we will also charge each other to borrow treasure, I feel very warm heart.

"Although met with unexpected situations, but the Shanghai Disneyland amusement activities did not stop, scheduled for the night of 21 and 19 when the two themes fireworks show is still scheduled to bloom, retrograde medical staff and police hard at work, ordered tourists with the night sky, fireworks still in bloom. Mr. Chin also done after the nucleic acid detection watched the fireworks show. tourists and different night "Disney fireworks when they retrograde fight against SARS," the topic also boarded the hot microblogging search 220 buses transfer visitors to Disney announced according to Shanghai, the Shanghai traffic authorities unified deployment, at 20:15 on October 31 until the end of the operation, pause Shanghai Metro line 11 Disney service station operators, passengers can not stand out , not passengers up and down the train, while the Pudong section of route 11 terminus adjusted Kang Xingong Road station.

Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission launched the emergency plan, arrange 220 temporary shuttle bus to Disney Indonesia transit hub, visitors will be forwarded to the Longyang Road transport hub.

It is understood that, in addition to the driver involved in the evacuation of the second nucleic acid testing needs to be done, from now on, part of Pudong bus routes and prevention measures on site upgrade via Disney. For vehicles, "a one-way sterilization" measures, site requirements "sterilize three times a day", and is located three transit hub near Disney, the temperature of the passenger car measures implemented. Hebei, a 6 1 infection were upgraded in risk areas for map / Xinhua News Agency, according to the country health committee of Hebei Province November 1 news, 0-24 October 2021 when 31 new novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosed in Hebei Province case 9 cases, of which 6 new confirmed cases of Shijiazhuang City. November 1, Shijiazhuang health committee announced the details of the track confirmed cases of the new 5 October 7-24 when 31, which had confirmed cases of confirmed cases Kwak and Lee sharing a unit, Kwak previously in Inner Mongolia Ejinaqi work, on October 13 to return Shijiazhuang. October 31, Shenze Shijiazhuang respond to new outbreaks of pneumonia crown Leading Group Office has published two track infection, were 73-year-old Wu Moumou surname Wang and his son. Subsequently, Wu Moumou husband, daughter, daughter and granddaughter were infected, six were infected with a new crown pneumonia. According to the health committee of Hebei Province 1 news, since November 1, 2021, Shenze Shijiazhuang City River Village adjusted in risk areas.

Other areas of the province are low-risk areas.

Heihe epidemic caused by the Delta variant strain 0-24 October 2021 when 31 new Heilongjiang Province, 27 cases of pneumonia new crown indigenous confirmed cases, of which 25 cases Aihui District of Heihe City, Harbin City, CA 2 cases were centralized isolation or isolated active investigation found during home control.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted that currently is becoming a new Heihe hardest hit by the epidemic.

Since October 27, Aihui District of Heihe City, found a case of domestic new crown positive pneumonia infection, calculated according to the Black Dragon Jiang Weijian Commission published information, as of November 1, Heihe confirmed cases have been 79 cases in less than a week .

In the previous joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council press conference, deputy director of the Health Committee of the National Health Disease Control Bureau Wu Liang has said that Heilongjiang Heihe epidemic since October 27 report rapid development, according to the current flow reconcile virus sequencing results, this recent outbreaks associated with Inner Mongolia, Gansu and other provinces have no local epidemic, the epidemic was a new foreign input virus. Currently new cases mainly through full screening and active treatment was found, suggesting that the local community transmission has occurred, and there is a proliferation of spillover risk.

Harbin there are a Heihe related cases. According to CCTV news, Heihe City, this round of outbreaks caused by foreign Delta variant strains.

Currently, the diagnosis of patients, mostly mild, treated in isolation at designated medical institutions.

Since November 1, Heihe City has opened the sixth round of the National nucleic acid detection.

Qinghai Xining a CDC staff member confirmed three bursts announcement on November 1, Xining City, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters disposal bursts of three announcements.

Notice shows that at 7:01 on October 31, Xining City, the new crown a new confirmed cases of pneumonia native. CDC diagnosed Moumou Department West District staff worked with her husband Moumou starting from Xining, from driving to reach the Gannan, Longnan, Tianshui, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province and other places.

After back to Qinghai, Chen so the travel path involves shop, supermarket, and went to relatives and mother’s home.

Back to Xining, the Moumou and her husband had dinner with friends.

