The Securities Regulatory Commission replies to the people’s network users: urge the securities company compliance exhibition industry to strengthen the departure supervision

The Securities Regulatory Commission replies to the people’s network users: urge the securities company compliance exhibition industry to strengthen the departure supervision

  In recent years, the Securities Regulatory Commission has implemented a new round of comprehensive and deepening capital market reforms, under the "construction system, no intervention, zero tolerance", the capital market is undergoing profound structural changes.

How to build a more standardized, transparent, open, energetic, tough capital market, has also become the focus of netizens.

  Since this year, netizens have actively contributed to the development of the capital market through the "Leadership Message Board" of the People’s Network, such as "The Quality of the Sockets of the Securities Company" "Quality" "Quality of the Municipal Medal" "" "… Recently, the Securities Regulatory Commission responded to netizens, it would urge to urge securities company compliance exhibition industry, strengthen the exhibition supervision, and earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

  Strictly crack down on the false, misleading, misleading publicity in accordance with the law, "The SFC will strive in accordance with the law. "In response to netizens on the suggestion of combating securities companies, the SFC said that follow-up will continue to urge the securities company compliance exhibition industry, and earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors. According to the Interim Provisions on Securities Investment Consultant, "the" Securities Company conducts the business of securities investment consultants "," prohibiting marketing promotion of service capabilities and past performance, no real, misleading, prohibiting the commitment or guaranteeing investment income in any way ", And "providing securities investment consultant services, should sign the Securities Investment Advisory Service Agreement with the Customer", and clarify the "responsibility and prohibition of the principals of the parties" in the agreement, the responsibility and prohibition of securities investment consultants. "Recording Management" has stimulated the vitality of the securities audit market on improving the quality of the listed company, the Securities Law said that the "Securities Law" implemented on March 1, 2020, implemented the "venting service" reform requirements, and canceled the accounting firm The qualification license for service business, replaced by the record, inspiring the vitality of the securities audit market, the accounting firm engaged in securities service business is increased from 50 to the end of February this year, and the supply of the audit practitioner continues to increase, to a certain extent will be alleviated Listed (listing) company annual report pressure. Some netizens suggested that through the listing (listing) companies in different trading venues, set up different accounting annual periods, reduce the working concentration of intermediaries and improve the quality of work of intermediaries.

In this regard, the Securities Regulatory Commission responded that this does not match the "Accounting Year from the Current France" in my country to December 31 to December 31, in addition, it will also reduce the company, especially the same Accounting information between different companies in the industry is comparable.

  The Securities Regulatory Commission pointed out that "the impact of the adjustment of the annual period of the accounting year will consider the impact on the national economic statistics, taxation and other various influences, and the relevant departments or units need to coordinate cooperation to improve their supporting regulations.

"Strictly retreating, increasing" Red Card penalty "Terms" proposes to strictly implement a deflated system for fake listed companies, consistent with the direction I will reform.

The Securities Regulatory Commission said that the retreated system is the basic system of the capital market, and it is necessary to persist in retreat, and is resolutely ventilated with serious illegal violations and serious disrupt capital market order.

  The 2020 Years Calm has launched a new round of retreat system reform. In November, the "Implementation Plan for the Implementation Plan of the Shengshi Company, the Implementation Plan" approved by the DISCA, the 16th meeting of the Central Committee, clearly stated that it is necessary to adhere to the marketization, the direction of the rule of law, improve the retreated standard, simplify the retreat procedure, and broaden the multiple exit Channels, strictly returned the market, improve the normalization of normalization. On December 31, 2020, the Shanghai-Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the revised refund rules. In response to companies that have passed non-standard audit opinions, increase the type of audit opinion and financial indicators for comprehensive combination of refund rules, blocking system vulnerabilities; in response to serious disruption of market order and refusing to correct cases, increasing direct "red card penalty The following "Terms; Under the premise of retaining the original major illegal refund standards, for the fake fake cases of the fake balance, the proportion of the fake amount + fraudulent proportion of fake ratios" is added in accordance with the original rules. .

In terms of retreating procedures, simplify the relevant links and improve the delisting efficiency.

  The Securities Regulatory Commission said that the next step will continue to establish an important part of the establishment of a normalized returning mechanism as an important part of the comprehensiveness of capital market reform, and effectively strengthen the delisting supervision and speed up the implementation of investor protection.

Tianjin Medical Security Bureau "Tianjin Basic Medical Insurance Regulations" legislation

Tianjin Medical Security Bureau "Tianjin Basic Medical Insurance Regulations" legislation

  On December 11, 2019, the Basic Medical Insurance Regulations of Tianjin (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations) reviewed through the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and will be implemented on March 1, 2020. This is an important part of Tianjin Minsheng’s field.

