The Weiwei River flood is rigorous

The Weiwei River flood is rigorous

Original title: Yanwei River flood is rigorous in Shandong Section, Yan Wen, Linqing Station, Linqing, Liaocheng, Linqing, China 24-hour uninterrupted patrol … is affected by the upstream water and the early rainfall, the Weiwei River has once again occurred 1,100 cubic meters of floods per second after August, and the maximum flood record since 1997. "Currently due to the continued high water level of the Weiwei River, the river embankment may be dangerous for long-term soaking.

"Wu Jiaqing, director of the Water Resources Department, Water Resources, Introduction, since September 24th, the provincial water conservation, the provincial water conservancy department, the provincial water conservancy department, the provisional dispatch, and organize hydrologies 24-hour scrolling forecast forecast, focus The river section reports every 1 hour to report a water, promptly release the flood forecast warning.

Warfaring floods, engineering scheduling is the weight.

According to Wujiaqing, in the past few days, the Provincial Water Resources Department strengthened the Water Conservancy Department Harbor Committee and Hebei, Henan Communication, and coordinated to reduce the amount of Shandong Province, the water and Yuecheng reservoir, and alleviating the pressure of Shandong Province.

At the same time, Guide Texas through the Shayang River, Zhama River, Yuefeng River 80 cubic meters to the horse-free river, reducing the flood pressure.

At present, the provincial water conservancy department has sent three expert group to reside first, 3 hall-level cadres to pass the first-line inspection of the Weiwei River, urge local to strengthen the defense of patrols and important parts of the patrol, to the team materials, and do a good job in flood defense Emergency transfer provincial water and drought disaster defense materials support Linqing City emergency rescue. Channel along the Wi-River, Liaocheng, Binzhou, close attention to the flood evolution and defense situation, October 8th, 18 o’clock, the Dezhou Water Conservancy Bureau will increase the water and drought prevention, III emergency response to II, Liaocheng, Binzhou Keep III emergency response . Municipal cities further strengthen hidden dangers investigation and inspection and defense. At present, more than 100,000 patrols in the three cities have been organized, and more than 2,000 sets of large-scale machinery are prepared, and they are found to have timely and effectively.

Provincial hydrological center waterfare data shows that on October 9th, the Yue Yue City Reservoir (Hebei) Delivery traffic 850 cubic meters per second; Wei Yun Henan Tao Hewen Station 1190 cubic meters per second, lower than the alert water level, Water growth; Linqing Hydrology Station 1160 cubic meters per second, lower than the warning water level rice, water level; 1058 cubic meters of four female temple hydrology, lower than the warning water level, water level. Weiwei Xinhe Qingyun Gate Hydrological Station 934 cubic meters per second, lower than the warning water level, the water is rising; the Xinji gate hydrological station 837 cubic meters per second, super police 戒 水米, the water is rising.

"In the case of the current Yuecheng Reservoir maintained the discharge of 850 cubic meters per second, it was developed that there was further increased pressure pressure such as the seaport and some of the reservoirs below the Haikou section below.

"Wu Jiaqing said, next, Shandong Province will continue to strengthen communication and coordination and information sharing with the Haijing, the Weiwei South Canal Administration and Henan, Hebei, etc. Scheduling and inspection, doing a good job in the hysteresis of Enji County. Liaocheng, Binzhou should transfer the threat to the masses according to the water, work, and continue to organize experts to demonstrate the flooding measures for rivers and maximum excavation of water conservancy projects. Potential, reducing the flood control pressure of the Weiwei Xinhe.

Implement expert packages and river towns, village sub-package engineering systems, 24 hours uninterrupted patrol values. Full-footing team and geotextile, woven bag, excavator, etc. The partial inspection, which is dangerous, early discovery, early, early report.

At the same time as the Fan River flood defense, Shandong Province continued to strengthen the Hongshuo flood defense of the Yellow River, Dongping Lake, Golden Diva, 24 hours of uninterrupted inspection. As of 18:00 on October 9, the traffic of the Yellow River Gaocun Station 4770 cubic meters per second, the water is rising; Sunkou Station traffic 4850 cubic meters per second, water, 5,100 cubic meters per second, water premises; 泺口 station traffic 5080 cubic meters per second, the water is falling; Lijin Station flows 5090 cubic meters per second, the water is falling. Dongping Lake water level rice, ultra-police odd water level, water.

