The first issue "Discovery Tour" "Science and Technology Finance Micro Forum held in Tongzhou Branch of Nanjing Bank

The first issue "Discovery Tour" "Science and Technology Finance Micro Forum held in Tongzhou Branch of Nanjing Bank

On the afternoon of October 18th, the first issue "Discovery Tour ‘Xin’" Science and Technology Financial Micro Forum was held in Tongzhou Branch of Nanjing Bank.

Nantong High-tech Zone Science and Technology and Talent Bureau, the leaders of the Tongzhou Branch, and the investment institution, guarantee company, law firm, and the representative of the company, open the ideological feast, and create innovation.

"Through the micrograph series, optimize the resource allocation, achieve resource sharing, and give full play to the" political and silver investment ‘cooperation advantage, help more creative enterprises to break through the development bottleneck. "Nanjing Bank Tongzhou Branch President Feng Yu, this line and Nantong High-tech Zone Technology and Talent Bureau jointly planned to organize the "Discovery Tour ‘Xin’" Science and Technology Finance Micro Forum Series activities, built a technology roadmaking as the main line, gathering investment companies, service agencies and other resources for depth exchanges. This micro-forum is the first activity of "Discovering Tour ‘Xin’" series activities.

The first phase of the micrograph is divided into a speech, the project road performance discussion, and the guests around the operational model, risk points, market competitiveness, follow-up financing, and creditor’s financing options, new product promotion, relevant legal key points, etc. Discussion, I know that I know the development path, financing method, etc. It is understood that the micrographic activity organizes 1 game per month, no more than 20 per scale, 4 to 6 enterprises to carry out project road performances, invites experts from experts in investment, laws, and finances.

"Subsequent, will also promote financial knowledge, enter outstanding enterprises to visit and learn, invite entrepreneurs to share entrepreneurship experience, further enrich the form of activity, provide multi-dimensional support for Kobang Enterprises.

Feng Wei said that the bank will always be committed to "the personal manufacturers", continuous innovation service, collect more resources support enterprises development and grow, realize multi-source "live water" precision water. (Nanjing Bank Tongzhou Branch Yang Yuki) recommend.

The national housing provident fund applet is online, "no sense of roaming" is coming!

The national housing provident fund applet is online, "no sense of roaming" is coming!

(The picture is provided by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. National housing provident fund applet. The applet provides a national unified housing provident fund service entrance to achieve interconnection of service channels on the city’s housing provident fund management center. Up to now, the national depositor uses a small program to check the personal housing provident fund information, and the transfer of thousands of urban housing provident fund transfer will continue to be 10,000 yuan. The payer can realize the housing provident fund account, the funds cross-city transfer "one button", no longer need to go to the counter to handle the continuation of the continuation business, greatly shorten the time, further facilitate the cross-regional flow of human resources. At the same time, the personal housing provident fund deposit, extraction, and loan information can be found in real time, and the changes in housing provident fund will be mastered.

Regardless of where the person is, which city is deposited, the deposit can be inquiring and handling the housing provident fund related business, and the national housing provident fund "no sense of roaming" is initially realized.

At the same time, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development deepes new technology applications such as block chains, big data, and the implementation of trusted data environments to ensure that the information and capital safety of the person.

  At present, the applet has docked the national integrated online government service platform, WeChat, Alipay, some bank clients and other public service channels. Next, more channels will be docked, gradually online more service, so that the deposit can be more convenient, Multi-channel access and enjoy a unified housing provident fund service.

(Reporter Wang Youling).

The new fund sets a huge hi-changer at the end of the year

The new fund sets a huge hi-changer at the end of the year

Original title: The new fund sets up a huge tide Li Rui, and the new fund declares the heat and charter. The other is the new fund raised frequent failure. The fund issuance market is crowded and the differentiation is increasing.

With the end of the National Day holiday, the new fund issued a small peak again, product innovation is also accelerating, and for the end of the year, the hard technology sector is favored.

The second batch of public fundamental Reits is reported from the latest information from the Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchange, and the second batch of public resolution REITS products officially declared.

The announcement shows that on October 14th, I was immediately reported on October 15, I was officially accepted by the exchange, and the second batch of public resolution REITS quickly advanced. On October 15th, the official website of the CSO showed that there were two public offerings of the Qing Dynasty, the Thaun Anlunang, and the Securities Securities Investment Fund. At the same time, Huaxiu Expressway proposed in the Shenzhen Exchange has also been officially accepted by the exchange. Among them, the Huaxiu Expressway Closed Infrastructure Securities Investment Fund declared as the only highway REITS declared in the current period, and the head fund company Huaxia Fund, head brokerage CITIC Securities and Yuexiu Group jointly built heavy public funds The REITS project has gained market attention. The renewal period of REITS, the Thailand Anlier’s Tung Dynasty, and 40 years. The fund custodian is the Bank of China, the original equity includes Shanghai Lingang Fengxian Economic Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai Linang Huaping Economic Development Co., Ltd., etc.

