The official opening of the Tie Muna is as long as nine months

The official opening of the Tie Muna is as long as nine months

On September 1, the author learned from the Turgun Huimin Heat Co., Ltd., in the early hours of the morning, the city officially opened the heating, officially entered the "heating season" unique to the North.

It is understood that this heating season has been from May 31, 2022, the heating period is nine months, one of the longest heating in the country.

"Beginning at night on the 31th, the trembiend of the city will also fall below ten degrees, and the room has also become wet.

In order to create a comfortable and warm living environment for residents, we officially started heating in the early morning. According to Chen Haibin, a general engineer of Huimin Heat Co., Ltd., in the middle of the year, the temperature of the city will decline in the middle of the middle of the year, and the local enthusiasm has made a good preparation work every year, according to the temperature. Changes and local residents’ heating needs provide heating services to the city’s residents.

In the early morning of the first, with the official launch of two furnaces, the 1021 heating work in Inner Mongolia was officially opened. It is understood that this year’s local heating area exceeds 2.7 million square meters, and heating users have more than 20,000.

In order to ensure the heating period and effect of winter urban residents this year, from the beginning of the year, the local thermal department organized personnel to conduct a comprehensive maintenance of the city heating system, and made a comprehensive replacement of the combustion system of the two hot air furnaces. Technical transformation, comprehensive cleaning of the equipment of 20 heat stations in the city, improve heat exchange efficiency.

At the same time, in response to the problems of the heating of the old community last year, the local area of ??the city’s two old distribution stations and 16 old community heating pipe networks were implemented, and the newly laid-level pipe network was 1 kilometers. To ensure that residents are warm in winter.

The winter is long and cold in winter, often suffering from extremely cold weather, the lowest temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius, and heating has also become one of the most important people’s livelihood issues in the local area.

"At present, the heat source is fully satisfied with heat demand. In the future, with the continuous decline in temperature, it will gradually increase the equipment in time, and the fuel reserves are sufficient. In order to protect this year’s heating quality, we also increase the storage coal, Established a heating and repairing small packet, the company’s service hotline provides repairs, complaints, business consulting, etc. Share let more people see the recommended reading.

The new fund sets a huge hi-changer at the end of the year

The new fund sets a huge hi-changer at the end of the year

Original title: The new fund sets up a huge tide Li Rui, and the new fund declares the heat and charter. The other is the new fund raised frequent failure. The fund issuance market is crowded and the differentiation is increasing.

With the end of the National Day holiday, the new fund issued a small peak again, product innovation is also accelerating, and for the end of the year, the hard technology sector is favored.

The second batch of public fundamental Reits is reported from the latest information from the Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchange, and the second batch of public resolution REITS products officially declared.

The announcement shows that on October 14th, I was immediately reported on October 15, I was officially accepted by the exchange, and the second batch of public resolution REITS quickly advanced. On October 15th, the official website of the CSO showed that there were two public offerings of the Qing Dynasty, the Thaun Anlunang, and the Securities Securities Investment Fund. At the same time, Huaxiu Expressway proposed in the Shenzhen Exchange has also been officially accepted by the exchange. Among them, the Huaxiu Expressway Closed Infrastructure Securities Investment Fund declared as the only highway REITS declared in the current period, and the head fund company Huaxia Fund, head brokerage CITIC Securities and Yuexiu Group jointly built heavy public funds The REITS project has gained market attention. The renewal period of REITS, the Thailand Anlier’s Tung Dynasty, and 40 years. The fund custodian is the Bank of China, the original equity includes Shanghai Lingang Fengxian Economic Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Linang Huaping Economic Development Co., Ltd., etc.

The first batch of MSCIA50ETF was approved on October 18th, the MSCI China A50 Internet Interoperable Futures In the same day on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, from Huaxia Fund, Yi Fangda Fund, Huiyuanfu Fund, Southern Fund’s first batch of MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF Officially approved, it is about another product.

Specifically, MSCI China A50 Internet Interoperability Index ingredients include a batch of stocks with high market attention. There are existing China Merchants Bank, China-Free Banking, Consumer Dream, also with Guizhou Maotai, Wuliangye, Ningde Times, Longki Shares, BYD and other "Mao Di" and "Ning Companies" lead stocks, but also new newsletter Industrial faucet.