(Based on Bao Huai Ming) (Editor: Liu Yingwei, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Qinghai 12355 Youth Service Sales Corporation to prevent campus bullying activities

Qinghai 12355 Youth Service Sales Corporation to prevent campus bullying activities

  In order to further implement the laws and regulations such as the "Protection Law of the Minor" to prevent minors’ crime laws, increase the education of young people, September this year, the Qinghai Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, the Communist Party of China, Xining Municipal Committee, Xining Mental Health Education The study will be the theme of "12355" Youth Service rights rights, in-depth development of public and secondary schools in Xining City to prevent campus bullying publicity and education activities, and prompts the majority of young students to grow healthily. In Xiejiazhai Primary School, Xining Mental Health Education Research Association Raytianjiao teaches the "prevention of campus violence, building a sun campus", combined with the actual situation of students and psychological development, introduces the harm of campus bullying, The consequences and preventive measures let the students recognize the severity of campus bullying and understand the way the way is handled. In the Chihan School in Dawhua Town, Wuyuan County, Teacher Sun Hui, a common group of Xining Municipal Committee, with the theme of "how to deal with campus", through video "adult telling your own bullying story" and the way of game, telling students what is campus bullying, How to deal with the campus bullying, real and vivid, win the applause of the children. In Xiguan Street Primary School, Mr. Sun Hui, Xining Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, with the theme of "prevention campus bullying, sharing a better life", and the children discussed which behaviors belong to campus bullying, how to deal with bullying, how to be a brave person. In Nanchuan West Road Middle School, Li Ai, president of Xining Mental Health Education Research Association, with the theme of "Preventing Campus Violence, Building Sunshine Campus", on how to interact with students with students.

Through publicity and education activities, let the children fully realize that the protection can be from society, family, school protection, and the most important thing is that they are protecting their own protection, bravely say "no" to the campus. (Editor: Chen Jing, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Rural people’s environmental remediation has achieved remarkable results

Rural people’s environmental remediation has achieved remarkable results

  This newspaper (Reporter Li Xiaoxiang) learned from a rural development and rural homage environmental governance forum that all regions have solidly promoted the three-year action of rural people’s environmental remediation, and it has achieved important phased results.

Up to now, the national rural health toilet has more than 68%, and the proportion of administrative villages in the collection and consumption of domestic garbage has exceeded 90%, and more than 95% of the villages in the country launched cleaning actions. The village basically achieves clean and tidy.

  Rural Development and Rural Human Environmental Governance Forum The public welfare project is jointly initiated by the China Poverty Alleviation Foundation, and the plan focuses on supporting the rural people’s environmental remediation and other rural people’s environmental remediation, and the industrial development after the improvement of rural people’s environment. "145 "The total investment is not less than 100 million during the period. (Editor: Wang Renhong, Ji Qirui) Sharing let more people see.

Tibet Changdu City conducts energy-saving publicity activities

Tibet Changdu City conducts energy-saving publicity activities

  Recently, energy-saving and promotional activities in Changdu Tama Square with the theme of "energy-saving and carbon, green development", this event is designed to promote electricity and saving electricity, saving water, low carbon travel, civilized dining, garbage classification Waiting for green and environmental protection, leading the masses of the public to start from themselves, and "energy-saving and carbon, green development" has a power, and even responsible. The event passes the banner, sets publicity points, distribute promotional materials, placing publicity panels, answers questions, and distributes small items to the past citizens’ people, explain energy-saving related knowledge.

The people of the citizens have said that the energy-saving and blood-carbon will continue to live in the future, contribute to the green Changdu.

  It is understood that this event issued a brochure, a propaganda and painting list, and more than 2 poster, 800 environmentally friendly shopping bags, and 700 energy-saving lamps.

At the same time, the activities also play energy-saving promotion videos through taxi-top LED screens, Tea Horse Square, and the first floor hall on Changdu Building. (Reporter Sang Denm) (Editor: Once you have Zhu Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Share let more people see.

Tianjin government issued a batch of cadres

Tianjin government issued a batch of cadres

Original title: Tianjin Government releases a group of cadres to serve China Communist News Network Beijing March 20 (Ren Jiahui) Recently, Tianjin Municipal Government website issued a group of cadres, the specific situation is as follows: Li Rongqiang Ren Tianjin Municipal People’s Government Office ( Director of the Tianjin Municipal Business Environment Office; Gu Qing served as deputy director of Tianjin Health and Health Committee; Director of the Tianjin Food and Material Reserve Bureau (a year of trial period); Chen Guanyi, deputy principal (trial period) Zhang Weiguo, Vice President, Tianjin Institute of Physical Education (trial period for one year); Liu Fengming, Vice President, Tianjin Public Security Police Vocational College (trial period); Yang Guangshi Tianjin Traffic Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Corps Captain (Trial One Year) Leave Li Rongqiang Deputy Secretary-General of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, deputy director of the General Office of the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government (also); Deputy Director of the Citizen and Religious Affairs Committee; eliminating the position of the deputy director of the Tianjin Water Affairs Bureau; (Editor: Zhang Jingqi, Wang Hao).