"Regulations" 52, provisions on insured payment, treatment payment, fund management, operation service, supervision and inspection, legal responsibility, etc., to provide legal protection for further protection and improving people’s livelihood.

The "Regulations" fully reflect the national and our city’s major reform and development requirements, and clarify the implementation initiatives, implement the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association Development Strategy, and establish a three-way basic medical insurance collaborative development work mechanism. Continue to deepen the achievements of institutional reform, implement the "venting service" reform and the "a three-system" reform of the city, providing the masses with more convenient and efficient medical services.

  The Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal People, and the municipal government attaches great importance to the medical insurance local legislation, and it is an important starting with high quality development as a strengthening of medical insurance, standardizing medical insurance operations.

The "Tianjin Basic Medical Insurance Regulations" is the first part of the provincial level to cover the local regulations of the medical insurance and urban and rural residents, providing experience in the national medical insurance legislation. The "Regulations" comprehensive summary of the experience of health insurance in Tianjin in recent years, seriously studying new requirements of new situation in the current situation, focusing on national and Tianjin market for major reform and development initiatives; to protect and improve people’s livelihood as starting point and foothold, full Safeguard the rights and interests of insured; strengthen the supervision of the fund, severely crack down on fraudulent practice, and make Tianjin contribution to the comprehensive promotion of the rule of law medical insurance in an all-round era.

Shanghai and Zhejiang Soviet virus highly homologous

Shanghai and Zhejiang Soviet virus highly homologous

Original title: Shanghai-Zhejiang Soviet virus is highly homologous on the afternoon of December 11, the State Council’s joint defense mechanism held a press conference, introducing recent new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and vaccination work. Wu Liang, deputy director of the National Health and Control Bureau, said that the national epidemic situation is generally stable, and the local area has occurred in the local area.

Inner Mongolia, the virus genome sequencing analysis showed that the epidemic was caused by a new entry input source together, and there was no association with the epidemic of Inner Mongolia. This epidemic is first in Inner Mongolia, Hulunbeier, Hulum, Manchuria, Subsequently, in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, Tongliao City, Heilongjiang, Qiqihar City, Harbin, Hebei Shijiazhuang City and Beijing Haidian District, etc. 4 provinces. At present, the local epidemic in Manzhouli is still in the sustainable development stage. Recently reported that the number of cases showed a decline in fluctuations, and the trend of the epidemic needs close observation. The risk of epidemic in Harbin, Heilongjiang has decreased, and only the scattered case report has been scattered, and there is no new case report yesterday. Tongliao City, Qiqihar City, Shijiazhuang City and Beijing have not had new cases for more than 5 days, and the epidemic is better controlled.

Yunnan Luanchuan epidemic wave in the area is limited, and the cases are teachers and students in the same school. No casement, the case genomic sequence display is the same communication chain, and the epidemic has been basically controlled.

The viral genome sequences of the epidemic situation in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu three places are highly homologous, and the epidemic is associated with the same. At present, the overall Shanghai epidemic is more smooth, there is no new case for 3 consecutive days; Zhejiang Shaoxing, Ningbo, Hangzhou’s epidemic development is relatively rapid, and the communication relationship between cases is relatively clear, mainly involved in homes and crowd gathering places, related risk area control and risk Personnel investigation work is in progress. Shaanxi epidemic currently found only in the case, and did not have a spread spread. Overall, the recent domestic epidemic presents a number of disseminated chains, local distribution and small scale aggregated characteristics.

After the epidemic, the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism completion group sent a working group to go to Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, etc., which will establish integrated, flat command system, promote the source, and community control. The measures such as nucleic acid detection are implemented to prevent the epidemic from further spreading.

According to Beijing Daily Client (Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Wei) sharing more people to see.

Rail Loop Sports Park to Shaoshan South Road Bus Terminal Development Center City has added 10 alleys this year.

Rail Loop Sports Park to Shaoshan South Road Bus Terminal Development Center City has added 10 alleys this year.

Chongqing Daily (Reporter Cui Wei) November 18, the Alley Bus 3605 officially opened.

The line begins in sports park, the end point in the Shaoshan South Road, the whole length, mainly to meet the travel needs of the citizens along the morning and evening.

3605 Road Alley Bus Stop Site is the Rail Sport Park Station, Shizhan Sport Park, Panxi Road, Jinke Ten Years City East Gate, Jinke Ten Years City, Shaoshan South Road, etc., the line has 2 mini bus.

