A Tibetan diary worthy of attention: reading "The Memory of a Journalist -Zhang Xiaoping Diary Selection"

A Tibetan diary worthy of attention: reading "The Memory of a Journalist -Zhang Xiaoping Diary Selection"

  After learning that old friends and senior journalist Zhang Xiaoping’s Tibetan diary was officially published, I once said to him, "Who can prove that you have come to this world? This book can prove that you have come to this world.

Moreover, history will always remember you! "On March 9, 2022, Xiaoping and his Tibetan lady Ji Dan came to see me from Haikou to Wenchang, and sent the 530,000 words of" A Journalist’s Memory of a Journalist -Zhang Xiaoping Diary "who had just published a long time ago. To my hand.

The picture shows Zhang Xiaoping (left) and the author read carefully with great interest, which shocked me, and made me imagine: like Zhang Xiaoping continuously tracking and recording the development and changes in Tibet and personal feelings for more than half a century. This is unique in the Tibetan writings of literati and writers of all ages and even contemporary authors. I believe that this work will attract the interest of Tibetan academic circles at home and abroad and focusing on Tibetan readers.

  Zhang Xiaoping and I have a special relationship: he studied in the Department of Literature and Literature of the Minority Language and Literature of the Central National Academy in 1960 in 1960. I am a Tibetan, and he learns to do language. Naturally, there are exchanges. After graduating from Xiaoping in 1965, I went to the Central People’s Broadcasting Station as a journalist. In 1980, I was transferred from Qinghai People’s Broadcasting Station to the Central People’s Broadcasting Station for literary editing. We work together in the Ministry of Nationalities, he is in the news group, and I am in the literary group. This "Diary" reminds me of many past events. I naturally have a lot of new understanding of my old classmates and old colleagues and old friends of more than 40 years. "Diary", from the five aspects of "Initial Tibet", "Knowing Tibet", "Feeling Tibet", "Show Tibet", "Enjoy Tibet", he truly records him from February 1963 to 47 in 56 years in September 2019 47. In Tibet this time, how to continue the passion and rustic and vivid writing of the second time, not afraid of difficulties, perseverance, and walk through Tibet and the four provinces involved in Tibetan counties, write the changes in the roof of the world, and write the touching chapters of Tibet’s life.

Numbers are often boring, but they are often more convincing than beautiful and beautiful words: the 47 years of entered Tibetan interviews in 56 years have encountered dangerous dangers, and they have experienced hardships. Ordinary people are difficult to imagine. If you can’t do it, Xiaoping does it.

This, I have to admire it sincerely! I wrote here, I can tell everyone that after the diary is cut, he still has not stopped traveling. Not long ago, he was 80 years old, and he walked into the Tibetan land he had dreamed of his life 50 times.

  "Diary" made me feel deeply that Xiaoping used the spirit of "Lan Road, with Qishan Forest". The scene left his heavy, deep, permanent footprints on the snow mountain grassland involved in Tibet and counties in Tibet and the four provinces. As a central media journalist and perspective, he faithfully recorded the extraordinary development history that he saw and experienced the two centuries. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, a youth and vitality are under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. The new appearance of the epoch -making change has been shown to the world. "Diary", accurate facts (such as time accurate to seconds), the characters are lively, and the records recorded are very weight.

In the discussion, people feel the width of his vision, the depth of thought, and the height of the realm.

That is, the real move, to educate people in depth, inspire people with high degree. This can be seen everywhere in the words in the book. "Diary", with facts as the foundation, with the strong emotions of Tibet and the Tibetan nation, as soil, the discussion is discussed as adhesive -the foundation, the soil is fertile, and the adhesives are firmly adhered to the people. Can’t be separated, can’t be lost, letting people deeply feel how his life is created. "Diary", in the career of his in -depth understanding of Tibet and accurately expressing the journalism of the Tibetan nation, although he has experienced the difficulties that ordinary people are unimaginable, the text in his pen is always so enthusiastic and sunny, full of fullness, full of fullness, full positive energy.

  "Diary" is a historical material for the extremely precious Tibetan contemporary history and personal experience.

For example, the beginning and end of Tibetan language; Tibetan rural life 60 years ago; preparing for the Central People’s Broadcasting Station Tibetan Broadcasting; Qingzang, Sichuan -Tibet, and Xinzang three highway disciplines; recording records during Ali inspecting the Kingdom of Gege Introduction of Lin and Nikko Rock paintings; Mounting experience and insights of Mount Everest and Namanini, as well as the personal experience and records of several major events in Tibet. The works such as "Snow Domains Summoning -World Roofs", "Tibetan Tibet", "Tibetan Memory of a Journalist -Zhang Xiaoping Diary Selection", "National Propaganda Disposal" and other works have become the development of the roof of the world’s roof witness.

  "Diary", the text is beautiful. Xiaoping likes to write poems, which makes his words as beautiful and refined as poetry. More than 500,000 words of books not only look not tired, but also feel a enjoyment. "Diary" gave me a new understanding of this old classmate, old colleague, and old friend.

He is doing things honestly, honestly, honest, and innocent.

It looks like his parents in this regard.

His father, Mr. Zhang Qingzhang, is a senior agricultural expert, science writer, and an old editor. He has diligent and knowledgeable in his life. He is humble and humble and low -key. His mother Deng Yuyuan is actively doing social welfare work and won the title of "National 38 Red Banner". Xiaoping has inherited these quality of his parents very well -also diligent and learning, as well as humility and humility and humility, and enthusiastic about public welfare and helping others. "Diary", the selected photos, intuitive and vivid, becoming an important complement of the text part. Here, the two photos were deliberately taken out and said: The cover of the cover -looking up at Tibet, eager to explore the mystery of Tibet, seek knowledge, forge, and be full of vitality, and determined to climb the young man who climbed the world’s peak -Zhang Xiaoping. This is the title page -Zhang Xiaoping, a scholar who is kind and mature, is full of meridian.

  At this point, I also want to say that "Diary", Yangyang’s 530,000 words, has become a new chapter in Tibetan writings.

In the past 56 years, a large number of photos taken 47 times in Tibet is an irreplaceable image record of historical materials.

It is hoped that the author can organize and publish it as soon as possible for today’s people and future generations to study and collect.

On March 9, 2022, in Wenchang, Hainan, Zhang Xiaoping (left) and the author’s publication of the journal was introduced by the author: Song Youquan, native of Jinchuan County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province, and Jiadong Tibetan. The original director of the People’s Broadcasting Station of the Central People’s Broadcasting Station, senior editor.

  The Central Propaganda Department, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, the Central People’s Broadcasting Station, and CCTV special news review and program supervision and review expert.

  Social part -time job: Former Executive Vice President of the Opinion Society of the China Radio and Television Society, former vice president of the China National Film and Television Art Development Promotion Association, member of the China Musicians Association, etc.

  He is the author of "Time and Space" and "Chinese Broadcasting Audience" (editor -in -chief) "Guang Broadcast Love" and so on.

(Responsible editor: Li Yuzhen).