After the exponent released, 4 fund companies quickly reported the target ETF, and the product has also been closely concerned by the vast majority of investors. They are the Chinese MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF, and Easy MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF, Hui Tianfu MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF, the South MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF, its tracking MSCI China A50 Internet Interconnection Index Focus on China’s core quality assets. And in this week, the number of new and export funds reached 30, involving 27 fund companies including Castrol, Guangfa, Jianxin, ICB, Ruixin, Fuguo, BOC, Penghua. Among them, the fund worth paying attention has Li Yingfang managed by Jianxin History, Guo Rui management’s investment balance returns, and He Xiuhong managed the work and silver robust Ruiying a year to hold bonds. The failure of the issuance is uncommon, and with the continuous adjustment of the market, the new fund issuance also has a raised and failure.

On October 9th, the Ping An Fund released the annotent of the Separate Open Index Securities Investment Fund Fund in Ping An Mixture. As of September 30, 2021 expired, the fund failed Meet the conditions for the fund filing of the Fund Contract, the Fund’s "Fund Contract" cannot take effect, which has become the first industry theme ETF in this year, and has not been established twice before the release. On October 16, Jiinti Fund said that it is proposed to hold a fund share holder meeting to consider issues related to the termination of Jiu Taike’s new enjoyment, flexible configuration hybrid securities investment fund fund contract.

As of the end of the second quarter, the total scale of the product is less than 50 million yuan. Only one day ago, a product declared a clearance of the Jiuti Fund. It is understood that on October 15, Jiitai Fund released Jiu Tai Yinghua quantitative flexibility and conflict of the fund contract termination of the fund contract and the fund property liquidation arrangement. It is understood that as of October 14, 202, Jiitai Yinghua quantified flexible fund asset net value has been less than 50 million in 60 million yuan, and there is a case where the trigger fund contract is terminated.

This is a fund product that Jiinti Fund is only in the year to "mini" in the year. From September 16, Jiinti Fund has issued Jiu Tai Rui sincerely configures the liquidation report. The reason for the liquidation is also because the fund has emerged in the net value of less than 50 million yuan, trigger automatic Conditioning of the dish.

"Hard Technology" is worth looking forward to facing the market of unpredictable, Jingshun Great Wall Fund said that although the profit of the enterprise may have a single season’s growth rate, but in the fourth quarter or put the margin, the overall performance growth of listed companies in the whole year It is expected to maintain a high level.

At the same time, as the market has gradually stabilized the supervision of the Internet, education and collection and other industries, investors’ risk preferences have improved. After the Adjustment of the A-share, the current market risk and valuation pressure have been released, and the liquidity of liquidity is less in the market. The market has a systematic risk, and it is expected that the market is still dominated by structural opportunities. Science and technology growth in support and industrial trends is still the most identified main line.

From profit growth, you can pay attention to the photovoltaic industry chain and lithium-industrial industry chain with higher growth expectations.

The China European Fund believes that due to the short-term liquidity downstream pressure marginal mitigation, it is recommended to pay attention to the stabilities of the sectors such as electricity such as electricity such as the quantification fund and financing discs, and the medium and consumption industry.

If considering the relative valuation advantage of other tracks such as technology, it is recommended to pay attention to the valuation of the food and beverage and household appliances in the fourth quarter. Du Meng, deputy general manager of the Morgan Fund and Director of Investment, pointed out that the medium and long-term opportunities for consumer and service trails in the domestic healthcare market are also worthy of optimistic. (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

Refuse the "secondary retire" public welfare person

Refuse the "secondary retire" public welfare person

Hainan has a volunteer "march", it is 76 years old. "Bird" is called Cheng Meizu. He is active in the streets of Haikou, traffic guidance, obligation relief, beach garbage … he was rated as "the most beautiful volunteers" in the country, and he made a few years. The public welfare seeds buds in the heart in 1990, Cheng Mei is working in the Ministry of Industry of Hainan Province, engaged in the service selection of labor models and the May 1st Labor Award. Frequently in touch with the moving advanced people, Cheng Meizu buried a enthusiastic seed in my heart, slowly develop a habit of doing a good job.

Today, Cheng Meizu is known as "flag".

"Do a public welfare to make people’s mindset, and the body is healthy.

"Cheng Meizu said," After retirement, I am in the process of doing things, I found that there are many people who are willing to do well in society. "In order to call more people to participate in public welfare undertakings, Cheng Meizu decided to form the establishment of Hainan" Yijia Pro "Volunteer Service Center.