Opening the municipal transportation buses is one of the important initiatives of the Municipal Transportation Bureau and the Municipal Road Transport Center to Implement the Practice of Party History. This year, the central city has added 10 alley bus lines, equipped with 33 bus capacity, routes cover the south bank, Yubei, Beibei, Yuzhong, Jiangbei, Jiulongpo, Dadu, etc., 8 of whom have both rail transit Pencil.

The relevant person in charge of the road transportation center introduced that due to the steep travelers of the back streets in the city center, the road is narrow, and the residents are very inconvenient. In response to the "back street alleys", the city road transport office is in the same way with the creative opening of the bus enterprises, making up the conventional bus type unable to connect the narrow, slope, and the short plate of the road, and expand the coverage of the bus line network. In the depth, solve the problem of "the last km" in the bus.

It is understood that "Alley Bus" implements 2 yuan a ticket system, incorporating public transportation in the central city for free (preferential) transfer range, 65 years old or higher, etc. Excellent groups enjoy free (preferential) ride policies. Dear users, "Chongqing" customers have officially revised to upgrade to "New Chongqing" client. For subsequent use, please scan the QR code above and download the new version in time. More quality content, more convenient experience, we are waiting for you in "New Chongqing"! .

Samsung pool museum passagier

Samsung pool museum passagier

  Op 3 april ging het Samsungdu-museum het museum in het museum in, meer dan 10.000 kijkers in het museum, en het ticket-inkomen was 10.000 yuan, en de eerste dag van het Qing Ming-festival in 2019 steeg respectievelijk met 383%, respectievelijk 386%.

  "Op ongeveer 9 uur ‘s ochtends was ik op het toneel, na de uitgaven van het publiek vorige week, het bronzen museum oorspronkelijk gesloten. Op de site, de ge?ntegreerde hal en de Bronze Hall stromen als een streep." Samsung-stapel Museum Chang Zhu YIRONG heeft ge?ntroduceerd dat de basisweergave van het basistoonstellingsproject oorspronkelijk ge?mplementeerd uit 29 maart wordt uitgebreid naar de nationale dagvakantie. Om het ordelijke bezoek aan bezoekers te garanderen, worden de twee tentoonstellingszalen van het museum ge?mplementeerd door de meeste tot 2000 personen in de hal. Samsung-stapel van toerisme tropisch vuur in Guanghan Hotel Catering Accommodatie.

Een hotel ligt op slechts 10 minuten lopen van de stapel van Samsung, die bijna elke dag is. Een ander hotel is om de Samsungan-cultuur te implanteren, die is gerangschikt met een bronzen masker als een prototype, verkocht met Samsung’s stapel elementen en goede voordelen. (Reporter Wu Ping Wu Xiaoling).

The "meat case" "bottle" in our district is stable

The "meat case" "bottle" in our district is stable

  On November 10, the reporter learned from the autonomous regional agricultural rural house. Since October, in our district, we have insisted on the prevention and control of the epidemic, one hand, "meat case", "milk bottle" stabilized, effectively guarantee the quality and safety of livestock products and the mass life need.

  In response to the prevention and control of the epidemic, the Agricultural Rural Department of the Autonomous Region is timely coordinated. It is the production of people’s livelihood and the production of people’s livelihood, and the production materials such as the cultivarity and breeding industry. supply.

Relying on Ningxia Wisdom Monitor Information Management Platform, implementing paper quarantine certificate in the district, "do not see face, zero contact", ensuring that livestock and its products are adjusted normally. In order to ensure that the livestock and poultry products are "transported", the transportation vehicle of the driver’s 48-hour nucleic acid detection and the trip code verified.

For Yili, Mengniu, Xia Jin and other dairy processing enterprises, more than 800 employees outside the factory, more than 300 livestock products transport drivers to handle more than 1,300 livestock products related to card box packaging, for farm More than 1,600 special pass issues such as feed, veterinary drugs and other processing and sales enterprises. Strengthen production reserves to ensure that livestock and poultry products "supply".

Instructions for dairy processing plants, livestock slaughter enterprises have implemented good disease prevention and control and livestock products Quality and safety measures, and timely master the production and operation of enterprises, product transportation, etc., effectively guarantee the quality and safety and market supply of livestock products.

At present, the city’s animal husbandry production is generally stable, and the purchase and sale of livestock products, fresh milk, livestock slaughter enterprises have normal operation, and produce more than 9,400 tons of fresh milk in size, and the slaughter enterprises are slaughtering livestock (only) The above, effectively guarantees the supply of livestock products.

(Reporter Zhang Wei).

