The Office of the Central Military Commission issued the "Provisional Regulations on Medical Treatment Security of Military and Army"

The Office of the Central Military Commission issued the "Provisional Regulations on Medical Treatment Security of Military and Army"

After approved by the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, the Office of the Central Military Commission was issued prior to the "Provisional Regulations on the Medical Treatment Protection of the Military and the Army", which was implemented from January 1, 2022.

"Regulations" adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist socialist thinking, in-depth implementation of Xi Jinping’s strong thoughts, adhere to the focus of war, dedication to serve officers and soldiers, pay attention to system design, ensure steady principle, close attention to reform, urgent, officers and men I am eager to maintain and improve the health level of the majority of officers and men, moderately expand the scope of medical security, reasonably improve the medical security standards, and to connect the national medical insurance policy, establish and improve the complementary, convenient medical security system, better maintenance The health rights of military families, enhance the force of the force, and improve the sense of honor of the military.

"Provisions" Total 8 chapters, focusing on the scope of medical protection objects, standard conditions, guarantee methods, etc.

"Status" clear the medical treatment of military medical institutions in the military medical institution, defining the specific situation of military cross-army’s medical treatment, and opens away from military medical institutions, and their families will never go to the station medical institution to seek medical channels, and realize military people Spouse free medical, military officer military parents and spouse parents, continued to implement military, military personnel, no adult children free medical care, fully reflect the honorary professional respect.

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Shijiazhuang: 37 institutions in the main city enterprises and institutions open sharing to the public

Shijiazhuang: 37 institutions in the main city enterprises and institutions open sharing to the public

People’s Daily News, on August 25th, now, 37 institutions in the main city of Shijiazhuang enterprises and institutions open sharing to the public.

In order to in depth, the spirit of "Shijiazhuang City Regulations Parking Management Work Plan" document is implemented, further dipping resources to improve parking supply, effectively mitigate parking pressure of social vehicles, and maximize public parking services for citizens, Shijiazhuang City standard parking management work leadership The group office is coordinated, and the district government is carefully organized, the provincial direct station, the municipal government enterprises and institutions are actively responding, and on the basis of ensuring safety management, the principles and ways of the public, publicize publicity, and screening provinces, the city In front of the organ business unit and 26 parking lots (see Annex 1), 11 parks are open (see Annex 2), which is now published. The 37 parking lots released this time can provide nearly 1900 parking spaces for the general public.

Among them, the provincial gymnasium and Yuxi stadium have 848 berths at night, and 19 parking lots in front of the Hebei Provincial Department of Justice in front of the Hebei Provincial Department of Justice are shared at the time of time, and the remaining 16 parking lots are available for public parking. choose. In the future, Shijiazhuang City will also publish new initiatives involving parking management. Here, the relevant departments remind the general public to encourage the parking lot of the organs of the organs of the organs to be open, which is convenient for the people who are urgently needed for the public. In the event of a major event in the institution enterprise, it is not possible to open parking, and the organ enterprise will enter Will promptly notify the parking lot.

The public should be invisible to the parking lot management regulations, obeying the management personnel, and reserved the contact phone in the car.

The parking space of the mooring line should be selected according to the arrow to point to the standard parking, orderly parking. Can not be exposed to park (free parking will not be parked for more than 24 hours), and you can’t stop freely. The public security traffic department will be handled according to the regulations. Annex 1 Opening of the opening and opening of the parking lot in front of enterprises and institutions in Hebei Province.

The Ministry of Education carries out the first batch of 150 schools in the pilot work of national school emergency education.

The Ministry of Education carries out the first batch of 150 schools in the pilot work of national school emergency education.

People’s Network Beijing October 20 (Reporter Sun Jing, Li Yihuan) Recently, the Ministry of Education issued a notice to determine the implementation of the Adolescent Emergency Education Action Plan to carry out the pilot work of national school emergency education.