The first batch of MSCIA50ETF was approved on October 18th, the MSCI China A50 Internet Interoperable Futures In the same day on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, from Huaxia Fund, Yi Fangda Fund, Huiyuanfu Fund, Southern Fund’s first batch of MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF Officially approved, it is about another product.

Specifically, MSCI China A50 Internet Interoperability Index ingredients include a batch of stocks with high market attention. There are existing China Merchants Bank, China-Free Banking, Consumer Dream, also with Guizhou Maotai, Wuliangye, Ningde Times, Longki Shares, BYD and other "Mao Di" and "Ning Companies" lead stocks, but also new newsletter Industrial faucet.

After the exponent released, 4 fund companies quickly reported the target ETF, and the product has also been closely concerned by the vast majority of investors. They are the Chinese MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF, and Easy MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF, Hui Tianfu MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF, the South MSCI China A50 interconnection ETF, its tracking MSCI China A50 Internet Interconnection Index Focus on China’s core quality assets. And in this week, the number of new and export funds reached 30, involving 27 fund companies including Castrol, Guangfa, Jianxin, ICB, Ruixin, Fuguo, BOC, Penghua. Among them, the fund worth paying attention has Li Yingfang managed by Jianxin History, Guo Rui management’s investment balance returns, and He Xiuhong managed the work and silver robust Ruiying a year to hold bonds. The failure of the issuance is uncommon, and with the continuous adjustment of the market, the new fund issuance also has a raised and failure.

On October 9th, the Ping An Fund released the annotent of the Separate Open Index Securities Investment Fund Fund in Ping An Mixture. As of September 30, 2021 expired, the fund failed Meet the conditions for the fund filing of the Fund Contract, the Fund’s "Fund Contract" cannot take effect, which has become the first industry theme ETF in this year, and has not been established twice before the release. On October 16, Jiinti Fund said that it is proposed to hold a fund share holder meeting to consider issues related to the termination of Jiu Taike’s new enjoyment, flexible configuration hybrid securities investment fund fund contract.

As of the end of the second quarter, the total scale of the product is less than 50 million yuan. Only one day ago, a product declared a clearance of the Jiuti Fund. It is understood that on October 15, Jiitai Fund released Jiu Tai Yinghua quantitative flexibility and conflict of the fund contract termination of the fund contract and the fund property liquidation arrangement. It is understood that as of October 14, 202, Jiitai Yinghua quantified flexible fund asset net value has been less than 50 million in 60 million yuan, and there is a case where the trigger fund contract is terminated.

This is a fund product that Jiinti Fund is only in the year to "mini" in the year. From September 16, Jiinti Fund has issued Jiu Tai Rui sincerely configures the liquidation report. The reason for the liquidation is also because the fund has emerged in the net value of less than 50 million yuan, trigger automatic Conditioning of the dish.

"Hard Technology" is worth looking forward to facing the market of unpredictable, Jingshun Great Wall Fund said that although the profit of the enterprise may have a single season’s growth rate, but in the fourth quarter or put the margin, the overall performance growth of listed companies in the whole year It is expected to maintain a high level.

At the same time, as the market has gradually stabilized the supervision of the Internet, education and collection and other industries, investors’ risk preferences have improved. After the Adjustment of the A-share, the current market risk and valuation pressure have been released, and the liquidity of liquidity is less in the market. The market has a systematic risk, and it is expected that the market is still dominated by structural opportunities. Science and technology growth in support and industrial trends is still the most identified main line.

From profit growth, you can pay attention to the photovoltaic industry chain and lithium-industrial industry chain with higher growth expectations.

The China European Fund believes that due to the short-term liquidity downstream pressure marginal mitigation, it is recommended to pay attention to the stabilities of the sectors such as electricity such as electricity such as the quantification fund and financing discs, and the medium and consumption industry.

If considering the relative valuation advantage of other tracks such as technology, it is recommended to pay attention to the valuation of the food and beverage and household appliances in the fourth quarter. Du Meng, deputy general manager of the Morgan Fund and Director of Investment, pointed out that the medium and long-term opportunities for consumer and service trails in the domestic healthcare market are also worthy of optimistic. (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Sharing let more people see.

The Agricultural Development Shandong Branch will hold the signing ceremony of the political and silver enterprise project with the Liaocheng Government

The Agricultural Development Shandong Branch will hold the signing ceremony of the political and silver enterprise project with the Liaocheng Government

People’s Network Liaocheng December 14, on December 10, the agricultural distribution Shandong Branch will organize the "financial live water Fuel entity economy village to revitalize you, my peers", talking, urban agricultural policy financial support, economic high quality development conference and cum Signing ritual of political and silver enterprises project.