After that, Chen Moumou trajectory involving buses, institutions, restaurants and other places. In addition, Chen Moumou had also to Cai Moumou (Department of indigenous confirmed cases Qinghai No. 1) home with four colleagues (Qinghai Province, Xining City, CDC staff members of the two), Mou (co-workers) to work together, work specification of the guard, a length of about 4-5 hours of operation, after working for disinfection. November 1 morning, added two new cases of viral pneumonia crown nucleic acid testing positive persons Xining.

November 1, Xining City, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters disposal Notice (No. 21), notice the contents of display, high slot Lane 3 homes, Qinghai Electric Power Construction Engineering Company family area, Building 2, West District Disease Prevention and Control Center as a sealed off area.

High slot Lane 5 Hospital, Hospital No. 7, No. 9 hospital; all areas within the range of thermal power the cell walls (except Building 2); Kee Hou lamb store (Road Fair); Nanshan Hospital Road 151; Seongdong innovation venture Building A, B Block; Hai Lake District comprehensive resettlement area; Fu Hing shops on both sides of things; east region Hui Wanda gourd restaurant is listed as the control area.

Tianshui City, Gansu Wei Jian Accountability Commission director was dismissed, according to Xinhua News Agency and other news 1st, October 31, Tianshui Municipal Standing Committee decided, replacing Chen Kexiao Tianshui City health committee party secretary, director of the office, Wu Yi disease in Tianshui City prevention and control center director duties.

Since the current round of outbreak, Tianshui City, a total of 15 cases of confirmed cases, including four people in Tianshui city health school students.

30, Tianshui City, the new confirmed cases in 4 cases, including 3 cases of Tianshui City health school students, both 17 years old, three people have been involved in training and participate in accounting accounting detect detection sampling work. Ejinaqi informed 6 from epidemic prevention and control and discipline violations November 1, Ejinaqi Discipline Inspection Commission informed the discipline violation epidemic prevention and control work in 6 cases, of which Ejinaqi Bayan Tao Nie Limei driving to hematoxylin Hospitals public car without permission to enter the sealed off area, working under the guise of the name of the homes in flagrant violation of epidemic prevention and control policy, free access to sealed off the area, and bad attitude of staff on duty at the time of inquiry. There is Nie Limei violations of the provisions of epidemic prevention and control, the entire division now be criticized. In addition, Ejinaqi Transportation Bureau Wang Haihong, Ejinaqi health committee, to call up Ejinaqi cloth town government, Ejinaqi Bureau of Statistics, Ejinaqi agricultural comprehensive law enforcement unit, Ejinaqi City Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau and other departments and individuals there is the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in place, issues such as poor performance of their duties is criticism. The group of text / reporter Zhang month deceive Li Tiezhu (Editor: Yuan Han Ling, Zhang Wei-Yi Hua) share to allow more people to see.

The Ministry of Education carries out the first batch of 150 schools in the pilot work of national school emergency education.

The Ministry of Education carries out the first batch of 150 schools in the pilot work of national school emergency education.

People’s Network Beijing October 20 (Reporter Sun Jing, Li Yihuan) Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice to determine the implementation of the Adolescent Emergency Education Action Plan to carry out the pilot work of national school emergency education.

The first batch of 150 high school and universities participated in the campus are equipped with relevant first-aid facilities and equipment, and conduct first-aid knowledge education and skills training for school teachers, students, and develop emergency facilities equipment. (Trial) and first aid skills training program (Trial), explore the construction of the pilot construction of campus emergency skills certificate, form a copy, can promote emergency education experience, promote all kinds of schools to strengthen emergency education at all levels. According to the principle of pilot building, the pilot will combine the physical and mental development of the students, and the school type size will carry out multi-exploration, form a multi-level, multi-type campus first aid program.

Strive to master the secondary school, master basic emergency rescue knowledge skills, cultivate self-help mutual rescue and self-protection ability; university stage, popular emergency rescue, disaster prevention and risk knowledge skills, advocate ambulance volunteer service. There are three key tasks in pilot work: First, the popularization of campus first aid knowledge.

Establishing classroom teaching as the main channel, with theme education as an important carrier, based on daily education-based first aid education. Combined with the actual school, strengthen emergency ambulance such as airway foreign body obstruction, trauma and hemostasis, joint dislocation and spraining, flooding, burning, heat, heat, etc. Emergency rescue knowledge popular education. Encourage universities to open emergency rescue related courses and incorporate into school management. The second is to provide a campus first aid facility.

