A anti-US aid to the old warrior in Changjin Lake

The end of the end, the lights lit up in an instant. In the big city, only an old man stands straight.

"The great anti-US aid" is a long time! "" The great Chinese People’s Volunteers Martyrs will always lose! " In the 2021 National Day, the film "Changjin Lake" is hot in the country. In the case of the top of the film, a cinema of Chengdu is a 88-year-old anti-American aid veterans Li Huawu alone "package". When I was moving on October 12, the old man deliberately worked for many years that did not worn.

In 70 years, the veteran Li Huavu met in a movie and his own battle youth.

The movie "Changjin Lake" seems to be a time and space tunnel, so that the veteran returns to the unusual cold winter, touched the hot blood of the ice and snow years.

Shortly a film started, the train to the border made the elderly into memories. For most people in the present, the first time I arrived at the age of 18, it is likely to be on the way to the university campus.

For the 1951 Li Huifu, 18 years old, as the second batch of volunteer warriors in the DPRK, I went to the battle front line of the Baoguo. Departing from the hometown Sichuan Guangyuan, Li Huawu and his comrades first took a car to Baoji, and then took two or three days from Baoji for two or three days to northeast.

Like "Wu Wanli" in the movie, sitting in a stuffy truck, Lihuawu, who has just entered, can not imagine the cruelty of the distant battlefield, just like he has never anticipated his future brave and fearless. "I am the Chinese People’s Volunteers 12 Army 35th Teacher 105 Group 3 Camp 7 even 4 row 60 gun class warrior, Li Huiwu!" When the film in the film reported his partner, the veteran before the screen did not follow Have a number of troops and names.

With this, Li Huadu passed the body of the duck.

The same is the same as Changjin Lake, in 1951, winter is still cold, still difficult, still long.

In the snow-covered mountain, the roar of the enemy planes became the haze pressed in the top of the volunteer army. In concealment, it is a common memory of all volunteer warriors. Days, Lihua Wu and his comrades rest. They paved a piece of oil on the snow, just enough for two people lying together.

In the evening, they took a high snow and snow. If it is not a tenacious battle, the volunteers will be difficult to resist the cold of zero three or 40 degrees Celsius only.

Li Huawu first put into battle and was an evening in November 1951. The fierce gun sounded, and there were still some nervous, he didn’t think more. "Only the enemy will drive, the motherland will be peaceful.

"After more than 4 hours of fighting, Li Huiwu and his comrades defeated the enemy many offensive, and they were dead. They went to the position. For the veteran veteran veteran veteran, the brutal no movie of the war.

In a certain stop battle in a year, Li Huawu lost his right eye and hands.

The charge number sounded, Li Huawu took nearly 20 pounds of gun racks to walk in the intensive fire network.


Suddenly, the sharp whistling came from the ear, and his hands closed down. In the dull explosion, the shell blows in front of him. Li Huawu’s eyes are dark, and they have been dull … Wake up after 3 days. The health worker told him, "Most of the comrades who charge you with you are sacrificed. Your life is the team comrades and medical staff from the death of the death." In Heilongjiang treatment, the medical staff tells him to Paul Ke Ke. The story of the gold, reading "how steel is refined" over and over again.

"In order to live for the comrades of the sacrifice", Li Huilu began to practice and dinner using broken arm, dress, and learn literacy with the left eye.

The battlefield is the steel warrior, the battlefield, Lihua Wu still maintained the will of steel. 上海新茶外卖 "With beliefs and beliefs, don’t say that you lose your hands and your eyes, you can overcome again.

"After returning home, he opened his life after his war.

This time I went to Chengdu, and the veteran Lihua Wu has also completed a wish.

Because of "Changjin Lake", he met again with the previous comrades. After reading the movie, the veteran Lihua came to the Sichuan Provincial Revolutionary Disabled Military Restaurant (Rong Jun ").

There, he saw the 87-year-old old comrades. I have been in the last time, I have passed 58 years.