The volunteers in "Yijia pro" have a lot of age between 40 and 50 years old, usually go to the beach, street garbage, began to promote transportation, to promote traffic, to Haikou’s old age apartments and nursing horses, and so on.

From a first-line volunteers to the "housekeeper" with a group of like-minded people, they have to find a "foothold".

In 2011, Cheng Meizu decided to take out his house as a office. "Everyone can get together to open the meeting, discuss what public welfare, how to do it, can better organize you together.

"In the Volunteer Service Center, the wall is full of volunteers to make public welfare photos, the big blackboard records the length of the volunteers to volunteer service every month. The eye is fascinating, the door of the door is full A lifelike crafts. Cheng Meike launched a crafts of an elephant to tell the reporter, "This is our volunteer to use the use of used newspapers, turned waste into treasure."

They also often teach children to make, promote environmental philosophy.

"The affected by the father, the children of Cheng Meike also began to participate in the public welfare undertakings.

"Wife and children support me very supported, there is time to follow us to do volunteers, participate in the public welfare activities such as helping people with disabilities, condolence the nursing home and the orphanage.

"Cheng Meizu said. After years of development," Yijia Pro "volunteer service center has more than 6,000 volunteers in the volume. Cheng Meike launched a large number of public welfare activities with volunteers, and the service center was rated as" 2015 ~ 2015 ~ 2015 ~ In 2017, the two-created work advanced unit ", he was rated as the advanced individual in Haikou City. In 2019, Cheng Meizu was rated as" the country’s most beautiful volunteer ". I look forward to more people in public welfare roads today, Chengmei bidistics is not as good as before From the volunteer first-line position to the parish work, do a good job in every volunteer service, take a photo, record a little bit of a little bit of public welfare work. In his computer, there are many volunteers’ work. What time is it labeled, where did you do something?

"’Gaogo’ is a very loved person, doing things serious, no matter what is always done.

"The central volunteers Zhao Tongwei called.

In 2013, Zhao Tongwei saw a group of volunteers in the beach, and the longest-long Chengmei labeled him a profound impression, and he also became a volunteer. "Every Sunday, the ‘Shi Ge’ takes us to go to Haikou to do public welfare activities. We see that he is old and advised him to go, but he still insisted." Center volunteers Wu Shao Say.

During the interview, the reporter heard the most sentence of Cheng Meizuo was: "Do something well, it is a good way to pension!" "I hope more people join us to do public welfare, help more people need help.

"Cheng Mei smiles," If you must ask me to play, when I’m going to retire, I think I don’t know, it will be a completely standing.


Taizhou speed up the Yangtze River Delta to build the best Culture Travel Destinations

Taizhou speed up the Yangtze River Delta to build the best Culture Travel Destinations

Original title: Taizhou speed up to build the best Culture Travel Destinations sea fairy country Yangtze River Delta, the picture in Vientiane. Is located in Zhejiang Province, "the central point north and south, at the junction of land and sea" in Taizhou, a coastal Pearl of the Yangtze River Delta region.

Cultural heritage and magnificent mountains, waters and magnificent natural endowments, the source Fozong Road, Wo Hop Holy Land, drawn up in Taizhou of text brigade gold card. Blending into the Yangtze, when the first text brigade.

In the Yangtze River Delta integration historical opportunity of development, Taizhou text brigade active cooperation with Shanghai and close interaction with the brothers city, toward "building the Yangtze River Delta the most desirable Aboriginal leisure travel destination" goals, made a high-quality development of integration road.

The depth of integration, the development of text brigade growth geopolitical pole Yangtze River Delta region similar popularity to each other along, are the main economic activities range Taizhou and cultural exchanges. Taizhou rich and charming text brigade resources, but also much Yangtze River Delta area residents and visitors alike.

Today, the Yangtze River Delta integration of a national strategy, "to break the open standards" is the path to a new era of development in Taizhou.

By this "wind", Taizhou text brigade sailing, strengthen regional co-developed text brigade, hoping to become an important growth in the Yangtze River Delta regional development poles.

In March last year, "chasing the sun to Taizhou" one hundred days ten million tourists visit Taizhou activities, starting in Shanghai. Shanghai, Taizhou two places text brigade departments, trade associations and enterprises to establish a strategic partnership, Taizhou nine counties (cities, districts) an invitation to the public to join hands in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta area.