The first batch of 150 high school and universities participated in the campus are equipped with relevant first-aid facilities and equipment, and conduct first-aid knowledge education and skills training for school teachers, students, and develop emergency facilities equipment. (Trial) and first aid skills training program (Trial), explore the construction of the pilot construction of campus emergency skills certificate, form a copy, can promote emergency education experience, promote all kinds of schools to strengthen emergency education at all levels. According to the principle of pilot building, the pilot will combine the physical and mental development of the students, and the school type size will carry out multi-exploration, form a multi-level, multi-type campus first aid program.

Strive to master the secondary school, master basic emergency rescue knowledge skills, cultivate self-help mutual rescue and self-protection ability; university stage, popular emergency rescue, disaster prevention and risk knowledge skills, advocate ambulance volunteer service. There are three key tasks in pilot work: First, the popularization of campus first aid knowledge.

Establishing classroom teaching as the main channel, with theme education as an important carrier, based on daily education-based first aid education. Combined with the actual school, strengthen emergency ambulance such as airway foreign body obstruction, trauma and hemostasis, joint dislocation and spraining, flooding, burning, heat, heat, etc. Emergency rescue knowledge popular education. Encourage universities to open emergency rescue related courses and incorporate into school management. The second is to provide a campus first aid facility.

The pilot school should refer to the school health work standards, campus emergency facilities equipment equipped with standards, combined with the actual situation of school size, environment, terrain, transportation, construction, etc., equipped with foothold, practical, applicable campus emergency facilities.

Encourage conditional pilot schools are gradually equipped with an automatic exemption (AED). The third is to carry out emergency rescue training.

All localities should actively act as the Red Cross, Emergency Center, etc. The school doctor, sports and health class teachers, class teacher, etc. to obtain a rescue careler, and the training qualified teachers are cultivated in the military training, and the students are prepared to prevent students to prevent students, improve students’ risk, and rescue skills. Pilot recommendation requirements, provincial education administrative departments can recommend 3-5 high schools and universities to participate in pilot work.

The choice of pilot school should consider the type, scale, region and other factors, of which no less than 1 in principle of vocational institutions. Preferred to install a first aid facility or a school for emergency rescue training.

The National Campus First Aid Education Pilot Work Office will coordinate resources to support all localities. (Editor: Wen Wei, Qinhua) Sharing let more people see.

Shanxi three-child fertility fee is included in medical insurance reimbursement

Shanxi three-child fertility fee is included in medical insurance reimbursement

People’s Network Taiyuan November 10 (Mahi) Today, from the Shanxi Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, the bureau will introduce the Shanxi Provincial Department of Finance and the Provincial Division, "the provincial health care committee" has issued "About further good birth medical security work support three children Notice of Policy (hereinafter referred to as "Notice"), clarifying the three-child fertility cost into medical insurance reimbursement. "Notice" proposes reasonably to improve the treatment of residents. The pregnant women who participated in the basic medical insurance of urban and rural residents will be included in the scope of urban and rural residents’ medical insurance funds in accordance with the provisions of the Urban and Rural Residents. All localities are based on the fund tolerance, gradually implement the province’s unified medical insurance payment standards, the birth medical expenses of the non-combined or complications, the medical insurance limit payment, natural childbirth is 1,500 yuan, cesarean section 3,000 yuan, hospitalization give birth to a fetus 300 yuan.

Participated in the prenatal examination of the pregnant woman in urban and rural residents, incorporating medical expenses, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations of ordinary outpatient funds for urban and rural residents.

When the newborn is born, with the newborn household registration materials, the local medical insurance organization in the household registration shall handle the insured registration procedures in accordance with the regulations, which is not limited to centralized payment period. If you don’t pay, you will enjoy the basic medical care of the urban and rural residents since birth. Insurance and major illness insurance. All co-ordination areas should optimize the process, simplify the procedures, streamline the application materials, and effectively protect the fertility of insured personnel. The insured person can pay the corresponding fertility protection according to the regulations on time.