In the Battle of Changjin Lake, Zhou Qi brother ambushed three days and three nights in the snow, because of the severe frostbite, it was cut off the limbs. After returning to China, the two old people in Lihuawu and Zhou Zhou have studied the residual arm in the Rong Junyuan. "Wrap the cloth on the rest of the half, put the spoon into the cloth strip.

Sometimes I can’t get it, I will get the spoon, what should I do? Pick up and continue to eat … Letter of writing … "Li Huiwu, the old man can not only live self-care, but also get rid of illiteracy, can read the newspaper." Decision, not afraid of sacrifice, exclude the battle to fight for victory " Spirit, I have been incentive to him.

In May 1957, the Rongjun Institute established the Sichuan Provincial Revolutionary Disabled Military Breaking Team.

Li Huawu and the comrades of the five upper limbs were hard to practice for more than a month, and learned to blow the piano. "Volunteer War" "My Motherland" "I am a soldier" … With a sincere heart, they play these songs, and the exciting songs have passed to Beijing.

"The performance is completed, Premier Zhou is going to work with us ‘handshake’! In fact, we have nothing to do, the Prime Minister is so concerned, love us, especially touched!" Li Huawu said, standing around Zhou, feeling A huge happiness. I met this time, Li Huawu and Zhou Qi’s old man recalled a lot of past days.

"I can’t shake hands, let’s take the elbow." In this way, the two completed a special hug.

"There is a row of a surname in the movie, and we have a long surname, and he takes care of me. But I still don’t know if he sacrifices in the Korean battlefield …" According to the theater staff, When watching, Lihua Wu’s old man is silent.

The battlefield returns to the nearly 70 years, the veteran Lihuawu is using his own eyes, and the comrades who sacrifice look at the new China step by step to prosperity, powerful, and go to the future.

"We finished the battle, our consecutive generations don’t have to be hit.

"Look at the young face of" Changjin Lake ", Li Huawu old people are gratifying," China’s young people don’t forget history, do not bear the former people, still being full of hope and belief appearance.

"A netizen said:" Many people have not yet walking after the film, thinking that there will be ‘egg’, but I haven’t waited for a long time, I have to leave. Going out of the cinema, see the outer high-rise forest, the car horson, the flow of people, the lively, I want to come, this is the best ‘egg’.

"After a hard battle, the veteran Li Huawu also felt this kind of happiness.

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2021 International Meat Industry Expo starts in Yinchuan, Ningxia

Xu Xiaoping, Party Secretary and Director of the Commercial Office of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, delivered a speech. People’s Net Mu Guohu photographed the party secretary of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and the 上海水磨裸选会所 director Xu Xiaoping speaking on the opening ceremony. He said that we must give full play to the role of this fair platform, use the results of the forum, adhere to the principle of quality first, green development, efficiency, lead the majority of meat enterprises to adjust the structure, transfer mode, promote integration, expand brand influence, and enhance Market competitiveness, leading the high-quality development of Ningxia meat and beach industry with high quality and well-known brands, truly creates more "bovine" in the beach industry, and the beach industry has created more "foreign". The beef cattle and the beach industry are one of the nine key industries identified by the autonomous region.

Since 2020, the party committee and government of the autonomous region have based on the new development 上海全区外卖工作室 stage, and fully promote the high quality development of the beef cattle and the beach industry. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" 上海水磨品茶 period, Ningxia will focus on building "high-end beef cattle production base" and "China Township of China", with the main line of structural reforms, and comprehensively enhance the quality of the beef cattle and the beach industry.

By 2025, the amount of beef cattle reached 2.6 million, and the feeding capacity of the beach reached 1.21 million tons and 160,000 tons respectively, and "Salt Boan Sheep" is a public brand. To achieve a total of 100 billion yuan of output value of the whole industry.