Russian troops Communication "New Look"

Russian troops Communication "New Look"

Recently, the Russian "Izvestia" correspondent walked into the Russian Signal Corps to conduct field interviews. Reports indicate that in recent years, in order to adapt to the changing battlefield environment, to carry out national security tasks, the Russian Defense Ministry and actively absorb the use of high-tech development results in stages with digital information processing and communications transmission equipment for the troops.

The military training and information technology equipment levels improved significantly.

Mining equipment extreme performance this year, the Russian Signal Corps receives ten thousand specialized communication equipment, modern technology and equipment over the next three years will reach 76% of equipment.

At the same time, the soldiers train hard, the purpose is to play to the performance of active-duty equipment to the limit.

In the training season just ended, the eastern part of the Russian military stationed abroad Baikal Territory an Army Signal Corps, using the P-230T directorate headquarters command vehicles and other new communications equipment fitted out, completed more than 200, within the range of 15-2500 km signal transmission and reception tasks, provide stable telephony and video communications field protection and maneuver command post. Western Military Region, a Russian Guards Tank Army officers and soldiers use 70 specialized communication equipment, training ground near Moscow Elabinuo, drilling units away from the main activity is the formation of satellite / radio communications network.

Central and Russia, more than 300 military officers and soldiers stationed in communications Novosibirsk an army, take the 50 special vehicles, rapid march arrived at the designated area, open field and self-propelled command post, using the R-166-05 "Artek" communication stations and P-260 "Bastion" multi-functional mobility communications equipment, skillfully establish stable channels through secret radio communication to ensure that the secret headquarters of the command of the troops, command post exercise was rated as "excellent."

Fielding of modern communication equipment to respond to security threats under high-tech conditions facing the field of information transmission, the Russian army forces are equipped with modern communication equipment and a unified tactical command automation equipment, may be closer to real-time command.

Currently, the western Russian military has taken the lead four divisions facelift, enabling the armored vehicle technology, unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic warfare systems, reconnaissance equipment, guide and fight fire equipment integrated into a unified network and build a unified automation and information systems space.

During the "army -2021" International Military Technology Forum, Russian industrial enterprises "Smart Technologies" debuted "station" switching equipment for maritime communications. It can protect surface ships, Fleet headquarters owned fixed and mobile coastal defense objectives, with the active exchange of information and development of communications equipment on board an aircraft. The company also for the marine, land and air communications equipment and technology equipment development device digital ecosystem.

Russia Technology Group company previously announced that its subsidiary "flying" Scientific Production Association, has developed a communication system for the S-111 Su -57 fighter used. The system uses the latest high-speed transmission of information technology, the transmission rate up to Mbit / s, transmission of real-time voice, video and data of the radar apparatus.

Simulators for the training of professional help take into account scientific and technological content increasing military communications troops, the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces troops inter-service regional communication training center to upgrade training tool.

Center for the radio operator, operators, cable and fiber-optic communication staff established by the participants well-equipped classrooms and modern simulation equipment, and to develop professional training program.

Not long ago, the training center received a new high-tech simulator, designed for various missile systems, communications equipment maintenance squad officers trained to use. It can realistically simulate various real-time scenarios to help students quickly master new skills to use communication equipment. (Li Zi) (Editor: Chen Yu, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

The 5th International Poetry Culture Conference "International Poet" is held in Beijing

The 5th International Poetry Culture Conference "International Poet" is held in Beijing

On April 17, the "National Poet", China Poetry Network, Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd., China Poetry Network, Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd., China Poetry Network, Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. Will "hold in Beijing.

The famous poets, scholars from China, France, etc. Cultural exchanges.

This "International Poet Dialogue" discussed the spirit of poetry in the era of epidemic, poetry significance, focusing the spirit of building a poetry, shaping the value and role of life. This is a grand event of a country’s cultural circles. It is also a platform for Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges.

Just as the vice chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, the director of the Secretary of the Secretary, the director of the Organizing Committee of the International Poetry Culture General Assembly said: "In a special period, in the way of poetry, the way to enhance each other’s cognition and understanding This important role in this communication itself is unlimited. " This "International Poet" is one of the 5th International Poetry Cultural Conference, deputy director of the International Poetry Cultural Conference Committee, Zhangzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. Party Secretary, Chairman Liu Wei is At the time of the event, it was said that the global epidemic of the world has blocked the contact between people, but it could not isolate the interoperability and cultural exchange of the world.

In this special period, the Organizing Committee of the International Poetry Culture General Assembly adheres to the idea of ??opening an inclusive, mutual learning, and actively building communication bridges.