When the urban and rural residents reimbursement, there is no longer provision of the "Reprocess Service" "Rehabilitation Service Certificate" and the "Long-Emergency Service" and other relevant family planning certificates; realize the fertility medical expenses in the unifold area instant settlement and the provincial medical treatment Realize the "one-stop" synchronization settlement of fertility allowance, there is no need to handle the production of fertility allowance after payment of the qualified insured workers, and the medical insurance organization directly presses the maternity unit to the employer. (Editor: Ma Yong, Zhang Linshan) Share let more people see the recommended reading.

Schrijver Chen Yongsong: Voorbereiding op de Aanklager, ik heb me meer dan 300 artikelen in China opgenomen

Schrijver Chen Yongsong: Voorbereiding op de Aanklager, ik heb me meer dan 300 artikelen in China opgenomen

Changjiang Daily, Dashang, 13 december (Reporter Zhang Weina) Schrijver Chen Yongsong ontving het interview met Changjiang Daily-verslaggevers op 12 december dat hij bereid is om het Chinese kennisnetwerk van meer dan 300 artikelen te vervolgen.

De Yangtze-rivier heeft dagelijks gemeld dat "meer dan 100 artikelen door China werden ontvangen om alle slachtoffers van de hoogleraar 90 yuan te verzamelen om meer dan 700.000" te winnen. "

Op de 10e legde een vriend de 89-jarige gepensioneerde hoogleraar Zhongnan University of Finance en Economics, ik zou Chen Yongsong willen geven, de nieuwsverlichting van China’s kennisnetwerk, en de nieuwsverbinding, die wordt betaald aan Chen Yongsong , gevraagd of zijn artikel ook in China was opgenomen, en ondersteuning Chen Yongsong Professor Zhao is dezelfde rechten. Chen Yongsong was niet vreemd voor China.

Eerder, vanwege de behoeften van het boek, gebruikte hij het Chinese kennisnetwerk om de recensenten te vinden om commentaar te geven op onze eigen artikelen. "Ik heb gedownload, een of twintig dollar, meer dan 30 yuan betaald." Hij via China’s kennisnetwerk , er zijn meer dan 300 artikelen van China, en de meesten van hen zijn niet door hem bereikt en sommige artikelen hebben honderden keren bereikt. "De oude professor heeft meer dan 100 artikelen in een totaal van meer dan 300 artikelen, ik heb meer dan 300 artikelen, je zei dat ik niet kan vechten (rechtszaak)? Hoe alles (Get) spelen." Op dezelfde dag, Chen Yongsong stuurde een vriend Circle op Wechat: Oude hoogleraar vervolgde om meer dan 700.000 te weten, het kennisnetwerk omvatte me meer dan 300 artikelen, hoeveel kan ik betalen? Wie heeft me geholpen om deze rechtszaak te spelen? "Net als de oude professor zijn er veel auteurs, maar de meeste mensen voelen zich problemen, willen niet gaan verdedigen." Chen Yongsong stuurde een vriend Circle op Wechat, al snel hebben sommige vrienden hem een ??advocaat aanbevolen.

Chen Yongsong vertelde de Changjiang-dagelijkse reporter, en advocaten zijn met hem mee gegaan. Hij heeft voorbereid op het Chinese kennisnetwerk. "Hoe het artikel in je eigen platform te verzamelen zonder de oude professor, dit is niet wat diefstal is. ‘Chen Yongsong vroeg de Chinezen om de appel in het interview te kennen, en de appel van anderen, hij kreeg zijn eigen mand om te verkopen, deze regel? Het mag niet zijn. Voor dit soort gedrag in China is Chen Yongsong boos. "Elke dag betalen sommige mensen voor de artikelen van de auteurs, weten dat het netwerk enorme voordelen heeft, maar de auteurs kregen niet alleen de ontwerpvergoeding, zelfs niet op de hoogte.