Chaoyang Yizhou News: Chaoyang Yichen New Products Incoming City, Channel Towel Shengqi, Triadawa is the new standard for the ruler

Chaoyang Yapi, with the foresight and judgment of the times, address Chaoyang Jinjiang Nuclear Zone, in the Beijing Free Trade Zone, the national service area, the international exchange of the fourth embassy area, etc., with 上海油压干磨群 the extreme resource aggregation,The regional foundation of the achievements, the engine is rising.

The talents of "Kingguo Center, the ecological residential area", first-line adjacent 400 acres of the original River Bay, the 5th National Park surrounded, with the ultimate natural shackles, the ultimate vision 上海贵族宝贝龙凤 of the elders.

17 international schools, 17 Hall Humanities Arts Center, 13 Materials Club, 5 Golf, Racing and other entertaining, here is a city economy and international interaction, is a collection of vitality and fireworks, will be scarceThe urban resources and landscape resources are perfectly mixed, leading the new lifestyles of Sen Mori in urban bay.Chaoyang Yichen New Products Income, Broadcasting Shengqi Sheng Qi, the Trumpet Class is the standard for the ruler.


Chengdu Youth Development Foundation Line "Crouch" function is open

Online can realize the effective docking of public welfare funds and public welfare projects, moving fingers, even if they can do public welfare at home … The reporter learned from the Communist Youth League Chengdu Municipal Party Committee that Yesterday, Chengdu Youth Development Foundation line "hand-held charity" function The first batch of 7 public welfare 浦东新区按摩 projects officially launched. In recent years, Chengdu Youth Development Foundation has been widely linked to the community of love companies, charity, and organizational to carry out public welfare activities such as assistance people, poverty alleviation, volunteer services. Since 2011, the accumulation of all of the communities of all sectors have donated 17.4 million yuan. Link various kinds of charitable organizations, launched the "Caring for Colden Gate Students" "Hope Library Construction" "Warm Winter Care" "I want to go to college" to help into the school, etc., have funded a poor students more than 40,000 students. People, more than 20,000 children, donate more than 44.63 million yuan, and support 57 Hope Primary Schools, I hope that the library is 67.

According to the relevant 上海学生品茶群 person in charge of the Communist Youth League Chengdu Municipal Party Committee, open the online "handling public welfare", can set up a more convenient and love bridge for the vastness of love, condense the strong public welfare power to care for the development of Chengdu youth! The majority of love people, enterprises, charity can be Search "Qing Ju Jin Guan City", click on the upper right corner of youth + You station – Dacheng Xiaiai Plate participates in public welfare fundraising. (Chengdu Daily reporter Yuqin) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.


Fengtai City Management carries out garbage sorted into the community (village) theme publicity

Lugouqiao Township Law Enforcement Team conducted a garbage classification site to explain the event, in order to make everyone more intuitively felt how to standardize the garbage classification, Lugouqiao Township Comprehensive Law Enforcement team leads you to a garbage classification site 上海喝茶资源龙凤1314 to the community, for daily The content of the inspection will be described, and the common issues in the inspection are prompted one by one. Han Li, a member of the District CPPCC, the general manager of the District CPPCC, and the general manager of the Agricultural Co., Ltd., said that the Fengtai City Management law enforcement department has made great contributions in the garbage classification work in the region.

The content of this promotional activity is rich and diverse, there is an initiative, guided, actual exercise, propaganda, from the source to make a popular professional knowledge, let everyone know how to realize that we are in addition to being a trafficking of living garbage, Propagandors and promoters, the promotion of garbage classification has played a good role.

According to Wang Lanying, Secretary of Fengtai City Management Party Branch, this joint Malian Village Party General Branch launched the theme publicity activities was the first anniversary of the "Regulations on Domestic Waste Classification Management of Beijing City", mainly, hoping to guide the vast number The awareness of cultivating garbage classification and develops a good habit of garbage classification.

Next, the Fengtai Urban Management Department will continue to do a good job in publicity, guide the general public conscious, meet the requirements of the garbage classification, and do a good job in service guidance and standardizing law enforcement work, and effectively promote the work of garbage classification.