Shanghai heeft meer onzichtbare infecties toegevoegd, hoe te controleren? Shanghai Health Committee reageerde

Shanghai heeft meer onzichtbare infecties toegevoegd, hoe te controleren? Shanghai Health Committee reageerde

People’s Network Shanghai 6 maart (Dong Zhiwen) Op 6 maart hield Shanghai een nieuwe coronaire pneumonie-epidemische preventie en controle-persconferentie. Directeur van het gezondheids- en gezondheidscomité van Shanghai, Yan Jingley, plaatsvervangend directeur van de burgerzaken Bureau, Zeng Qn, Wang Hongwei, plaatsvervangend directeur van Xuhui district, introduceerde de relevante situatie.

Er zijn meer niet-symptoominfecties in Shanghai, en Shanghai heeft een niet-symptoominfectie in elk district en hoe te controleren? Hebben ze het risico van communicatie? Yan Jingray zei dat recent iedereen meer onzichtbare infecties in Shanghai heeft.

Eén is de eigen kenmerken van de O’KKAN-variabiliteit, waardoor veel ge?nfecteerde mensen als onregelmatig worden veroorzaakt. De tweede is dat de grootschalige bevolking ge?mmuniseerd is en de immuniteit wordt verbeterd in de bevolking. Yan Jingley introduceerde dat er geen symptomen, er geen symptomen zijn, geen symptomen en tekenen zoals faryngeale pijn, koorts, vermoeidheid, droge hoest, olfactorische vermindering, zonder CT-beeldvormende kenmerken, maar nieuwe kroonvirus nucle?nezuurdetectie is positief. Yan Jing, zei dat de Shanghai-beslissingsvrije infectie strikt wordt uitgevoerd in overeenstemming met de nationale normen, eenmaal gediagnosticeerd als niet-symptomen, gedurende 14 dagen van isolatie medische waarneming, en continue nucle?nezuurdetectie is negatief, de isolatie medische observatie worden vrijgegeven.

Volg vervolgens de relevante vereisten gedurende 14 dagen om gezonde opmerkingen te isoleren. Yan Jingyei zei dat asymptomatische infecties ook infectiviteit hebben, dus volgens de relevante nationale vereisten, de sessage van niet-symptomatisch onderzoek en populaties met een hoog risico en bijbehorende plaatsen worden gecontroleerd.

De nauwe contacten en secundaire lijmen van infecties in Frofamia, dezelfde maatregelen nemen dezelfde maatregelen met de nauwe contacten van gediagnosticeerde gevallen en de secundaire volwassenen. (Editor: Dong Zhiwen, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Sichuan tourism market continues to heat up multiple scenic spots

Sichuan tourism market continues to heat up multiple scenic spots

  On the third day of long holiday, the Sichuan Wenke market continued to heat up.

The reporter learned from the Provincial Wenke Hall, as of 16:00 on October 3, the province’s 649 resumed open scenic spots received 10,000 visitors, and the ticket income was over 50 million yuan.

Compared with this year’s "May 1" holiday, the province’s scenic spots received the number of tourists and ticket income.

Compared with October 2, the number of tourists, the income growth of tickets is nearly two%, 40%. The venture market accelerates recovery. On the same day, 13 5A-level key scenic spots received more than 400,000 visitors, an increase of 60% from the previous day; ticket income exceeded 20 million yuan, which was nearly half a day before. Among them, Jiuzhaigou, Leshan Big Buddha, Emeishan, Dujiangyan-Qingcheng Mountain, Jianmenuan, Dagu Glacier, Huanglong, Zhu Dehi, etc., all reached or close to the maximum limited number of tourists on the scenic spot, and implement temporary limit measures.

  In addition, a large number of tourists have ushered in the suburban tourism destination for Chengdu, Chongzhou, and other festivals such as Chongzhou Wenmiao Traditional Culture Week. Chongzhou received nearly 200,000 visitors yesterday. Long fake passenger flow is expected to last until October 6.

The scenic spots remind visitors to make an appointment ticket before traveling, try to travel. (Reporter Guo Jingwen).

Shanghai Museum "East and Western China European Ceramics and Cultural Exclusion" opening

Shanghai Museum "East and Western China European Ceramics and Cultural Exclusion" Opening

Het Franse Kygrade Aziatische kunstmuseum in Shanghai Museum is verborgen uit China Jingdezhen, China (foto’s op 28 oktober).