"Chen Yongsong zei: Dit is een" Geen van de Wanli "-activiteiten. Op de avond van de 10e, China Zhiwang Yingcai" China Academic Journal (CD-versie) "Electronic Magazine Co., Ltd. Public Response: Help Luister naar juridische experts , Geleerden en de meningen en suggesties van het uitgeversbureau, strikt relevante wetten, voorschriften en beleidseisen implementeren en hebben een probleem met academische redactionele publicatie-eenheid, het probleem op te lossen. Veel ge?nterviewde experts hebben dagelijks de verslaggever van de Yangtze-rivier geaccepteerd Ik hoop dat het Knowledetwerk van China zo snel mogelijk kan halen. Rectificatiemaatregelen.

In 1956 is Chen Yongsong lid van het Chinese People’s Association Committee, een eersteklas schrijver en een roman, een Lu Xun Literature Award, een Chinese Novel Society Award, en nieuwe maandelijkse romans, "roman geselecteerde romans", "roman Geselecteerd journaal ", People’s Literature Award, oktober Literature Award, Beijing Literature Award en andere onderscheidingen, gepubliceerd lange romans" Forest Silent Silent "" The Soul "" Hunter Peak "meer dan 100 delen.

Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau targeted to strengthen the tax and fees

Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau targeted to strengthen the tax and fees

"The tax department gives us a policy, ask quest, helping us to enjoy preferential policies, very warm.

In October this year, our company enjoys coal-electricity companies’ minus, retreat, and slows more than 1.9 million yuan, which greatly alleviates the company’s funding pressure.

We will use these preferential policies to arrange funds reasonably to ensure power supply. "Tianjin Bo Hui, Yongli Power Co., Ltd., said that in order to ensure that the taxpayer’s payment should enjoy the tax and fee policy, Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau targeted, refinement to make publicity counseling Work. For the epidemic, more and more taxpayers have accustomed to the "non-contact tax" service, the bureau, through the use of staple network platform "Line + Line" synchronous live teaching method, Industry, subsets for special training for taxpayers pay for taxpayers, and taxpayers pay for their own choices to participate in "Off" or "Online" training.

Enterprises that fail to watch live in the specified time can also make repeated learning through online playback.

After the training, the bureau also established a special learning WeChat group for the participating enterprises. On the one hand, I immediately solve the problem of taxpayers’ payment, and further interpret the relevant tax policy; at the same time, the payer will also ask for suggestions to provide better quality. Convenient, efficient tax and fee service. On the basis of hosting special training, the Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau also combines the current epidemic prevention and control situation to carry out enterprise counseling to help them apply related preferential policies. At the same time, the bureau also based on the tax return, invoice issued and other data information, and timely screening the list of taxpayers should be enjoyed, through account-by-house verification, reminding counseling, etc., the bonus release does not leave the dead end. (Editor: Tao Jian, Wang Hao) Sharing let more people see.

The third quarter of the third quarter of Sichuan listed wine enterprises received a new high

The third quarter of the third quarter of Sichuan listed wine enterprises received a new high

Original title: the first three quarters of net revenues wine enterprises in Sichuan to market a new high revenue rose% Wuliangye, Luzhou revenue rose%, revenue rose% Shuijingfang, willing to liquor revenue rose% – Recently released the wine prices listed on the first three quarter results show, four liquor brisk performance of listed companies, the average increase in the leading industry average net revenue to new highs.

In the 19 listed wine company, in addition to niulanshan Shun Xin, Wong Toi two fell, the remaining 17 have achieved double-digit growth, the performance of listed companies and liquor gratifying.

From the potential related to the potential start to affect the overall situation. From the end of 2021 has been less than a month, the high growth in the first three quarters of liquor could continue to the end of the year, whether in order to achieve a beautiful performance "Fourteen five" perfect start? Look start: and "good" and "fast" and "stability" as industry leaders and leaders liquor, Wuliangye continue to follow the high-quality solid growth momentum in the first three quarters of revenue billion yuan, an increase of%; net profit of one hundred million yuan , YoY%. Since 2016, Wuliangye has 23 consecutive quarters of double-digit revenue growth.