Then, do tourists come here, see the "21st century mainland China the first rays of the first dawn" Fang Yan.

As a starting point, in 2020, Taizhou has held 20 games, "chasing the sun to Taizhou" brand activities, including "a million people visit Taizhou Yangtze River Delta," "warm lake stage three rural tourism go pro" and so on. Through cooperation with the donkey mother, little red books online platform, Taizhou city tour to promote the brand image to the world. City of Culture and Tourism of Radio Sports Bureau party secretary Lv Zhenxing also the embodiment of "anchor", the studio online speak for Taizhou Culture Travel products.

Lv Zhenxing "crying" products, the most representative, non-text brigade eight fine line perfectly.

"The new finding love Goddess Marriage" tour "island style romantic trip" "fresh food tour in Taizhou," "eastern Zhejiang Tangshizhilu destination Tour" route, brought together Aboriginal and cultural characteristics, visitors to select any one line , Taizhou can enjoy a different kind of style.

Wen Nengxing brigade, brigade can live text.

No go hand in hand with the text brigade, it is the cultural exchange between the Yangtze River Delta region. Last December, the Yangtze River Delta Sixteenth National Orchestra performances held in Taizhou. Period, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Taizhou City People’s Government, in the future the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in literary and artistic creation, personnel training and cooperative education and other fields. In fact, as early as last September, there are well-known musicians from the Yangtze River Delta folk songs to Taizhou, where the mountain Xiushui, giving them a wealth of creative inspiration.

Please come in, we have to go out. In May this year, Taizhou erhu player Zhang Jue hard act to level the 37th "Spring of Shanghai" International Music Festival, on the international stage, he played a fantastic string sounds from Taizhou. Wheel drive, create the best destination in the tide of integration, Taizhou text brigade how to identify the location, highlights the advantages? This is the text of Taizhou travelers seeking long-term thinking and proposition goals. "Fourteen Five Year Plan" text brigade mentioned in Taizhou: Yangtze River Delta region as the main source markets, unswervingly implement the "branding" and "cultural decoding" wheel drive. "Tourism has a market rule ‘better than distant neighbors’, just a short, leisure tourism, more and more favored by the people, and convenient transportation in Yangtze River Delta region, the development of Taizhou Culture Travel provides an opportunity rather warm gold, Suzhou, Wuxi and other cities, there is a huge the market potential to be tapped. "City, Guangdong tours Bureau of two researcher Ji Chen outfitting think.

While consolidating the Tiantai Mountain, Shenxianju and other famous brands, to implement the "wind from the sea, tourism Look East" strategy, to build islands, coast tourism projects, to do bigger and brighter "sea" of the article. Welcoming scenery, culture detain a guest. City, Guangdong Tours body, Deputy Secretary Chen Bo said that the process of integration in the Yangtze River Delta, in addition to good complementary cultural resources between cities, cultural interaction, but also to open up the information platform, "For example, the Yangtze River Delta region to promote public cultural service facilities share linkage, go out to the public, visitors come to realize ‘Sudy’ early experience in the cultural, tourism and so on. "when Lv Zhenxing out Recommend Taizhou, often With a sincere heart. He sincerely hoped that more tourists to enjoy the beauty of Taizhou, tasting food.

"We will focus on creating a comprehensive cultural development highlands, the best tourist destinations in Yangtze River Delta two main objectives, seize more and more outstanding cultural products of high quality tourism products link the two centers, Lulitongxin, temper forward. "Lvzhen Xing said. (Editor: Zhang Fan, Zhang Liwei).

The Office of the Central Military Commission issued the "Provisional Regulations on Medical Treatment Security of Military and Army"

The Office of the Central Military Commission issued the "Provisional Regulations on Medical Treatment Security of Military and Army"

After approved by the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, the Office of the Central Military Commission was issued prior to the "Provisional Regulations on the Medical Treatment Protection of the Military and the Army", which was implemented from January 1, 2022.

"Regulations" adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist socialist thinking, in-depth implementation of Xi Jinping’s strong thoughts, adhere to the focus of war, dedication to serve officers and soldiers, pay attention to system design, ensure steady principle, close attention to reform, urgent, officers and men I am eager to maintain and improve the health level of the majority of officers and men, moderately expand the scope of medical security, reasonably improve the medical security standards, and to connect the national medical insurance policy, establish and improve the complementary, convenient medical security system, better maintenance The health rights of military families, enhance the force of the force, and improve the sense of honor of the military.

