Torn online "psoriasis" is not slow

Torn online "psoriasis" is not slow

  Mobile Application (APP) is always popped up, users click "Close" but directly jump to the advertisement page; personalized advertising floods, consumers need more than a dozen steps to temporarily shut down; false advertisements are unscrupulous, consumers are not It’s annoying … The APP Advertising Consumer Protection Evaluation Report (2020) "released by the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Committee (2020) pointed out that 58% of the APP contains advertising, where% of the advertisements do not" Close ". Today, when the user is moving with mobile phones, "can’t get lost advertisements" in mobile applications, but not only directly infringe on consumer rights, but also hinders the healthy development of the Internet.

  APP ads are closely related to each mobile phone user, and some small problems that seem to be inoperate may bring great trouble. The accurate push of advertising has no hole, thereby could generate personal information leakage risk. The supervision of false advertisements in the app is also very easy to attract consumers "spending money" – the five-flowers of online loans, a net skin care product, 3 seconds, hot underwear … Many platforms only Regulatory, the final consequences are all borne by the consumer. Why is the problem of the app ad? This is related to the profit model of Internet companies.

"Selling advertisements" is an important way for Internet companies to achieve "traffic change". Digital Economic Age, data is an important resource for Internet companies, who has mastered more, more detailed user data, who may have more advantages in market competition. Internet companies can build detailed user portraits based on user chat content, usage habits, etc., thereby achieving precision marketing. There are also head companies to go to "Data Monopoly", with exclusive massive data to obtain market advantages, bring many market competition order, market resource allocation issues.

  It is reported that the APP that can be monitored in the Chinese market has exceeded 3.5 million, and continued to increase. In order to maintain the union of the Internet, tearing the Internet "Psoriasis" is not going to slow. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the 10 standards of "APP User Rights Protection Evaluation Specification" and "APP Collection of Personal Information Minimum Equipment Specification" to specify APP personal information. The National Net Trunker Office also releases "Common Type Mobile Internet Application (App) necessary personal information scope (seeking opinion)", promoting special rectification of mobile app information content, first batch cleaning and disposal of 105 illegal mobile applications. The supervision department shot, to build hard standards for rectifying the APP, and effectively protect user rights. The prosperity of the Internet economy should not be at the expense of consumer interests.

It is hoped that under the increasingly improved policy supervision and increasing technical supervision, the Internet companies operate more specifications, thus promoting the uniform development of China’s Internet economy. (Editor: Zhao Anne (intern), Li Dong) Share let more people see recommendation reading.

RMB Internationalisation Index is gestegen met 54,2%

RMB Internationalisation Index is gestegen met 54,2%

Deze krant Beijing 9 augustus (Reporter Ouyang Jie) Het "Renminbi International Report 2021" (hierna "Rapport" genoemd) (hierna "rapport" genoemd) wordt weergegeven, vanaf het einde van 2020, de Renminbi Internationalisation Index is Jaar-op-jaar sterke groei, cre?er een nieuwe high in de geschiedenis.

Volgens het "rapport" is de RMB-internationaliseringsindex aanzienlijk toegenomen vanwege de voortdurende consolidatie van het RMB-internationale handelsaccount en de RMB-financi?le transactiefunctie is aanzienlijk toegenomen en de RMB-internationale reserves verschijnen verder.Gegevens tonen aan dat in 2020 het grensoverschrijdende RMB-afrekeningsbedrag onder het reguliere project biljoen yuan heeft bereikt, dat het jaar-op-jaar verhoogde, verantwoordelijk was voor de buitenlandse goederen en de export van het land van mijn land, en de RMB-schikkingsaandeel van de wereld is%, ik ben het afgelopen jaar verbeterd.Er zijn momenteel meer dan 75 nationale en regionale monetaire autoriteiten om RMB op te nemen in deviezenreserves."People’s Daily" (11e editie, 10 augustus 2021) (Editor: MU YIFAN, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

The Securities Regulatory Commission replies to the people’s network users: urge the securities company compliance exhibition industry to strengthen the departure supervision

The Securities Regulatory Commission replies to the people’s network users: urge the securities company compliance exhibition industry to strengthen the departure supervision

  In recent years, the Securities Regulatory Commission has implemented a new round of comprehensive and deepening capital market reforms, under the "construction system, no intervention, zero tolerance", the capital market is undergoing profound structural changes.

How to build a more standardized, transparent, open, energetic, tough capital market, has also become the focus of netizens.

  Since this year, netizens have actively contributed to the development of the capital market through the "Leadership Message Board" of the People’s Network, such as "The Quality of the Sockets of the Securities Company" "Quality" "Quality of the Municipal Medal" "" "… Recently, the Securities Regulatory Commission responded to netizens, it would urge to urge securities company compliance exhibition industry, strengthen the exhibition supervision, and earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors.