When the party committee of the provincial party committee, the vice president, Zhu Hua, the vice chairman of the Liaocheng CPPCC, Ge Jingfang, Zhang Xuehong, secretary of the Guan County and County Party Committee, Zhang Zhigang, the county magistrate, attended the meeting. The county (city, district) government, the municipal development zone management committee is responsible for the responsible comrades of financial work, the main responsible comrades of the Guan County Local Finance Supervision Bureau, the main responsible comrades of the state-owned platform company.

Ge Jingfang said in a speech that the agricultural development Shandong Branch fully safeguards national food security, supports agricultural modernization and regional coordinated development, continuously broadening business scope, innovative service model, and has made a positive contribution to the "three rural" and economic development of Liaocheng.

The relevant departments should continue to strengthen business cooperation with agricultural issuance, and jointly describe the concerto of political and silver enterprises to support the development of the country. When Zhu Hua first, he was sincerely thanked the Municipal Party Committee of the Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee to care and support the development of agricultural issuance.

She said that Liaocheng has a "new era" as the leadership, focusing on the nine reforms of the gathering, the "physical" "physical" "physical", "" content "is higher, and the people’s acquisition is more embarrassing. The agricultural distribution Shandong Branch is fully promoting "Daruting Forced" construction in accordance with the goal of the director of Huiwen, and has a broad cooperative space to have a broad cooperative space, which contains unlimited development prospects. The Shandong Branch of the Agricultural Development will cooperate with this docking and further play a unique advantage in the interest rate, period, scale, etc., and constantly improve the service level, increase financial support, and contribute more for Liaocheng. At the meeting, the provincial industry client, the main responsible comrades were responsible for comrades, respectively, respectively, the agriculture of agricultural and eldest-day credit policies, from business status, credit support key, mode cases, various products, etc. In-depth explanation of agricultural issuance policy advantages and typical models, so that participants have more intuitive understanding of the type of agricultural development line business.

Guan County, Dong A, and the Gaotang County Government have exchanged experience in how to cooperate closely with policy financial. The Guan County People’s Government has signed a strategic cooperation agreement on site, and the county-level branches have signed a contract with key projects and key companies, and 7 intended to sign the intentional cooperation project, involving the amount billion yuan. The docking will fully reflect the trust and support of the Liaocheng Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government to obtain the multi-effect of the "bridge", policy preaching and project propulsion, opened the Shandong Branch and Liaocheng Government and related A new chapter of the company’s deep cooperation. (Li Xiaoxiang) (Editor: Public Snow, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Shanshui Aikang West Bank Notes 65 Delingha, I come for poetry

Shanshui Aikang West Bank Notes 65 Delingha, I come for poetry

The Dedu Harbed train station in the rain. This is a wide-rare western small town. There is a few passengers from the outbound, and I can’t see my blink of an eye. I fell a solitary me before the station.

It is very empty around the station, there is no business, and has not seen several bundles and trees of small business hawkers, zero scattered, really different from other hustle and bustics.

The station square has a stunned sculpture, I have not thought about it, gray, and the wind and rain, some cold, quickly leave here is my top just. The left hand of the station is not far from the bus station, but I don’t know.

At this time, the rain is strong, and it is big. I am panicked. I am in the railway station square like a headless flies. The left right striied the public transport, the square wrapped around a large circle, and I walked along the East along the horse. I haven’t found it far, but I saw the bus from the west. When I flew over, I knew it wrong. The site here is a bit far, there is a few miles between the site.

So I walked in the west, riding a boy, and a lot of bus stops at the west side of the train station, finally found. Here should be the station station of the second and three bus, just casually arrive in the city center.

I got the road to the road, and I added three people in the company, and I still worked when I arrived at the departure.

The rain is also stopped, the bus runs for a while, but also reveals the blue sky, although the sun does not come out. The streets on the way are vertical, wide and flat, surrounded by low construction and flat rooms, sights and can see very far, except for straight white briefing. There are very few people who can see on the road, and even if you can’t talk.

The atmosphere here makes people feel that they are walking in the streets of China Xiaocheng in the 1980s, those farms, factory buildings, farmhouses and brick houses make people nostalgia, and have historical sense. It is a peaceful calm. The city is often in a self-emotion, filled with sadness and love.

It seems to be at the Delingha Chinese Medicine Hospital, walking towards the sea poetry exhibition hall, I like this kind of empty. The Haizi Poetry Exhibition Pavilion was built on the bank of Bayinhe River, and the head is to ΡΡ Qilian Mountain, the sea level is high, and it is still snowy, so Delingha is also a multi-change city. The gate of the exhibition hall is in the river, can only be entered, and we will go around the small door of the back.

The antique Huizhou architecture is still quite a lot, and there is simple and not advised.

In addition to the exhibition halls, the exhibition hall exhibited a large photo and life introduction, manuscript and some birth items, is his various Chinese and foreign versions of poems and audio-visual products, and there are cafes and books, you can sit down. Reading and appreciating Haizi ‘s works, of course, many works about Haizi are naturally available, you can take it.