"Provisions" Total 8 chapters, focusing on the scope of medical protection objects, standard conditions, guarantee methods, etc.

"Status" clear the medical treatment of military medical institutions in the military medical institution, defining the specific situation of military cross-army’s medical treatment, and opens away from military medical institutions, and their families will never go to the station medical institution to seek medical channels, and realize military people Spouse free medical, military officer military parents and spouse parents, continued to implement military, military personnel, no adult children free medical care, fully reflect the honorary professional respect.

(Editor: Chen Yu, Wang Wei) Sharing let more people see.

Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau targeted to strengthen the tax and fees

Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau targeted to strengthen the tax and fees

"The tax department gives us a policy, ask quest, helping us to enjoy preferential policies, very warm.

In October this year, our company enjoys coal-electricity companies’ minus, retreat, and slows more than 1.9 million yuan, which greatly alleviates the company’s funding pressure.

We will use these preferential policies to arrange funds reasonably to ensure power supply. "Tianjin Bo Hui, Yongli Power Co., Ltd., said that in order to ensure that the taxpayer’s payment should enjoy the tax and fee policy, Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau targeted, refinement to make publicity counseling Work. For the epidemic, more and more taxpayers have accustomed to the "non-contact tax" service, the bureau, through the use of staple network platform "Line + Line" synchronous live teaching method, Industry, subsets for special training for taxpayers pay for taxpayers, and taxpayers pay for their own choices to participate in "Off" or "Online" training.

Enterprises that fail to watch live in the specified time can also make repeated learning through online playback.

After the training, the bureau also established a special learning WeChat group for the participating enterprises. On the one hand, I immediately solve the problem of taxpayers’ payment, and further interpret the relevant tax policy; at the same time, the payer will also ask for suggestions to provide better quality. Convenient, efficient tax and fee service. On the basis of hosting special training, the Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau also combines the current epidemic prevention and control situation to carry out enterprise counseling to help them apply related preferential policies. At the same time, the bureau also based on the tax return, invoice issued and other data information, and timely screening the list of taxpayers should be enjoyed, through account-by-house verification, reminding counseling, etc., the bonus release does not leave the dead end. (Editor: Tao Jian, Wang Hao) Sharing let more people see.

Spain announces the number of women in this session of the new cabinet

Spain announces the number of women in this session of the new cabinet

The new cabinet consists of 17 partial committees, which has increased from 4 ministries and commissions than the previous government, increasing scientific, innovation and university affairs, ecological transformation, education and vocational training department and territorial policies and public function departments. In addition, women in the current government account for most, with a total of 11 female ministers. This is a major government in the history of women in Spain, and is also a highlight of the current government.

Sanchez said that there were about one third of the 17 ministers of the current government, which reflects the social form of Spain.

Public opinion believes that Heyp Balell, Fengtreis and Nadia Carlvigno have served as ministers and economic ministers of diplomats, EU Affairs and Cooperation, indicating that this government maintained national unified resolute attitude and support Europe. Integration, strive to complete the determination of various economic indicators developed by the EU.

The Spanish National Court proclaimed on May 24th to the "Ju Teller case" suspected of the former ruling party people’s party. Sanchez, the opposition member of the People’s Socialist Party, submitted to the Parliament on May 25, and the Parliament was passed on June 1, causing the Rajo to step down. Sanchez became the new prime minister Spain and sworn on June 2. Editor: Zhu Jianyu.

Tsinghua Holdings were unpaid to this place to be home! Tsinghua Holdings were unpaid to this local country! – Related Dynamics

Tsinghua Holdings were unpaid to this place to be home! Tsinghua Holdings were unpaid to this local country! – Related Dynamics