Due to the good sales momentum in the market, Wuliangye cash flow has maintained a high growth rate, dealers actively back section, the first three quarters of this year, Wuliangye cash flow generated from operating activities Net billion yuan, an increase of%. As the liquor’s second ten billion listed enterprises, Luzhou-expected performance in the first three quarters, operating income billion yuan, an increase of%; net profit yuan, an increase of%, net profit exceeded last year, highlighting the a strong growth momentum. In addition two "Golden Flower" and willing Shuijingfang Wine is also doing well, respectively, in% and% of ultra-high revenue growth highlights the industry. Sichuan Daily reporter combing the whole media research report found that the first three quarters, liquor listed companies with a "fast" "good" "stability" three prominent highlights.

"Fast" is the corporate revenue growth rate of stressed, four liquor revenue growth of listed companies, the province’s GDP growth rate higher than the national average level of the industry, especially as the general volume of Wuliangye such industry giants, each percentage points of growth will bring over a hundred million of revenue increase, while the smaller "basic disk" Shuijingfang and are willing to use ultra-high double-digit and even triple-digit growth in the interpretation of the development potential.

"Well", is a requirement for enterprise development quality and efficiency, revenue and net profit growth rate equal to or even slightly higher, reflecting the high level of liquor balanced speed and efficiency of the development process, such as Wuliangye is steadily the "300,000 tons Tao Chen Tan wine library a project" and other quality and efficiency project for the company in the future to improve the quality, increase productivity and lay a solid foundation; Luzhou-depth implementation of brand rejuvenation project, sharp focus "dual-brand, the three strains large single product "strategy for the future development of the accumulation of potential energy. From the overall look Kawamata, four liquor listed companies net profit exceeded the total Kawamata total net profit of 30%.

"Stability" is the growth of toughness, a large room for maneuver, comprehensive reflection of the full development potential. From the development of the past few years to see, and liquor business performed solidly, keeping Wuliangye 23 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth, the industry has created stories; Luzhou achieve double the performance with just four years; Shuijingfang, willing to liquor by enterprise reform and adjustment, have embarked on the fast track of steady development, four liquor listed companies has become a steady development of support industries "ballast stone."

View trends: the first year is expected to collect "leopard tail" "In the past three quarterly view, the liquor industry to accelerate to more favorable areas, competitive enterprises, the advantages of brand focus on the trend more obvious, although development of the industry by many uncertain and unstable factors affecting , but the front-line wines with high certainty given the growth potential.

"Liu Feng known industry experts believe that the first three quarters of this year and liquor results in line with expectations, the market continued good feedback, profitability continued to improve, lay the foundation for full-year growth target achieved last year" 12 18 "conference, proposed Wuliangye 2021 development goals – strive to achieve double-digit total revenue growth in the industry backbone enterprises continue to maintain the advanced level of the average pace of development to ensure the steady development of enterprises run sustainable growth in a reasonable range.

At present, Wuliangye in the market, channel, brand, and other fields has been formed directional pattern of the basic situation, as well as gaining momentum and hair. Industry experts believe that the first three quarters and lay a good foundation based Wuliangye annual double-digit growth in almost a foregone conclusion.

The eve of National Day this year, issued a document Luzhou National Pits liquor sales Limited, in view of the 2021 National Pits products quotas have been implemented, no longer receive sales orders for 1573 all items of products this year, which shows that subsection end products in the market a good sales trend. Luzhou dealers Li Xiaohua said that in 1573 the ten billion selling large single product driven, Luzhou expected full-year growth is expected to exceed 20%. CITIC Securities research report also pointed out that, Luzhou in 1573 to ensure continued strong pin, overall performance continued high growth trend. The first three quarters, revenue Shuijingfang close to the overall level of last year, is more than willing to liquor revenue of last year.

Based on this ultra-high-speed growth, coupled with the fourth quarter shopping season, performance continued to grow very determined and willing to basically achieve Shuijingfang Wine sales volume for the fourth quarter that is incremental year.