The pilot school should refer to the school health work standards, campus emergency facilities equipment equipped with standards, combined with the actual situation of school size, environment, terrain, transportation, construction, etc., equipped with foothold, practical, applicable campus emergency facilities.

Encourage conditional pilot schools are gradually equipped with an automatic exemption (AED). The third is to carry out emergency rescue training.

All localities should actively act as the Red Cross, Emergency Center, etc. The school doctor, sports and health class teachers, class teacher, etc. to obtain a rescue careler, and the training qualified teachers are cultivated in the military training, and the students are prepared to prevent students to prevent students, improve students’ risk, and rescue skills. Pilot recommendation requirements, provincial education administrative departments can recommend 3-5 high schools and universities to participate in pilot work.

The choice of pilot school should consider the type, scale, region and other factors, of which no less than 1 in principle of vocational institutions. Preferred to install a first aid facility or a school for emergency rescue training.

The National Campus First Aid Education Pilot Work Office will coordinate resources to support all localities. (Editor: Wen Wei, Qinhua) Sharing let more people see.

Shanxi three-child fertility fee is included in medical insurance reimbursement

Shanxi three-child fertility fee is included in medical insurance reimbursement

People’s Network Taiyuan November 10 (Mahi) Today, from the Shanxi Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, the bureau will introduce the Shanxi Provincial Department of Finance and the Provincial Division, "the provincial health care committee" has issued "About further good birth medical security work support three children Notice of Policy (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), clarifying the three-child fertility cost into medical insurance reimbursement. "Notice" proposes reasonably to improve the treatment of residents. The pregnant women who participated in the basic medical insurance of urban and rural residents will be included in the scope of urban and rural residents’ medical insurance funds in accordance with the provisions of the Urban and Rural Residents. All localities are based on the fund tolerance, gradually implement the province’s unified medical insurance payment standards, the birth medical expenses of the non-combined or complications, the medical insurance limit payment, natural childbirth is 1,500 yuan, cesarean section 3,000 yuan, hospitalization give birth to a fetus 300 yuan.

Participated in the prenatal examination of the pregnant woman in urban and rural residents, incorporating medical expenses, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations of ordinary outpatient funds for urban and rural residents.

When the newborn is born, with the newborn household registration materials, the local medical insurance organization in the household registration shall handle the insured registration procedures in accordance with the regulations, which is not limited to centralized payment period. If you don’t pay, you will enjoy the basic medical care of the urban and rural residents since birth. Insurance and major illness insurance. All co-ordination areas should optimize the process, simplify the procedures, streamline the application materials, and effectively protect the fertility of insured personnel. The insured person can pay the corresponding fertility protection according to the regulations on time.

When the urban and rural residents reimbursement, there is no longer provision of the "Reprocess Service" "Rehabilitation Service Certificate" and the "Long-Emergency Service" and other relevant family planning certificates; realize the fertility medical expenses in the unifold area instant settlement and the provincial medical treatment Realize the "one-stop" synchronization settlement of fertility allowance, there is no need to handle the production of fertility allowance after payment of the qualified insured workers, and the medical insurance organization directly presses the maternity unit to the employer. (Editor: Ma Yong, Zhang Linshan) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

The representative of the fifth party meeting of the 15th Party Congress of Yanji City

The representative of the fifth party meeting of the 15th Party Congress of Yanji City

  On January 6th, the Fifth Conference of the 15th Congress of Yanji City, the Fifth Conference of the Fifth Conference of the Communist Party of China, called the Work report of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and launched a warm discussion on the specific content of the report. At the organ, township, street, urban construction, finance, industrial, cultural and educational delegation, from all walks of life, are actively spoke. Everyone combines the actual work of their own work, and has actively recommended the development of Yanji City, and has given a definiteness on the report. The delegates agreed that the reporting ideas were clear, the target positioning was accurate, the theme was clear, the focus was highlighted, and it was strong and guided.