[Abstract] Plus the latest release of the announcement on the evening of December 12th, a total of 8 A-share companies with the "Tsinghua Department" background have released the "Tsinghua University to discuss 100% stake" Related Announcements, Tsinghua University’s school-enterprise reform work is accelerating. (Original title: Suddenly started! Tsinghua Holdings are unpaid to this place to be home-owned, involving 8 listed companies) Plus the latest release announcement on December 12th, with 8 weekends with "Tsinghua Department" background The A-share company issued an announcement on "Tsinghua University to discuss 100% equity of Qinghua Holding Shares", Tsinghua University’s school-enterprise reform work is accelerating. Specifically, these 8 A-share companies are Tongfang shares, Chen’an Technology, Ziguang National Micro, Chengzhi Shares, Ziku Shares, Enlightenment Environment, Square Education and Micro-Core Biology. The main content of the company’s announcement is that Tsinghua University has signed the "State-owned Property Rights Free Cultivation Agreement" from Sichuan on December 10, and it is proposed to transfer 100% of Tsinghua University’s Tsinghua Holdings held by Tsinghua University. Give Sichuan. The most important industrial platform in Tsinghua University and Sichuan state-owned "hand in hand" declaration, which also allows the high-profile college enterprise reform work to enter the actual phase. Tsinghua University intends to "strip" of its industrial platform information, Tsinghua Holdings are Tsinghua University, based on the integration of Tsinghua Industry, the State-owned Solar-owned Co., Ltd. was established by the State Council, and the company was established in September 2003 and has a registered capital of 2.5 billion. Yuan.

As an important industrial platform in Tsinghua University, Tsinghua Holdings’ equity disposal has great significance to the school-enterprise reform of Tsinghua University. Further, Tsinghua Holdings are located in the depth participation in innovative driving development strategy, and promote the development of scientific and technological achievements in colleges and universities. As an investment-shaped company, Tsinghua Holding Business sector includes information technology, energy environmental, life and health, technology services and knowledge, asset management and other. In fact, from 2019, the school-enterprise reform begins to enter the battlefield. Retrospective.

On September 25, 2015, "Deepening the Implementation Plan of Deepening Science and Technology System" was officially issued and opened the reform of college enterprises.

In order to continue to advance reform, the Second Conference of the Central Committee of the Reform Commission passed the "Guiding Opinions of Enterprise System Reform" in Colleges and Universities on May 11, 2018. Among them, the pioneer of reform is Tsinghua University. At the end of October 2015, the National Education System Reform Leading Group issued a letter on agreed with the "Tsinghua University Comprehensive Reform Plan", officially approved the comprehensive reform plan of Tsinghua University.

  On October 12, the same year, the Tsinghua Holdings of the Tsinghua Holdings, the suspension announcement of the Tongfang shares and the two-double disclosure planning of major matters, kicked off the reorganization of Tsinghua University’s operating assets. At the end of August 2018, Tsinghua Holdings issued the "Takenote Announcement on Industrial Reform", Tsinghua University is working on the development of related industrial system reform programs.

  Since the reform of the self-school, Tsinghua Holdings have been related to its assets in different ways. Taking the enlighten environment as an example, the controlling shareholder or Tsinghua Holding Enlightenment environment is announced at the end of August 2020, Tsinghua Holdings intended to transfer the enlighten control unit shares by public listing, which may lead to enlighten the environment. The real-controlled person has changed.

  In fact, this is not the first time the Tsinghua Holdings will plan to transfer the stakeholders of Enlightenment Holdings.

In November 2019, the enlightenment environment issued an announcement. Tsinghua Holdings signed a shared share transfer agreement with Xiongan Fund on November 9, 2019. 14% of the share capital.

  In addition, Tsinghua Holdings are promoting the relevant reforming efforts of the Ziku Group holding 51% equity.

Ziguang national micro-December 10th released announcement, the company received a letter from the Ziku Group’s manager to inform the letter, determine the integration of intelligence, and the establishment of a consortium of the integration of the Wisheng Group, and became a substantive merger of 7 companies such as Ziku Group. Reforming strategic investors. Sichuan can develop Tsinghua Holding reporter noted that 8 listed companies disclosed the pick-up of Tsinghua Holdings – Sichuan.

  According to the data, Sichuan, which was established in 2011, is the importance of promoting energy infrastructure construction in Sichuan Province, accelerating the important subjects of major energy project construction.

At present, Sichuan can invest in Sichuan’s power in A-share, Sichuan can invest two listed companies in Sichuan in Hong Kong stock market. As of the end of the third quarter, the total assets that Sichuan can invest is about 100 million yuan, and the total liabilities is about 100 million yuan, and the net assets are about 100 million yuan. According to reports, Sichuan’s short-term struggle is to strive to achieve total assets of 400 billion yuan at the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan". The operating income is 1500-20 billion yuan, with a total profit of more than 5 billion yuan, and accelerate the first-class, domestic leading energy and chemical industry. Comprehensive enterprise.

  The reporter noted that the strategic business that Sichuan can publish is mainly energy industry, HP financial, tourism integrity, service trade, chemical sector and LED lighting.