(Editor: Bao Cong Ying, 上海品茶资源 Gaoxing).


Emergency 上海玩外菜 respond to emergencies, they have a, Wuhan Metro Auxiliary Police today staged a wonderful effort

News reporter Sun Zeyu ahead in the video clips Sunze Yu correspondent Zhang Zuhua Hu Junming intern celebrate one million soldiers on the battlefield, sword scabbard! To further promote the work of the entire police combat large-scale training, to strengthen the regularization of the auxiliary police team, members of the Auxiliary to enhance discipline and combat skills, November 17 morning, the Wuhan Public Security Bureau Rail Traffic Management Bureau held auxiliary police combat team "emergency at the sudden" reporting exercises. Professional Uniforms action "violent terrorist 上海水磨工作室上门 elements" that day, 170 auxiliary police from Wuhan nine subway lines attended the police station to report the exercise. The report 青浦凤溪镇50一枪 queue to exercise training, stick shield cover, uniforms arrest against the withdrawal of other subjects launched.

"Take a single hand and hold the belt, oh! Ha! … is strengthened to block the team, yes!" The 170 auxiliary police in the scene is neat, the police is strict, strictly in accordance with the emergency active exercise requirements, high standards, high standards the quality of the reporting exercise.

"Don’t come over, or don’t do it!" Among the activities, a "violent molecule" handheld sticks, and the teeth dance flooded toward the auxiliary police. Five auxiliary police form a defensive formation, holding a shield and a long stick slowly close to him.

When the distance is less than two meters, the "violent molecule" suddenly rushed into the auxiliary police, and he used a stick to auxiliary police. Seeing, the auxiliary police teammates immediately use the shield defense, and combine it to press it, then remove the "violent molecule" handheld. The entire drill report is as good as the mountain, the whole, and the wonderful, showing the good training effect, will quality, professional literacy and style, and won the scene of the scene of the scene. The subway security police deeds have moved the different epaulettes of netizens. The Wuhan Public Security Bureau Rail Branch 1800 police auxiliary personnel assigned the public security police, responsible for the security mission of the 9 subway lines, play an important role in maintaining the order of the rail transit, serving the majority of passengers.

The reporter learned that many people in the secondary police team have entered the party and become an advanced typical. Not long ago, an auxiliary guy in Huangpu Road Station, Wuhan Metro Line 1, encountered a female passenger’s sudden heart attack, and ran 8 minutes to bought life herbs. After this matter, the full news reported that full of positive energy touched countless netizens. Some netizens said: Huangpu Road Station is very special, it is a light rail, the first time I went to the arrow, I went up and down two times; the ladder was long and the transfer of the big station.

"8 minutes a round, really fight, give Wuhan subway auxiliary police!"


Fujian Revolutionary Military Pavilion Cultural Relics Donation Ceremony held on-site reception of more than 300 pieces of donation items

People’s Network Fuzhou August 27th (Lu Chunrong) On the morning of the 26th, the cultural relics donation ceremony of Fujian Revolutionary Military Pavilion was held in Qixiang, Fuzhou. Song Hongxi, a Political Committee of the Fujian Military Region, and Military Academy, Song Hongxi, attended the donation ceremony and speaking, the deputy director of the Deputy 上海按摩fj体验 Administrative Working Group of the Provincial Military Region and the deputy director of the Military Academy of China will attend the donation ceremony. The event site, "Erqi Martyrs" Lin Xiangqian’s Sun Zi Lin Yaoqiang, donated Lin Xiangqian couples to marry the dressing box, and the stone shaft of Lin Xiangqian used; "the hero of the guardian", the first-class hero Chen Xiangyu Martyrs Chen Xiaozhen, donated Chen Xiangyu Tennis rackets, anti-sand goggles, belts, etc. Chen Qiaozhen said that most of the items on the younger brother have donated the items. Through this donation, it is also hope that the spirit and deeds of your brother can make more people to see.