In the future, under the leadership of the Yanji Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, it will definitely work with the hearts of morality, hard work, and to grasp all the tasks filed by the report, and vigorously promote Yanji City better and faster. The agency delegation discussed the scene of Wang Xiaoyuan, the party representative Nie Jing received an interview Wang Xiaoyong took the party on behalf of the party, Nie Jing, the municipal party committee’s work report is encouraging, and the inspiration is excited. Not only in the report, the focus of 2021, but also proposed "Ten The overall goal of the four five "development, so that we are looking forward to. As an Overseas Chinese Federation, in the new year’s work, it will unite and lead the majority of the overseas Chinese and Chinese, around the center, service overall situation, and contribute to the construction of socialist modern beauty. The Township Delegation discussed the Site Golden Shishi Shutong Party representative to accept the interview with the township delegation, the party representative of the town, said that the work report made by Hong Qing Shuji is a scientific and pragmatic and condensed work report.

In the past year, for the township and village cadres, it is extremely extraordinary year. Under the correct leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, united to lead the people of all ethnic groups in the town, successfully completed the anti-epidemic situation, and the Taiwan wind Create a national civilized city, meet a difficult and heavy political task such as the extraordinary examination of the Elevated University, and created another brilliant performance that can be loaded into the history of Yanji, and the achievement of these results is far from the strong leadership and science of the Municipal Party Committee. Decision, benefit from the solidarity and selfless dedication of the masses of the towns and villages.

After the meeting, I will convey the spirit of the conference to the cadres of the whole town, and the specific requirements and general deployment of the report will fully promote the project construction of the 100-day attack, and fully fulfilled this year’s work tasks. Modernity Beautiful Yanji contributes power. The street delegation discussed the scene of Yang Tingting, the party representative Xu Yijie accepted the interview with Xu Yijie, the party representative Xu Yijie said that the report made by Hong Qing, showed the brilliant achievements made in 2020, depicting the "14th Five-Year Plan", which is also The work goals in 2021 proposed a clear direction. As the grassroots representative, in the future work, I will contribute to social governance and service people’s livelihood, especially while consolidating the results of Chuangcheng, sustainably, and gives new life vitality for old communities. The Urban Construction Delegation discussed the scene of Wang Xiaotong, the party representative of Wang Xiaotong, said that Jin Dong, the party representative, said that Hongqing Secretary is objective and comprehensive, and true reflects the fruitful results of this year’s Yanji City. It is very encouraged. . The acquisition of these results is the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, the various industries, all departments, solid, solid, concise, clear, clearly out of the development prospects of Yanji City, the goal is exciting, the measures are solid, it is guidance Program of development of Yanji City in the future. As a party representative of a real estate, after returning to the unit, I will organize all cadres and workers to study hard, profoundly understand, consciously implement, and take advantage of the party congress as an opportunity to further enhance real estate management and service level, for building beauty Yanji, the people ‘s lives have contributed.

The Finance and Trade Delegation discussed the scene of Wang Xiaoyong, Chen Li Bin, was accepted by the interview. Chen Libin, the party representative Chen Libin, said that the work report made by Hong Qing Secretary not only uses the most simple words to describe the results of 2020, but also mentioned " Policy, adopting the "one industry and one" "one entry" method, actively solving the difficulties and problems of the enterprise, providing more opportunities for our future development. As a corporate representative, I will implement the spirit of the party congress to the team, providing more economic power for the future development and construction of Yanji. The Industrial Delegation discussed the Site Li Jun Guangbao Party representative Jin Ying-Mei received an interview with Wang Xiaoyu Turbochemical delegation Party representative Jin Yingmei said that the party congress reported a review and summarizing the work of 2020, and the work of 2021 is fully scientifically put forward the goal and Key tasks, inspiring. In the future work, I will implement the spirit of the party congress, put the ideology and action to the project construction of the project to build a 100-day attack activity in Yanji City, and do a good job in enterprise service, and make the social and economic development of Yanji City. The contribution you should have.

Cultural and educational delegation discussed the scene Wang Xiaoyuan, Cui Meiyu, received the interview with the party representative of the cultural and education delegation, said that as the party representative of the medical front, can participate in the party conference, listen to the report, and feel the atmosphere of the conference. Honor. In 2020, it was very hard for medical staff, and we were in the city, and the epidemic prevention and control has achieved phased victory.

After learning the spirit of the party, after returning to the job, I will combine the actual work and share the spirit of the party congress to the hospital. Our medical staff will bear in mind the mission, stick to the post, better Safety to escort the life of Yanji citizens. (Wang Xiaotong).

US federal judge ruled that California aggressive weapons ban violates

US federal judge ruled that California aggressive weapons ban violates

People’s Network San Francisco June 5 (Reporter Deng "4th, a US federal judge overthrew the ban on aggressive weapons in California.