Going out the door is a quiet flowing Baye, it is very quiet, there is a poems in the surrounding gardens, and there is a poem in each stone monument arranged in an orderly manner. Looking at the neighboring river water and the distance in the distance, read the verses of the stone monument, it is true that the scene is blended in this plateau small city. You seem to know what, you haven’t understood anything, this poem mood touched the most soft place in your heart.

I don’t say anything about the sea, so as not to say, I will be reluctant.

I just want to say poetry is his best statement, and it is also the best proof. He came for poetry, he went for poetry, I didn’t want to discuss those who were in the 25 years. For all mankind, noble and vicious, great and humble, bright and dark have never shades, do not lose each other. The star of the night sky, the most dazzling of the meteor, and the shortest thing, so that you haven’t come to see it, you have already lost in the vast universe. There is a sadness in the poem that reads the sea. This is sad from the depths of life. He is not the outbreak of the kind of tsunami, but there is a surging of the bone marrow. The resonance is like the most warm moonlight. Exhaust the bottom of the person. "Witurn the gods of the gods, the wildflowers are far from the far wind than the distance. My piano, my piano, the tears, I have no, I will return this far away, and the grass is called the wood called the horsetail. Only in death, the wildflower is a Mingyue like a mirror. I have the same grain. My piano sounds. I have a slap in the grass. "I have read this" September "again next to a stone monument.

It has already been spent on the song, and it is sang in the bar by the folk songs.

Walking in Drescent, its beauty is not outside, and Unconsciously, I liked this loneliness, I heard that Delingha’s night scene was beautiful, but I have no time to see, my wish is already. I ate the bowl of noodles on the way back to the train station. The family was hand-made, delicious, then I was eating alone.

The first batch of villagers in Nantong Haimen receive the "Farming Integration" Property Permit

The first batch of villagers in Nantong Haimen receive the "Farming Integration" Property Permit

Original title: The first batch of villagers in Haimen received the "Farming" Property Permit (Cardians Chen Yadong Liang Yonghua Journalist Chen Jing) Journal from October 27th, I learned from Haimen Natural Resources and Planning Bureau that the area continued to accelerate the real estate Registration and certification work, so far, accumulate 67,412 farmhold registration, and 120% of the program tasks are completed. Recently, 9 villagers in the first batch of pilot villages in Zhengtian Town have received their own "farmhold" "Non-Range". Since the Jiangsu Natural Resource Office, the "Notice on Accelerating the Registration of the Rights of Treatment of House Bases and Collective Land Use Right", Haimen quickly launched a rural real estate registration certificate of the real estate, established a long-term head of the deputy area, All relevant units, the leaders of the districts and tube leaders for members of the regional-level rural real estate registration and certificationation certificate.

The district committee and district government attaches great importance to many kinds of specialized listening to the public housing issuance of farm farm issuance, laying work tasks, clarify the target requirements, and holds a total district promotion meeting and continues to promote work.

The communication work unit arranged more than 200 people in the village, the next group, directly instruct the masses to carry out the application for registration, information improvement.

The districts and towns are the main body of the rural non-moving and registration, the establishment of the corresponding working group, organize "three-level confirmation", registration issued, contradictory adjustment, etc., and effectively solve historical legacy issues.

The various thoughts (branch offices) unified thinking, clear the position, will ensure that the issuance work as the political task of "I do practical things for the masses", the pressure is power, and use multi-party power to coordinate the problem of problems encountered. Put the quality of each certificate. Haimen formed a complete set of farm issued a policy system, on the one hand, fully studied the registration laws and regulations, policy documents, and combined with historical evolution, forming a high-quality regional historical legacy issue.

On the other hand, various districts and towns combine local management to introduce refining standards, ensuring that the all-in-region farmers policy is falling, and they have to do it. By implementing delay, centralizing, entering the house, mediation, sending a number of convenient service initiatives such as access to the door, minimizing the mass application burden and inconvenience.

All districts are organized by organizational lawyers, and the people’s mediation methods are removed from the masses to process inheritance, family contradictions, rights disputes, etc., so that farmers are truly worried, effort, saving money. Give full play to the party’s pioneering model, listen to the people’s appeal, respond to farmers concern, take the lead in plus point, focus on resolving the problem of farm issuing policy development, promotion, and historical legacy issues, promoting the development rate of farmland registration.

(Editor: Xiao Yu, Zhang Wei) Share more people to see.

Refuse the "secondary retire" public welfare person

Refuse the "secondary retire" public welfare person

Hainan has a volunteer "march", it is 76 years old. "Bird" is called Cheng Meizu. He is active in the streets of Haikou, traffic guidance, obligation relief, beach garbage … he was rated as "the most beautiful volunteers" in the country, and he made a few years. The public welfare seeds buds in the heart in 1990, Cheng Mei is working in the Ministry of Industry of Hainan Province, engaged in the service selection of labor models and the May 1st Labor Award. Frequently in touch with the moving advanced people, Cheng Meizu buried a enthusiastic seed in my heart, slowly develop a habit of doing a good job.