In addition to personal donation items, the Fujian Provincial New Fourth Army Research Association also donated many items. According 上海徐汇区桑拿会所 to statistics, there were more than 300 donation items in the event, and the items received by this donation were used in the exhibition after the military museum opened. It is understood that the current preparation of military museum has been fully launched, and it has been completed the procurement of the contents of the exhibition, more than 1,800 pieces of cultural relics. The site site has been significantly advanced. It is planned to start the main project construction before the end of 2022. .

After the military museum is completed, it will be open to the society, including the "National Defense Education Demonstration Base" "National Patriotism Demonstration Base", becoming the "big class" of all kinds of education in military, trace the brilliance of the troops. " ", Consolidating the" big platform "of military people’s affectionate, showing the" new window "of Fujian red culture, turning into the" punk "of Fujian red tourism. In addition, Fujian Revolutionary Military Museum has long collects revolutionary military cultural relics for the public, including the categories including ancient and modern military, revolutionary activities, military operations, military history image, military personnel, honor badge, revolutionary life, national defense Construction classes, special tasks and other cultural relics and historical materials that reflect Fujian military historical culture and important historical events. (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client downloads.


Chinese Female Red Army Memorial Hall – Latest News – 10 Year – Wanli Chang Zun Road (one of the Chinese female Red Army series) (Figure) – Zhonghong Net

Zhonghong Net Beijing 2020, September 7 (He Sister) If we are 10 years old, we should live 上海小巷子找乐子 in the parents’ help; if we are 10 years old, we should study in the campus; if we are 10 years old, we may There are still many unobstructed.

But her 10 years old, but with her own double feet of it. Wan Manlin, this is a vivid name. In 1926, she was born in a poor family in Nanjiang, Sichuan, and I have finished the Long March 10 years old. Her childhood is very bright because of the long speech.

Nine dead life is also a synonym of her 10 years old. At the age of 7, in the full-awaited land, her parents were ill, she and her brother became mutual relying on each other. The crying of the heart, shouting, but the valley has no echo, the river does not answer.

The brother wearing a ragged clothes and takes her hand began.

I don’t remember how far the road is, I don’t know where the end 上海油压店重新开门 is, the day is like the night, the rural replete, the rough stone is everywhere and her brother dreams. No one thought that they have finally found them in Guangyuan in Guangyuan – Red Army. 7 years old, her life has been engraved with a heavy name, the Red Army! At the age of 7, she became a true female Red Army. There is a female warrior, she picks up the fire, dig the wild vegetables, send meals to the trenches, empty gives the comrades, singing, Xiaoman Lin is a red happy star, passing to the comrades, happy and strong . At the age of 9, she had passed the Jialing River, and she began a long march. Since then, the brothers and sisters have never seen each other. Many years later, she knew that brother who was carrying her along the street to find the Red Army, had already sacrificed.

The only loved ones have left her.

Tears turned in the eyelids, this time she didn’t let tears fell.

The rushing river did not take care of her because Mann small, even if the comrades put her on the horseback, she was also held away by the ruthless river. I only remember the shore while waking up, and she had her comrades, and she saved her comrades on the shore. She didn’t know the name, but she knew that the name of the comrades was the Red Army. After waking up, she did not have tears, turned over, took off the cotton jacket on her body to give more needed comrades.

The bold grass, swallow the quagmis of life, and the little she doesn’t know what is retreat.

The comrades worried that she fell into the quagmire, with the rope on her waist, I couldn’t remember how many times took her from the edge of the masht.

She still went to the war, but she didn’t think there would be lost the comrades who saved her.

The bomb exploded by her, she came back again from the edge of death, and the comrades who saved her no longer opened their eyes, did not see Xiaoman Lin lived. She still doesn’t know the name of the comrades. If you know, this name is still the Red Army.

The snowy mountain ice is cold, but it is already a limit. They have eaten a dish – boiled belt, what kind of belief is what kind of belief how to let the boiled belt 上海419会所论坛 become "delicious" when the snow is over the snow mountain, Xiaoman Lin is unwilling Surprising, she also solved the belt, even the long said nothing, she did not let her solve, people small clothes. This leather belt Xiao Manlin and tears have been tied to Northern Shaanxi.