The judge said that the Aga’s aggressive weapon ban violates the US Constitution’s second amendment to give citizens to hold and carry weapons, and deprived this right of California people’s usual states.

The ruling was immediately refuted by California, and California official promised to appeal with the ruling.It is understood that since 1989, California has been banned from using an attack weapon.Judge Roger Benite, the United States, the United States, said in the ruling of this ban: "Just like the Swiss army knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is the perfect combination of the domestic anti-weapon and land defense equipment."He also criticized the "exaggerated" report that caused the shooting of this rifle to the media.

Renji Xuan’s series of articles detailed "four comprehensive" realization four "new leaps"

Renji Xuan’s series of articles detailed "four comprehensive" realization four "new leaps"

The law is the basis for people to understand the world and transform the world.

In the past 66 years, the Chinese Communist Party has formed a whole set of ruling theories including governing concepts, ruling methods, ruling system, and ruling, and continuously deepening the understanding of the law of the Communist Party. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China Major theoretical and practical issues, proposing such a major governing rule for promoting the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts. At present, the comprehensive construction of a well-off society is stabilized, and it is comprehensive to implement the reform hoof to fight, fully enrolled in the country according to law, and comprehensively from the strict governance of the party, and coordinate the "four comprehensive" strategic layouts. Understanding the new leaps to grasp the laws of the Communist Party, and become the program of action in our party.

Adhere to the governing for the people, relying on the people.

In order to realize the national governance modernization, the direction is indicated.

Provide powerful support for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The Ministry of Education deploys autumn and winter epidemic prevention and control: reducing teachers and students cross-regional travel and early science planning

The Ministry of Education deploys autumn and winter epidemic prevention and control: reducing teachers and students cross-regional travel and early science planning

People’s Network Beijing October 26th (Reporter Sun Jing, Li Yihuan) The Ministry of Education issued a notice, deploying from stricting the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control of 2021 autumn. The notice requires that all local schools must classify the health status and stroke track of teachers and students, reduce the cross-regional travel of teachers and students, and gradually plan to schedule this year’s winter holidays.

Notice, it is pointed out that strict implementation of higher education institutions, primary and secondary schools and primary institutions of new coronary epidemic prevention and control technology program (fourth edition), according to the local epidemic prevention and control policies, strengthen the school gate management, and do the identity and verification of the school personnel, health code verification And body temperature detection is full coverage. It is necessary to strengthen the emergency reserves such as collaboration, strengthening people, materials, isolation places, and nucleic acid detection capabilities. It is necessary to continuously promote the vaccination of new crown virus vaccination.

Notice, it is necessary to classify the health status and stroke track to classify, and continue to strengthen health education, multi-channel multi-form guiding teachers and students strictly abide by the relevant regulations of the epidemic prevention and control, consciously fulfilling social responsibility, reducing cross-regional travel, adhere to wearing masks, Wash your hands, always ventilated, continue to do personal protection.

The notice emphasizes that the education sector and universities must strictly strictly have large aggregated activities.

Adhere to the principle of "no need to host" "who hosted who is responsible", strengthen the approval and management of large aggregated activities. Encouraging online methods to organize events, and must be held underline, should adhere to the principles of local management, and should be held after the local response to the epidemic association and control mechanism (leading group, headquarters) can be held, while strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures , Strictly control the size of the activity, the time.

The Ministry of Education requires that all local education departments and colleges need to make a good job in autumn and winter infectious disease prevention and control.

Vigorously carry out the new era of campus patriotic health movement, adhere to people, things, the environment, and persist in diseases, combined with autumn and winter common respiratory tract, intestinal infectious diseases, strengthen the monitoring, warning and disposal of schools, encourage teachers and students Inoculated influenza vaccine, reduce the epidemic risk over neopral pneumonia.

Strengthen key venues such as classrooms, dormitory, canteens, bathrooms, libraries and various public facilities, clean and disinfection of items, and increase high frequency contact sites. It is necessary to attach great importance to school food safety management, early investigation risk and hidden dangers, and strictly prevent campus food safety incidents.

In the winter vacation arrangement, the Ministry of Education requires that education departments and colleges and universities should be in accordance with the unified arrangements of the local party committees and government, according to the completion of the school education teaching tasks, combined with the willingness and needs of teachers and students, and early science planning this year’s winter holidays. (Editor: Li Yihuan, Qinhua) Share let more people see.