This international poet dialogue is to provide a good platform for international poetry and alcohol culture, and to provide a good platform, let poetry and wine to pull near each other, promote understanding, appreciation and reference to each other culture.

According to reports, the International Poetry Culture Conference is a public welfare activity that promotes the popularity of poetry by the People’s Government, China Work Association, China Work Association, China. Since 2017, the International Poetry Culture Conference has become a top grand event in the country and even global poetry art culture, attracting more than 160 foreign poets from more than 60 countries and regions, more than 3,000 domestic poets, hundreds of thousands of poets. The participation of poetry enthusiasts.

The International Poetry Culture Conference has carried out a series of rich and diverse cultural exchange activities such as international poetry, poetry, poetry reading, international poetry, and international poetry. The poet shared the feast of poetry and wine.

(Editor: Liu Jia, Yang Di).

Tianjin government issued a batch of cadres

Tianjin government issued a batch of cadres

Original title: Tianjin Government releases a group of cadres to serve China Communist News Network Beijing March 20 (Ren Jiahui) Recently, Tianjin Municipal Government website issued a group of cadres, the specific situation is as follows: Li Rongqiang Ren Tianjin Municipal People’s Government Office ( Director of the Tianjin Municipal Business Environment Office; Gu Qing served as deputy director of Tianjin Health and Health Committee; Director of the Tianjin Food and Material Reserve Bureau (a year of trial period); Chen Guanyi, deputy principal (trial period) Zhang Weiguo, Vice President, Tianjin Institute of Physical Education (trial period for one year); Liu Fengming, Vice President, Tianjin Public Security Police Vocational College (trial period); Yang Guangshi Tianjin Traffic Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Corps Captain (Trial One Year) Leave Li Rongqiang Deputy Secretary-General of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, deputy director of the General Office of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government (also); Deputy Director of the Citizen and Religious Affairs Committee; eliminating the position of the deputy director of the Tianjin Water Affairs Bureau; (Editor: Zhang Jingqi, Wang Hao).

Shanghai heeft meer onzichtbare infecties toegevoegd, hoe te controleren? Shanghai Health Committee reageerde

Shanghai heeft meer onzichtbare infecties toegevoegd, hoe te controleren? Shanghai Health Committee reageerde

People’s Network Shanghai 6 maart (Dong Zhiwen) Op 6 maart hield Shanghai een nieuwe coronaire pneumonie-epidemische preventie en controle-persconferentie. Directeur van het gezondheids- en gezondheidscomité van Shanghai, Yan Jingley, plaatsvervangend directeur van de burgerzaken Bureau, Zeng Qn, Wang Hongwei, plaatsvervangend directeur van Xuhui district, introduceerde de relevante situatie.

Er zijn meer niet-symptoominfecties in Shanghai, en Shanghai heeft een niet-symptoominfectie in elk district en hoe te controleren? Hebben ze het risico van communicatie? Yan Jingray zei dat recent iedereen meer onzichtbare infecties in Shanghai heeft.

Eén is de eigen kenmerken van de O’KKAN-variabiliteit, waardoor veel ge?nfecteerde mensen als onregelmatig worden veroorzaakt. De tweede is dat de grootschalige bevolking ge?mmuniseerd is en de immuniteit wordt verbeterd in de bevolking. Yan Jingley introduceerde dat er geen symptomen, er geen symptomen zijn, geen symptomen en tekenen zoals faryngeale pijn, koorts, vermoeidheid, droge hoest, olfactorische vermindering, zonder CT-beeldvormende kenmerken, maar nieuwe kroonvirus nucle?nezuurdetectie is positief. Yan Jing, zei dat de Shanghai-beslissingsvrije infectie strikt wordt uitgevoerd in overeenstemming met de nationale normen, eenmaal gediagnosticeerd als niet-symptomen, gedurende 14 dagen van isolatie medische waarneming, en continue nucle?nezuurdetectie is negatief, de isolatie medische observatie worden vrijgegeven.

Volg vervolgens de relevante vereisten gedurende 14 dagen om gezonde opmerkingen te isoleren. Yan Jingyei zei dat asymptomatische infecties ook infectiviteit hebben, dus volgens de relevante nationale vereisten, de sessage van niet-symptomatisch onderzoek en populaties met een hoog risico en bijbehorende plaatsen worden gecontroleerd.

De nauwe contacten en secundaire lijmen van infecties in Frofamia, dezelfde maatregelen nemen dezelfde maatregelen met de nauwe contacten van gediagnosticeerde gevallen en de secundaire volwassenen. (Editor: Dong Zhiwen, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.