The Industrial Layout of Tsinghua Holdings is mainly for technology industrial incubators, science and technology industries, innovation services, science and technology finance, creative industries and online education. From Beijing to Chengdu, Tsinghua University why did Sichuan State-owned Assessment As its industrial platform, the reporter noted that several negotiations of the two sides or in cooperation "Vold". In January this year, Tsinghua University has been discussed with Sichuan can vote on the exhibition; then Sichuan can invest relevant leaders in June, the team went to Tsinghua University, and the two sides were in promoting school-enterprise cooperation and building a production and research integration development platform. In-depth communication, Tsinghua University in Tsinghua University hopes to work together with Sichuan, continue to promote school-enterprise docking, deepening new energy, new materials, etc. Be a contribution.

  At the same time, Tsinghua University plans to "entrust" to Sichuan, but not given "burden" to Sichuan.

  Specifically, in the relevant announcements of the "Tsinghua University to discuss 100% equity" in the weekend, the company has said that this variation does not involve employee resettlement.

At the same time, the transfer does not involve credit, debt relationship adjustment, and the creditor of Tsinghua Holdings, the debt is enjoyed and undertaken by Tsinghua Holdings.

The writer Chen Yingsong quinested to prosecute the network, and another professor said that hundreds of articles were included.

The writer Chen Yingsong quinested to prosecute the network, and another professor said that hundreds of articles were included.

  After the writer Chen Yongsong expressed the preparation of the Chinese knowledge network of more than 300 articles, December 13, the news noted that the deputy professor of the Huaiyin Teachers College, the Dean of Huai’an Talent Development Research Institute, Xu Xiaohu registered in personal real name The news report link to the news report of China Zhiwang is preparing to prosecute China’s comprehensive news report, "I also have the first author (or the only author).

"Xu Xiaohu issued Weibo, said hencers of hundreds of articles were included in the 13th, and the news was in the form of a message to contact Xu Xiaohu, and did not reply before it was published.

  Huaiyin Teachers College official website information showed that Xu Xiaohu is currently the executive vice president of Huai’an Talents Development Research Institute, and the "Huai’an Development Research" executed by Huai Yin Teachers College. Xu Xiaohu has long been engaged in the study of career planning, talent selection, intellectial governance, public management, local history, information research and other fields.新 新闻 新闻 新闻 作者 作者 作者 作者 作者 作者 作者 发现 发现 发现 发现 第一 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 期 论 期 论 论 论 论 论Journal of Journal Sciences.

  Introduction to Xu Xiaowu Personal Profile Recently, the 89-year-old Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, the retired professor Zhao Dexin sued the praise after knowing the Internet, and the 700,000 yuan will continue to pay attention. Zhao Dexin said in an interview in the news, "I don’t know me, don’t sign the agreement, take it to sell money, especially my students, I have to pay when using my article. I saw this The situation is that it is not respectful for intellectuals, and these graduate students are also disrespectful.

After the victory of the rights law, the Chinese knowledge network will be all under the next article. On December 10th, China Zhiwang Yingcai "China Academic Journal (CD version)" Electronic Magazine Co., Ltd. public response: 虚心 听 法 法 法The opinions and suggestions of experts, scholars and publishing agencies, strictly implement relevant laws, regulations and policies, and have a problem with academic editorial publishing unit, solve problems. On December 12, writer Chen Yongsong received the interview with Changjiang Daily reporters said that he has Preparing for the prosecution of more than 300 Chinese articles. Chen Yongsong believes in an interview with the Changjiang Daily reporter that the knowledge of the introduction of the introduction will bring the article to his own platform, "This is not what stolen. "Beijing Zhongmei (Changsha) Law Firm Lawyer Liu Kai analyzed that in the case of not using multiple articles in the absence of authorization license, and passed the port of the computer, mobile phone for network users to download, Users can get works at their own time, location, which belongs to a typical violations of information network propagation rights.

The opera "Zhou Enlai" will show two "sing" the legendary life

The opera "Zhou Enlai" will show two "sing" the legendary life

Zhou Enlai is a true portrayal of the Chinese Communists to practice the initiality and mission in Jiangsu. After more than a year, the opera "Zhou Enlai" will appear in the Nanjing Zijin Grand Cinema on May 5th and 6th.