Op 28 oktober werkt het Shanghai Museum met het Franse Ji American Asian Art Museum om 13 bekende musea- en incassobureaus uit 7 landen te openen. De werken weerspiegelen de geschiedenis van handel en culturele uitwisselingen in de vroege globalisering.

The Xinhua News Agency Reporter is een porselein van het Shanghai Museum of Shanghai, een porselein van Jingdezhen, China (fotograferen op 28 oktober).

De Reporter Xinhua News Agency is een porselein uit Japan (fotograferen op 28 oktober) in het Shanghai Museum.

De Reporter Xinhua News Agency is een porselein, een porselein, een porselein, een porselein, een porselein, dat zich in Jingdezhen, China bevindt (foto van 28 oktober). De reporter van Xinhua News Agency is een porselein, een porselein, dat zich in Jingdezhen, China bevindt, tentoongesteld in het Shanghai Museum.

Xinhua News Agency Reporter Rustic.

Transforming green energy is inseparable! Indonesia to achieve domestic target of electric vehicles

Transforming green energy is inseparable! Indonesia to achieve domestic target of electric vehicles

On December 7, according to the Indonesian Antara News Agency, he recently published a speech to the state-owned oil and gas company, the state-owned electric company’s board of directors, pointed out that the country has a speech from the state-owned oil and gas company. The transformation of green energy is unfortunate. This is the case, we know that the energy transformation can no longer be delayed, so you must prepare this grand blueprint from now. (Need to consider) What should we do next year and later? What happens to the next five years? He added that it is also one of the efforts of the Indonesian government to control climate change.

Green energy includes water energy, wind energy, geothermal, foreign flow and solar energy. Schola believes that if Indonesia can turn (green) energy, it can increase the amount of electric vehicle to increase electric vehicle insurance, thereby greatly reduce crude oil imports, and realize international payroll surprises. This will have a positive impact on the national fiscal and financial system of Indonesia. The Indonesian government is very urgent for promoting energy transformation and towards a green economy. Schola said that by 2030, many countries in Europe and America may gradually disabate fossil fuels in legislative form, while G20 meetings at the end of October, the green economy has become A hot topic of global concern.

Zuke emphasized that Indonesia’s development of green economy has great innate advantages.

According to the official plan, Indonesia will launch the construction project of the Northern Gangenantan Green Industrial Park at the end of the year.

(Required) Energy will come from the hydropower station on the nearby Qihe River, and the power generation is expected to reach 10,000 watts.

And this is just a river, Indonesia has a total of more than 4,400 large and medium-sized rivers.

The official opening of the Tie Muna is as long as nine months

The official opening of the Tie Muna is as long as nine months

On September 1, the author learned from the Turgun Huimin Heat Co., Ltd., in the early hours of the morning, the city officially opened the heating, officially entered the "heating season" unique to the North.

It is understood that this heating season has been from May 31, 2022, the heating period is nine months, one of the longest heating in the country.

"Beginning at night on the 31th, the trembiend of the city will also fall below ten degrees, and the room has also become wet.

In order to create a comfortable and warm living environment for residents, we officially started heating in the early morning. According to Chen Haibin, a general engineer of Huimin Heat Co., Ltd., in the middle of the year, the temperature of the city will decline in the middle of the middle of the year, and the local enthusiasm has made a good preparation work every year, according to the temperature. Changes and local residents’ heating needs provide heating services to the city’s residents.

In the early morning of the first, with the official launch of two furnaces, the 1021 heating work in Inner Mongolia was officially opened. It is understood that this year’s local heating area exceeds 2.7 million square meters, and heating users have more than 20,000.

In order to ensure the heating period and effect of winter urban residents this year, from the beginning of the year, the local thermal department organized personnel to conduct a comprehensive maintenance of the city heating system, and made a comprehensive replacement of the combustion system of the two hot air furnaces. Technical transformation, comprehensive cleaning of the equipment of 20 heat stations in the city, improve heat exchange efficiency.

At the same time, in response to the problems of the heating of the old community last year, the local area of ??the city’s two old distribution stations and 16 old community heating pipe networks were implemented, and the newly laid-level pipe network was 1 kilometers. To ensure that residents are warm in winter.

The winter is long and cold in winter, often suffering from extremely cold weather, the lowest temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius, and heating has also become one of the most important people’s livelihood issues in the local area.

"At present, the heat source is fully satisfied with heat demand. In the future, with the continuous decline in temperature, it will gradually increase the equipment in time, and the fuel reserves are sufficient. In order to protect this year’s heating quality, we also increase the storage coal, Established a heating and repairing small packet, the company’s service hotline provides repairs, complaints, business consulting, etc. Share let more people see the recommended reading.