Today, Cheng Meizu is known as "flag".

"Do a public welfare to make people’s mindset, and the body is healthy.

"Cheng Meizu said," After retirement, I am in the process of doing things, I found that there are many people who are willing to do well in society. "In order to call more people to participate in public welfare undertakings, Cheng Meizu decided to form the establishment of Hainan" Yijia Pro "Volunteer Service Center.

The volunteers in "Yijia pro" have a lot of age between 40 and 50 years old, usually go to the beach, street garbage, began to promote transportation, to promote traffic, to Haikou’s old age apartments and nursing horses, and so on.

From a first-line volunteers to the "housekeeper" with a group of like-minded people, they have to find a "foothold".

In 2011, Cheng Meizu decided to take out his house as a office. "Everyone can get together to open the meeting, discuss what public welfare, how to do it, can better organize you together.

"In the Volunteer Service Center, the wall is full of volunteers to make public welfare photos, the big blackboard records the length of the volunteers to volunteer service every month. The eye is fascinating, the door of the door is full A lifelike crafts. Cheng Meike launched a crafts of an elephant to tell the reporter, "This is our volunteer to use the use of used newspapers, turned waste into treasure."

They also often teach children to make, promote environmental philosophy.

"The affected by the father, the children of Cheng Meike also began to participate in the public welfare undertakings.

"Wife and children support me very supported, there is time to follow us to do volunteers, participate in the public welfare activities such as helping people with disabilities, condolence the nursing home and the orphanage.

"Cheng Meizu said. After years of development," Yijia Pro "volunteer service center has more than 6,000 volunteers in the volume. Cheng Meike launched a large number of public welfare activities with volunteers, and the service center was rated as" 2015 ~ 2015 ~ 2015 ~ In 2017, the two-created work advanced unit ", he was rated as the advanced individual in Haikou City. In 2019, Cheng Meizu was rated as" the country’s most beautiful volunteer ". I look forward to more people in public welfare roads today, Chengmei bidistics is not as good as before From the volunteer first-line position to the parish work, do a good job in every volunteer service, take a photo, record a little bit of a little bit of public welfare work. In his computer, there are many volunteers’ work. What time is it labeled, where did you do something?

"’Gaogo’ is a very loved person, doing things serious, no matter what is always done.

"The central volunteers Zhao Tongwei called.

In 2013, Zhao Tongwei saw a group of volunteers in the beach, and the longest-long Chengmei labeled him a profound impression, and he also became a volunteer. "Every Sunday, the ‘Shi Ge’ takes us to go to Haikou to do public welfare activities. We see that he is old and advised him to go, but he still insisted." Center volunteers Wu Shao Say.

During the interview, the reporter heard the most sentence of Cheng Meizuo was: "Do something well, it is a good way to pension!" "I hope more people join us to do public welfare, help more people need help.

"Cheng Mei smiles," If you must ask me to play, when I’m going to retire, I think I don’t know, it will be a completely standing.


Shanghai Disneyland nucleic 3 million people were negative

Shanghai Disneyland nucleic 3 million people were negative

Original title: Shanghai Disneyland nucleic 3 million people were negative October 31, the Shanghai new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work leading group office announced that, according to other provinces and cities Xiechatongbao Shanghai on October 30, 2021 to October 31 in Shanghai Disneyland and Disney town of stakeholders and related sites, night to carry out the investigation and to implement appropriate prevention and control management measures.

As of 8 pm Nov. 1, a total of 33,863 people related personnel screening, nucleic acid test results were negative.

Cumulative acquisition-related items and place environmental samples 920, nucleic acid test results were negative.

Related sites have been terminally sterilized.

Evening back to the destination on the evening of detection results received October 31, Shanghai Disneyland was nucleic acid detection in the garden overnight tourists from Hangzhou to play Disney visitors Chan was among them. She told the Beijing Youth Daily reporter that afternoon when she was ready to leave at 17 am, was stopped at the exit ticket office staff, told her the need for all people in the park today for nucleic acid detection, about 17:30, there will be wearing protective clothing medical personnel arrive at the scene, a tent as a nucleic acid detection point ticket office.

Ms Chan said that while Disney staff to maintain order at the scene, while guiding visitors appointment nucleic acid detection in the "healthy cloud" applet, because the park earlier, Ms. Chen at 18:15 to finish the test, then take the subway travel train station and take the night 20:30 high-speed rail back to Hangzhou, Ms. Chen that night she saw a notice from the nucleic acid detection negative "health cloud" applet. Beiqing Bao Chan told reporters, from receiving the notice to respond positively to the implementation of the measures, the staff acted quickly and epidemic prevention personnel can detect a few minutes there, "I want to say to all the staff worked hard! Thank them for their dedication spirit, we hope the epidemic under control as soon as possible. "when the fireworks were still fighting the epidemic working to October 31 evening 23:30 Xu, has basically accepted the Disney park visitors from the park after the completion of nucleic acid detection.