There is no comrades, Xiao Manlin must not end the long protracted; not those comrades who sacrifice to save her, Xiaoman Lin must not walk long march; there is no luster will and firm beliefs, who can believe a 10-year-old The girl will use his own feet steps to have a long rigure! .


Guangdong Memorial Memorial China Cultural Congress Rescue 80th Anniversary

Original title: Smoke-free reading voice guardian cultural education fire history materials and exhibits show the experience of transferring schools in the war in the war in the war.

  When Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. M. The "F Dynasty Violin Concerto" in the Guangzhou City National Archives, the thoughts of the scenes seem to be brought to 80 years ago. This is Mr. M. Mr. Marscong was taught in Yuebei Village in 1943. On December 8th, 2021, it was the 80th anniversary of the victory of Chinese cultural name.

Guangzhou Municipal National Archives invited many units to launch the theme exhibition of "smoke-free reading sound – Yuebei Hua Nan Education Anti-Japanese War".

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Yi, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, and "Flying, Yue Yue, TV" Fang Haiyan, Hao Baozhu, Chen Bai Cheng, Wang Yi and other musicians play Marscong’s "First String Quartet" and "F Violin Violin Concerto" Two songs created in the anti-war period.

An scene of a bonfire, a historical scene of everyone gathered, and Xu Xun exhibition.

  "Smoky Express Reading Sound – Yuebei Huan Nong Education Anti-Japanese War" and the "National Cultural Congress of China Culture, the 80th Anniversary Document Exhibition" opened on the same day of the provincial Zhongshan Library.

At the same time, Shenzhen, Shaoguan, Heyuan, Meizhou, Huizhou, Shanwei, Dongguan, Jiangmen were united, through the topic exhibition, re-entry the revolutionary site, carry out red explanations, launch the collections, organize documentary screens, etc. Looking back in the great revolutionary process and touching deeds of this big rescue in 1941, a common anti-war memory for the public. "The greatest rescue work since the anti-Japanese War" in December 1941, the Japanese army launched an attack to Kowloon, Hong Kong (referred to as "Hong Kong Nine"). More than 800 people such as well-known patriotic people and their families and their families and their families and their families and their families.

In the face of this emergency situation, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the South China Bureau attached great importance to it.

Decided at all any cost, not afraid of sacrifice, actively rescue people from all walks of life and international friends who stayed in Hong Kong.

  The CCP’s underground organization and several martial arts teams have played an important role in this interval. The entire big camp has been saving more than 200 days. It is more than 10,000 kilometers, and there are more than ten provinces and municipalities in China. Come to rescue patriotic democrats and culture. More than 800 people and families, such as: He Xiang Ding, Zou Yufen, Mao Dun, Zhang Youya, Liu Yam, Hu Feng, etc.

  This big rescue was called "the greatest rescue work since the anti-Japanese". It is the anti-Japanese miracle created by the Communist Party of China. It is an important part of the History of Hong Kong and Macao, and also a witness for the integration of History and Culture in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

  In the provincial Zhongshan Library, the "Soft Paper No Surveillance" – Chinese Culture Congress Savings Victory 80th Anniversary Document Exhibition "Division" Save the National Savings " The three major parts of the future, with a large number of precious historical pictures and literature materials, combined with the scene to build, text and other elements, it is depicted that the three-year-old Harbor and Macao three places in the three-上海水磨体验year-old Harbor and Macao.

  The exhibition selection of more than 40 species of physical literature in Guangdong Province, including Xia Yan, Mao Dun, Liang Shi, etc. Waiting for the related memoirs that participate in the rescue worker. Guangdong University’s migration and adhere to the "Smoky Express" – Yuebei Hua Nong Education Anti-Japanese War Historical Exhibition "is divided into" 上海新区桑拿按摩 The War of Migration "," The Road "" The Road "" Shengli Neutral "" "Construction South China The five part of the education history research base, from the vigorous development of Guangdong cultural education , The experience of dozens of colleges and universities at all levels of all levels of Guangdong in the war in the war in the war.