High growth in the liquor business expectations, also reflected in selling capital market ratings and end markets. When near the end, the reporter visited some super find, good to eighth Wuliangye, National Pits 1573, blue and white Lang as the representative of high-end liquor sales trend, price stability.

Capital markets, brokerage agencies issued during the year 123 copies research report, over ninety percent Wuliangye given a "buy" "highly recommended", "overweight" rating and so on, competing investment fund holdings Luzhou, continued good business development . Standing by the end of 2021, 2021 and glimpse into the liquor the whole picture, the whole, and liquor "Fourteen five" first year results gratifying.

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The representative of the fifth party meeting of the 15th Party Congress of Yanji City

The representative of the fifth party meeting of the 15th Party Congress of Yanji City

  On January 6th, the Fifth Conference of the 15th Congress of Yanji City, the Fifth Conference of the Fifth Conference of the Communist Party of China, called the Work report of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, and launched a warm discussion on the specific content of the report. At the organ, township, street, urban construction, finance, industrial, cultural and educational delegation, from all walks of life, are actively spoke. Everyone combines the actual work of their own work, and has actively recommended the development of Yanji City, and has given a definiteness on the report. The delegates agreed that the reporting ideas were clear, the target positioning was accurate, the theme was clear, the focus was highlighted, and it was strong and guided.

In the future, under the leadership of the Yanji Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, it will definitely work with the hearts of morality, hard work, and to grasp all the tasks filed by the report, and vigorously promote Yanji City better and faster. The agency delegation discussed the scene of Wang Xiaoyuan, the party representative Nie Jing received an interview Wang Xiaoyong took the party on behalf of the party, Nie Jing, the municipal party committee’s work report is encouraging, and the inspiration is excited. Not only in the report, the focus of 2021, but also proposed "Ten The overall goal of the four five "development, so that we are looking forward to. As an Overseas Chinese Federation, in the new year’s work, it will unite and lead the majority of the overseas Chinese and Chinese, around the center, service overall situation, and contribute to the construction of socialist modern beauty. The Township Delegation discussed the Site Golden Shishi Shutong Party representative to accept the interview with the township delegation, the party representative of the town, said that the work report made by Hong Qing Shuji is a scientific and pragmatic and condensed work report.

In the past year, for the township and village cadres, it is extremely extraordinary year. Under the correct leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, united to lead the people of all ethnic groups in the town, successfully completed the anti-epidemic situation, and the Taiwan wind Create a national civilized city, meet a difficult and heavy political task such as the extraordinary examination of the Elevated University, and created another brilliant performance that can be loaded into the history of Yanji, and the achievement of these results is far from the strong leadership and science of the Municipal Party Committee. Decision, benefit from the solidarity and selfless dedication of the masses of the towns and villages.

After the meeting, I will convey the spirit of the conference to the cadres of the whole town, and the specific requirements and general deployment of the report will fully promote the project construction of the 100-day attack, and fully fulfilled this year’s work tasks. Modernity Beautiful Yanji contributes power. The street delegation discussed the scene of Yang Tingting, the party representative Xu Yijie accepted the interview with Xu Yijie, the party representative Xu Yijie said that the report made by Hong Qing, showed the brilliant achievements made in 2020, depicting the "14th Five-Year Plan", which is also The work goals in 2021 proposed a clear direction. As the grassroots representative, in the future work, I will contribute to social governance and service people’s livelihood, especially while consolidating the results of Chuangcheng, sustainably, and gives new life vitality for old communities. The Urban Construction Delegation discussed the scene of Wang Xiaotong, the party representative of Wang Xiaotong, said that Jin Dong, the party representative, said that Hongqing Secretary is objective and comprehensive, and true reflects the fruitful results of this year’s Yanji City. It is very encouraged. . The acquisition of these results is the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee, the various industries, all departments, solid, solid, concise, clear, clearly out of the development prospects of Yanji City, the goal is exciting, the measures are solid, it is guidance Program of development of Yanji City in the future. As a party representative of a real estate, after returning to the unit, I will organize all cadres and workers to study hard, profoundly understand, consciously implement, and take advantage of the party congress as an opportunity to further enhance real estate management and service level, for building beauty Yanji, the people ‘s lives have contributed.