Site police and CDC staff to continue to provide protection for nucleic acid detection park workers.

Mr. Chin is one of the tourists go to Disney 31, 2009, after finishing nucleic acid testing, he also watched the fireworks show.

Beiqing Bao Qin told reporters, almost all visitors are well in line with the evening staff nucleic acid detection, medical personnel and Disney staff is very professional, "visitors spontaneously pregnant women, tourists with children children’s priority queuing, playing one day many tourists battery died, and we will also charge each other to borrow treasure, I feel very warm heart.

"Although met with unexpected situations, but the Shanghai Disneyland amusement activities did not stop, scheduled for the night of 21 and 19 when the two themes fireworks show is still scheduled to bloom, retrograde medical staff and police hard at work, ordered tourists with the night sky, fireworks still in bloom. Mr. Chin also done after the nucleic acid detection watched the fireworks show. tourists and different night "Disney fireworks when they retrograde fight against SARS," the topic also boarded the hot microblogging search 220 buses transfer visitors to Disney announced according to Shanghai, the Shanghai traffic authorities unified deployment, at 20:15 on October 31 until the end of the operation, pause Shanghai Metro line 11 Disney service station operators, passengers can not stand out , not passengers up and down the train, while the Pudong section of route 11 terminus adjusted Kang Xingong Road station.

Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission launched the emergency plan, arrange 220 temporary shuttle bus to Disney Indonesia transit hub, visitors will be forwarded to the Longyang Road transport hub.

It is understood that, in addition to the driver involved in the evacuation of the second nucleic acid testing needs to be done, from now on, part of Pudong bus routes and prevention measures on site upgrade via Disney. For vehicles, "a one-way sterilization" measures, site requirements "sterilize three times a day", and is located three transit hub near Disney, the temperature of the passenger car measures implemented. Hebei, a 6 1 infection were upgraded in risk areas for map / Xinhua News Agency, according to the country health committee of Hebei Province November 1 news, 0-24 October 2021 when 31 new novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosed in Hebei Province case 9 cases, of which 6 new confirmed cases of Shijiazhuang City. November 1, Shijiazhuang health committee announced the details of the track confirmed cases of the new 5 October 7-24 when 31, which had confirmed cases of confirmed cases Kwak and Lee sharing a unit, Kwak previously in Inner Mongolia Ejinaqi work, on October 13 to return Shijiazhuang. October 31, Shenze Shijiazhuang respond to new outbreaks of pneumonia crown Leading Group Office has published two track infection, were 73-year-old Wu Moumou surname Wang and his son. Subsequently, Wu Moumou husband, daughter, daughter and granddaughter were infected, six were infected with a new crown pneumonia. According to the health committee of Hebei Province 1 news, since November 1, 2021, Shenze Shijiazhuang City River Village adjusted in risk areas.

Other areas of the province are low-risk areas.

Heihe epidemic caused by the Delta variant strain 0-24 October 2021 when 31 new Heilongjiang Province, 27 cases of pneumonia new crown indigenous confirmed cases, of which 25 cases Aihui District of Heihe City, Harbin City, CA 2 cases were centralized isolation or isolated active investigation found during home control.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter noted that currently is becoming a new Heihe hardest hit by the epidemic.

Since October 27, Aihui District of Heihe City, found a case of domestic new crown positive pneumonia infection, calculated according to the Black Dragon Jiang Weijian Commission published information, as of November 1, Heihe confirmed cases have been 79 cases in less than a week .

In the previous joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council press conference, deputy director of the Health Committee of the National Health Disease Control Bureau Wu Liang has said that Heilongjiang Heihe epidemic since October 27 report rapid development, according to the current flow reconcile virus sequencing results, this recent outbreaks associated with Inner Mongolia, Gansu and other provinces have no local epidemic, the epidemic was a new foreign input virus. Currently new cases mainly through full screening and active treatment was found, suggesting that the local community transmission has occurred, and there is a proliferation of spillover risk.

Harbin there are a Heihe related cases. According to CCTV news, Heihe City, this round of outbreaks caused by foreign Delta variant strains.

Currently, the diagnosis of patients, mostly mild, treated in isolation at designated medical institutions.

Since November 1, Heihe City has opened the sixth round of the National nucleic acid detection.

Qinghai Xining a CDC staff member confirmed three bursts announcement on November 1, Xining City, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters disposal bursts of three announcements.