  In the bonfire year, as the rear of Yuebei gathered a large number of intellectuals and young students. They rampant in the turmoil, overcoming the difficulties of torching materials, and supported the teaching research, and supported the actions of the ancestors of the motherland. Saving and construction, for the cultural education of the nation, the precious fire, and also left a lot of commemoration of the story. The exhibition exhibits a large number of Guangzhou National Archives Collection archives. More than 50 anti-Japanese-Japanese business files are the first and social public.

This batch of files covers the loss of the Guangdong cultural education institutions after the explosion of the Anti-Japanese War, and teachers and students participated in the anti-Japanese war salvation, all kinds of war education policies, hard work, and the mutual help of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao cultural education. The understanding and research of South China Education Anti-Japanese War History, and will be applied to the construction of Huasan Research Base in the future.

  The exhibition also exhibited a group of precious real exhibits.

Recently, a group of historical relics such as teaching materials, albums and school emblems were found in Tangkou Village, Shengshi Town, Lechang Pingshi Town, Shaoguan City. This is precious physical relics such as the historical relics of South China Cultural Education in the Anti-Japanese War. prove.

The relics were donated by the owners to the South China Education Historical Research Base and exhibited in this exhibition for the first time.

  The Philosophy of Sun Yat-sen University has borrowed a batch of manuscripts and books of the famous historians who were coached in Yuebei.

In this precious literature, we can see such a verse: "In the middle of the Guangdong North, the Taiwan is open, and the spring breeze is planted.

In front of Pingshangling, the lacked the Guilin Cave.

The people are not tired, and the anti-enemy map is not ash. The sealing of the long snake is finally chained, and the night is still a book.

(Wen / Reporter Bu Songzhu, Sun Wei correspondent Yue Wen Juan, Zhang Yu map / reporter Wang Wei Xuan) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Share let more people see.


Blue camp fooled? Youxiang exposed a strike to let Hou You should come out

  Huaxia Jingwei Net on December 14th: According to Taiwan’s "Mid Electronic News" It is still not clearly explicitly presenting hot discussion. In this regard, the Professor of the Sort University Oral Communication and Communications Department, 上海徐汇区洗浴中心多少钱 said that the Kuomintang should take the Lord to reflect the pig to create a unity, so Hou and Yilan County county magistrate Lin Zi will speak, because the anti-Lai pig has a support of the ethnic group . According to reports, the head of the Kuomintang’s counties and cities did not cooperate with the controversy of "referendum" today (14) received the Hong Kong Media "China Review Agency", the main 上海闵行油压攻略 concerns of these counties and cities have two: I am afraid that I can’t get it by the party. The budget of the party and the authorities; support the restart of the nuclear quadrupler to lock the attack, unfavorable next elections and the Kuomintang and no resources, and support the loss of low-key is more insurance. Tour Zhixiang believes that the four "referendum" controversy is the least, the Kuomintang should use the anti-Lai pig to create a big unity, so that Hou Youyi, Lin Ziwu and other counties and cities will definitely come out to speaking, because anti-Lai pig is a middle voter I agree.

  The key to the four "referendum" cases is the key to the four "referendum" cases. If the people who support the anti-Lai pig will be willing to vote, because when the people are willing to go to vote, since there are four tickets, they can take it, So only one of them, two or only, two people are afraid that there are few days, so if you ask "Do you want to go to cast", this is inaccurate. This time agrees that the ticket gate cacope is about 5 million, that is, one quarter of the total number of voters, so the Kuomintang should take the Lord to go to the Lai pig, and use the people to travel to the vote for anti-Lai pigs to vote, and persuade them to support other three "referendum" case. Editor in charge: Yuan Danhua.