The opera "Zhou Enlai" was guided by the Jiangsu Provincial Committee, and Jiangsu Province Performing Arts Group, is one of the four works of Jiangsu to the Central Propaganda Department, Wenxiong Department, China Wenmpions, celebrate the 100th Anniversary Stage Art Works of the Communist Party of China, Telling the legendary life of a generation of great people with a opera. The opera "Zhou Enlai" gathers the strong domestic creative power, strong performance lineup: the famous composer Tang Jianping, the playwright Feng Bo Ming, Feng Biao screenwriter, famous director Xing Shijun directed, Jiangsu Province Performing Arts Group Symphony Orchestra Conference The male high-calorie singer is the prime minister of Zhou Enlai. Jiangsu Province Performing Arts Group Opera Dance Theater, Jiangsu Performing Arts Group Symphony Orchestra, Jiangsu Province Performing Arts Group Dance Mei Company undertakes the performance mission. The drama was in the background of the Soviet Union withdraw an expert. The domestic economy has a great difficult situation as a background. Talking about the premiell of Premier Zhou’s death, it is successful to build a "two bombing a stars" in the country; in 1972 Tough negotiations, eventually reached China and the United States "Shanghai Junfeng"; in 1975, when the condition deteriorated in the condition, I still insisted on the scene of "Work Report" of the People’s Gate of the People’s Congress, with the "War of Zunyi", "Zunyi" The Bandung Conference "is the flashback space, and the hero poem" Dajiang Song "is connected by its teenager, and the historical scene of" chemical and difficulty turning to the transfer "in the art language will reproduce him. The outstanding merits and the lofty style, writing it for the Chinese people, for the Chinese nation, and struggle for human progressive careers.

Fashion the wise, diligent, and insist on independent protogan prime minister image. "I hope that every respect person can not only learn from the" Era "in the performance process, but also to pass this spirit through the opera to every audience." Zheng Zeyun, secretary of the Jiangsu Performing Art Group, said, In 2019, the "Zhou Enlai" is "Zhou Enlai", the whole party carries out the theme education of "I don’t forget the initiative, keep in mind the mission". The drama chooses to premierate in the revolutionary holy land, gain a huge response. In 2021, another 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the whole party launched the education of party history, "We re-reroute this drama has a special era. Opera" Zhou Enlai "was on October 15, 2019 as" Central Conservatory " · Yan’an 10 · 15 Art Festival "opening ceremony in Yan’an Grand Theater premiere, won the warm and praise of the local audience, praised" Zhou Prime Minister a wish, and also circle the dream of Yan’an people. "

Then, the play is a new stage repertoire in the 2019 Zijin Culture Art Festival. The first appearance of the Jiangsu stage, won the 2019 Zijin Culture Art Festival "Special Award". After more than a year, after several grinding and modification, I will meet with the audience, whether in singing or performing, it is more excellence.

"In this opera, the drama component of Zhou Premier Role is the most important, and it is very challenge for men’s high-sound. His drama performance and almost full of various singles, including 6-segment large amounts The sigh and Xuotian. "The famous composer Tang Jianping said that it is a huge project that is equivalent to everyone in a year.

During the rehearse, he was moved many times, "it will be a 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

"In order to perform the people’s good prime minister Zhou Enlai, after 80, the opera actors have studied the details of the prime life, the habitual movements, the way to talk, and have answered many film and television materials, and the documentary repeatedly watched it." Love is deep, I Always can’t help but red eyes, Premier Zhou dedicated to the country, and remember the country and the people at the time of the end, such sent the sentiment deserved. I also hope that more audience can enter the Zijin Grand Theater and see a prime image of the model to shape the opera.

"The difficulties in this drama are also to sing emotions and stories through opera. This is a very difficult and very advanced thing. It is different from the oral language, not only to sing, but also sing To the hearts of the audience. Executive director, famous drama actor Hao Guang said, Premier Zhou Enlai always made a heart to the people, the enthusiasm for the revolution, to the party’s loyalty, in shaping such a great person, he requests The actor should go deep into the little bit of the prime minister, and understand why the Prime Minister I forget to invest in the revolutionary work. What kind of feelings do he have? This is a key to the actor. "I believe that through the continuous Working, this drama will definitely get the audience. Because the heart of the prime minister is closely linked to the people, the people love Prime Minister, the Prime Minister love the people, so this play audience must like it. "Xinhua Daily · Intersection Reporter Chen Jie correspondent Tang Xiaoman.