Notice shows that at 7:01 on October 31, Xining City, the new crown a new confirmed cases of pneumonia native. CDC diagnosed Moumou Department West District staff worked with her husband Moumou starting from Xining, from driving to reach the Gannan, Longnan, Tianshui, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province and other places.

After back to Qinghai, Chen so the travel path involves shop, supermarket, and went to relatives and mother’s home.

Back to Xining, the Moumou and her husband had dinner with friends.

After that, Chen Moumou trajectory involving buses, institutions, restaurants and other places. In addition, Chen Moumou had also to Cai Moumou (Department of indigenous confirmed cases Qinghai No. 1) home with four colleagues (Qinghai Province, Xining City, CDC staff members of the two), Mou (co-workers) to work together, work specification of the guard, a length of about 4-5 hours of operation, after working for disinfection. November 1 morning, added two new cases of viral pneumonia crown nucleic acid testing positive persons Xining.

November 1, Xining City, the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters disposal Notice (No. 21), notice the contents of display, high slot Lane 3 homes, Qinghai Electric Power Construction Engineering Company family area, Building 2, West District Disease Prevention and Control Center as a sealed off area.

High slot Lane 5 Hospital, Hospital No. 7, No. 9 hospital; all areas within the range of thermal power the cell walls (except Building 2); Kee Hou lamb store (Road Fair); Nanshan Hospital Road 151; Seongdong innovation venture Building A, B Block; Hai Lake District comprehensive resettlement area; Fu Hing shops on both sides of things; east region Hui Wanda gourd restaurant is listed as the control area.

Tianshui City, Gansu Wei Jian Accountability Commission director was dismissed, according to Xinhua News Agency and other news 1st, October 31, Tianshui Municipal Standing Committee decided, replacing Chen Kexiao Tianshui City health committee party secretary, director of the office, Wu Yi disease in Tianshui City prevention and control center director duties.

Since the current round of outbreak, Tianshui City, a total of 15 cases of confirmed cases, including four people in Tianshui city health school students.

30, Tianshui City, the new confirmed cases in 4 cases, including 3 cases of Tianshui City health school students, both 17 years old, three people have been involved in training and participate in accounting accounting detect detection sampling work. Ejinaqi informed 6 from epidemic prevention and control and discipline violations November 1, Ejinaqi Discipline Inspection Commission informed the discipline violation epidemic prevention and control work in 6 cases, of which Ejinaqi Bayan Tao Nie Limei driving to hematoxylin Hospitals public car without permission to enter the sealed off area, working under the guise of the name of the homes in flagrant violation of epidemic prevention and control policy, free access to sealed off the area, and bad attitude of staff on duty at the time of inquiry. There is Nie Limei violations of the provisions of epidemic prevention and control, the entire division now be criticized. In addition, Ejinaqi Transportation Bureau Wang Haihong, Ejinaqi health committee, to call up Ejinaqi cloth town government, Ejinaqi Bureau of Statistics, Ejinaqi agricultural comprehensive law enforcement unit, Ejinaqi City Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau and other departments and individuals there is the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in place, issues such as poor performance of their duties is criticism. The group of text / reporter Zhang month deceive Li Tiezhu (Editor: Yuan Han Ling, Zhang Wei-Yi Hua) share to allow more people to see.

Russian President’s telephone discussion border refugee problem

Russian President’s telephone discussion border refugee problem

Xinhua News Agency Minsk November 16 (Reporter Lukinbo) Belarus President Lukashenko 16th with Russian President Putin, discuss the refugee problem of Belarus and Polish border. According to the news released by Bai Russian President, Lukashenka introduced the latest situation of Belarus and Poland border refugee issues in the call, as well as the content and results of his refugee in the Border Governor of the Government of Deutsmond 15th. The two sides exchanged opinions on how to solve refugee problems.

According to the news, the leaders of the two countries also discussed Ukraine, as well as the United States, Turkey, Ukraine, and Romania, four countries, held a joint military exercise in the Black Sea. Putin spread to Lukashenko’s overall situation in the situation in the Black Sea. Recently, thousands of refugees tried to enter Poland, Lithuania and other EU countries from Belarus, and finally went to Western Europe, most of them came from the Middle East. Polish and other countries strengthen border management, strictly prevent illegal entry, leading to a large number of immigrants to stay border.

Poland and other countries accused Bai Russia to plan this crisis to retaliate the sanctions applied to Belarus in the European Union. White is said that sanctions make Belarus unable to control immigrants.

(Editor: Hu Yongqiu, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.

Taizhou speed up the Yangtze River Delta to build the best Culture Travel Destinations

Taizhou speed up the Yangtze River Delta to build the best Culture Travel Destinations

Original title: Taizhou speed up to build the best Culture Travel Destinations sea fairy country Yangtze River Delta, the picture in Vientiane. Is located in Zhejiang Province, "the central point north and south, at the junction of land and sea" in Taizhou, a coastal Pearl of the Yangtze River Delta region.