The Finance and Trade Delegation discussed the scene of Wang Xiaoyong, Chen Li Bin, was accepted by the interview. Chen Libin, the party representative Chen Libin, said that the work report made by Hong Qing Secretary not only uses the most simple words to describe the results of 2020, but also mentioned " Policy, adopting the "one industry and one" "one entry" method, actively solving the difficulties and problems of the enterprise, providing more opportunities for our future development. As a corporate representative, I will implement the spirit of the party congress to the team, providing more economic power for the future development and construction of Yanji. The Industrial Delegation discussed the Site Li Jun Guangbao Party representative Jin Ying-Mei received an interview with Wang Xiaoyu Turbochemical delegation Party representative Jin Yingmei said that the party congress reported a review and summarizing the work of 2020, and the work of 2021 is fully scientifically put forward the goal and Key tasks, inspiring. In the future work, I will implement the spirit of the party congress, put the ideology and action to the project construction of the project to build a 100-day attack activity in Yanji City, and do a good job in enterprise service, and make the social and economic development of Yanji City. The contribution you should have.

Cultural and educational delegation discussed the scene Wang Xiaoyuan, Cui Meiyu, received the interview with the party representative of the cultural and education delegation, said that as the party representative of the medical front, can participate in the party conference, listen to the report, and feel the atmosphere of the conference. Honor. In 2020, it was very hard for medical staff, and we were in the city, and the epidemic prevention and control has achieved phased victory.

After learning the spirit of the party, after returning to the job, I will combine the actual work and share the spirit of the party congress to the hospital. Our medical staff will bear in mind the mission, stick to the post, better Safety to escort the life of Yanji citizens. (Wang Xiaotong).

Spain announces the number of women in this session of the new cabinet

Spain announces the number of women in this session of the new cabinet

The new cabinet consists of 17 partial committees, which has increased from 4 ministries and commissions than the previous government, increasing scientific, innovation and university affairs, ecological transformation, education and vocational training department and territorial policies and public function departments. In addition, women in the current government account for most, with a total of 11 female ministers. This is a major government in the history of women in Spain, and is also a highlight of the current government.

Sanchez said that there were about one third of the 17 ministers of the current government, which reflects the social form of Spain.

Public opinion believes that Heyp Balell, Fengtreis and Nadia Carlvigno have served as ministers and economic ministers of diplomats, EU Affairs and Cooperation, indicating that this government maintained national unified resolute attitude and support Europe. Integration, strive to complete the determination of various economic indicators developed by the EU.

The Spanish National Court proclaimed on May 24th to the "Ju Teller case" suspected of the former ruling party people’s party. Sanchez, the opposition member of the People’s Socialist Party, submitted to the Parliament on May 25, and the Parliament was passed on June 1, causing the Rajo to step down. Sanchez became the new prime minister Spain and sworn on June 2. Editor: Zhu Jianyu.

US federal judge ruled that California aggressive weapons ban violates

US federal judge ruled that California aggressive weapons ban violates

People’s Network San Francisco June 5 (Reporter Deng "4th, a US federal judge overthrew the ban on aggressive weapons in California.

The judge said that the Aga’s aggressive weapon ban violates the US Constitution’s second amendment to give citizens to hold and carry weapons, and deprived this right of California people’s usual states.

The ruling was immediately refuted by California, and California official promised to appeal with the ruling.It is understood that since 1989, California has been banned from using an attack weapon.Judge Roger Benite, the United States, the United States, said in the ruling of this ban: "Just like the Swiss army knife, the popular AR-15 rifle is the perfect combination of the domestic anti-weapon and land defense equipment."He also criticized the "exaggerated" report that caused the shooting of this rifle to the media.