Cultural heritage and magnificent mountains, waters and magnificent natural endowments, the source Fozong Road, Wo Hop Holy Land, drawn up in Taizhou of text brigade gold card. Blending into the Yangtze, when the first text brigade.

In the Yangtze River Delta integration historical opportunity of development, Taizhou text brigade active cooperation with Shanghai and close interaction with the brothers city, toward "building the Yangtze River Delta the most desirable Aboriginal leisure travel destination" goals, made a high-quality development of integration road.

The depth of integration, the development of text brigade growth geopolitical pole Yangtze River Delta region similar popularity to each other along, are the main economic activities range Taizhou and cultural exchanges. Taizhou rich and charming text brigade resources, but also much Yangtze River Delta area residents and visitors alike.

Today, the Yangtze River Delta integration of a national strategy, "to break the open standards" is the path to a new era of development in Taizhou.

By this "wind", Taizhou text brigade sailing, strengthen regional co-developed text brigade, hoping to become an important growth in the Yangtze River Delta regional development poles.

In March last year, "chasing the sun to Taizhou" one hundred days ten million tourists visit Taizhou activities, starting in Shanghai. Shanghai, Taizhou two places text brigade departments, trade associations and enterprises to establish a strategic partnership, Taizhou nine counties (cities, districts) an invitation to the public to join hands in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta area.

Then, do tourists come here, see the "21st century mainland China the first rays of the first dawn" Fang Yan.

As a starting point, in 2020, Taizhou has held 20 games, "chasing the sun to Taizhou" brand activities, including "a million people visit Taizhou Yangtze River Delta," "warm lake stage three rural tourism go pro" and so on. Through cooperation with the donkey mother, little red books online platform, Taizhou city tour to promote the brand image to the world. City of Culture and Tourism of Radio Sports Bureau party secretary Lv Zhenxing also the embodiment of "anchor", the studio online speak for Taizhou Culture Travel products.

Lv Zhenxing "crying" products, the most representative, non-text brigade eight fine line perfectly.

"The new finding love Goddess Marriage" tour "island style romantic trip" "fresh food tour in Taizhou," "eastern Zhejiang Tangshizhilu destination Tour" route, brought together Aboriginal and cultural characteristics, visitors to select any one line , Taizhou can enjoy a different kind of style.

Wen Nengxing brigade, brigade can live text.

No go hand in hand with the text brigade, it is the cultural exchange between the Yangtze River Delta region. Last December, the Yangtze River Delta Sixteenth National Orchestra performances held in Taizhou. Period, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Taizhou City People’s Government, in the future the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in literary and artistic creation, personnel training and cooperative education and other fields. In fact, as early as last September, there are well-known musicians from the Yangtze River Delta folk songs to Taizhou, where the mountain Xiushui, giving them a wealth of creative inspiration.

Please come in, we have to go out. In May this year, Taizhou erhu player Zhang Jue hard act to level the 37th "Spring of Shanghai" International Music Festival, on the international stage, he played a fantastic string sounds from Taizhou. Wheel drive, create the best destination in the tide of integration, Taizhou text brigade how to identify the location, highlights the advantages? This is the text of Taizhou travelers seeking long-term thinking and proposition goals. "Fourteen Five Year Plan" text brigade mentioned in Taizhou: Yangtze River Delta region as the main source markets, unswervingly implement the "branding" and "cultural decoding" wheel drive. "Tourism has a market rule ‘better than distant neighbors’, just a short, leisure tourism, more and more favored by the people, and convenient transportation in Yangtze River Delta region, the development of Taizhou Culture Travel provides an opportunity rather warm gold, Suzhou, Wuxi and other cities, there is a huge the market potential to be tapped. "City, Guangdong tours Bureau of two researcher Ji Chen outfitting think.

While consolidating the Tiantai Mountain, Shenxianju and other famous brands, to implement the "wind from the sea, tourism Look East" strategy, to build islands, coast tourism projects, to do bigger and brighter "sea" of the article. Welcoming scenery, culture detain a guest. City, Guangdong Tours body, Deputy Secretary Chen Bo said that the process of integration in the Yangtze River Delta, in addition to good complementary cultural resources between cities, cultural interaction, but also to open up the information platform, "For example, the Yangtze River Delta region to promote public cultural service facilities share linkage, go out to the public, visitors come to realize ‘Sudy’ early experience in the cultural, tourism and so on. "when Lv Zhenxing out Recommend Taizhou, often With a sincere heart. He sincerely hoped that more tourists to enjoy the beauty of Taizhou, tasting food.

"We will focus on creating a comprehensive cultural development highlands, the best tourist destinations in Yangtze River Delta two main objectives, seize more and more outstanding cultural products of high quality tourism products link the two centers, Lulitongxin, temper forward. "Lvzhen Xing said. (Editor: Zhang Fan, Zhang Liwei).