  Strictly crack down on the false, misleading, misleading publicity in accordance with the law, "The SFC will strive in accordance with the law. "In response to netizens on the suggestion of combating securities companies, the SFC said that follow-up will continue to urge the securities company compliance exhibition industry, and earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors. According to the Interim Provisions on Securities Investment Consultant, "the" Securities Company conducts the business of securities investment consultants "," prohibiting marketing promotion of service capabilities and past performance, no real, misleading, prohibiting the commitment or guaranteeing investment income in any way ", And "providing securities investment consultant services, should sign the Securities Investment Advisory Service Agreement with the Customer", and clarify the "responsibility and prohibition of the principals of the parties" in the agreement, the responsibility and prohibition of securities investment consultants. "Recording Management" has stimulated the vitality of the securities audit market on improving the quality of the listed company, the Securities Law said that the "Securities Law" implemented on March 1, 2020, implemented the "venting service" reform requirements, and canceled the accounting firm The qualification license for service business, replaced by the record, inspiring the vitality of the securities audit market, the accounting firm engaged in securities service business is increased from 50 to the end of February this year, and the supply of the audit practitioner continues to increase, to a certain extent will be alleviated Listed (listing) company annual report pressure. Some netizens suggested that through the listing (listing) companies in different trading venues, set up different accounting annual periods, reduce the working concentration of intermediaries and improve the quality of work of intermediaries.

In this regard, the Securities Regulatory Commission responded that this does not match the "Accounting Year from the Current France" in my country to December 31 to December 31, in addition, it will also reduce the company, especially the same Accounting information between different companies in the industry is comparable.

  The Securities Regulatory Commission pointed out that "the impact of the adjustment of the annual period of the accounting year will consider the impact on the national economic statistics, taxation and other various influences, and the relevant departments or units need to coordinate cooperation to improve their supporting regulations.

"Strictly retreating, increasing" Red Card penalty "Terms" proposes to strictly implement a deflated system for fake listed companies, consistent with the direction I will reform.

The Securities Regulatory Commission said that the retreated system is the basic system of the capital market, and it is necessary to persist in retreat, and is resolutely ventilated with serious illegal violations and serious disrupt capital market order.

  The 2020 Years Calm has launched a new round of retreat system reform. In November, the "Implementation Plan for the Implementation Plan of the Shengshi Company, the Implementation Plan" approved by the DISCA, the 16th meeting of the Central Committee, clearly stated that it is necessary to adhere to the marketization, the direction of the rule of law, improve the retreated standard, simplify the retreat procedure, and broaden the multiple exit Channels, strictly returned the market, improve the normalization of normalization. On December 31, 2020, the Shanghai-Shenzhen Stock Exchange released the revised refund rules. In response to companies that have passed non-standard audit opinions, increase the type of audit opinion and financial indicators for comprehensive combination of refund rules, blocking system vulnerabilities; in response to serious disruption of market order and refusing to correct cases, increasing direct "red card penalty The following "Terms; Under the premise of retaining the original major illegal refund standards, for the fake fake cases of the fake balance, the proportion of the fake amount + fraudulent proportion of fake ratios" is added in accordance with the original rules. .

In terms of retreating procedures, simplify the relevant links and improve the delisting efficiency.

  The Securities Regulatory Commission said that the next step will continue to establish an important part of the establishment of a normalized returning mechanism as an important part of the comprehensiveness of capital market reform, and effectively strengthen the delisting supervision and speed up the implementation of investor protection.

Tianjin Medical Security Bureau "Tianjin Basic Medical Insurance Regulations" legislation

Tianjin Medical Security Bureau "Tianjin Basic Medical Insurance Regulations" legislation

  On December 11, 2019, the Basic Medical Insurance Regulations of Tianjin (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations) reviewed through the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and will be implemented on March 1, 2020. This is an important part of Tianjin Minsheng’s field.

"Regulations" 52, provisions on insured payment, treatment payment, fund management, operation service, supervision and inspection, legal responsibility, etc., to provide legal protection for further protection and improving people’s livelihood.

The "Regulations" fully reflect the national and our city’s major reform and development requirements, and clarify the implementation initiatives, implement the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Association Development Strategy, and establish a three-way basic medical insurance collaborative development work mechanism. Continue to deepen the achievements of institutional reform, implement the "venting service" reform and the "a three-system" reform of the city, providing the masses with more convenient and efficient medical services.

  The Tianjin Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal People, and the municipal government attaches great importance to the medical insurance local legislation, and it is an important starting with high quality development as a strengthening of medical insurance, standardizing medical insurance operations.

The "Tianjin Basic Medical Insurance Regulations" is the first part of the provincial level to cover the local regulations of the medical insurance and urban and rural residents, providing experience in the national medical insurance legislation. The "Regulations" comprehensive summary of the experience of health insurance in Tianjin in recent years, seriously studying new requirements of new situation in the current situation, focusing on national and Tianjin market for major reform and development initiatives; to protect and improve people’s livelihood as starting point and foothold, full Safeguard the rights and interests of insured; strengthen the supervision of the fund, severely crack down on fraudulent practice, and make Tianjin contribution to the comprehensive promotion of the rule of law medical insurance in an all-round era.

Trip conflict 25 Taiyuan Yingze Public Security is 120 million yuan for enterprises

Trip conflict 25 Taiyuan Yingze Public Security is 120 million yuan for enterprises

People’s Network Taiyuan November 11th (Zhu Ziyang) On November 10th, Taiyuan Public Security held the press conference of "I am doing a practical thing for the masses".

Xu Enwei, member of the Party Committee and Political Office of Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau, said Xu Enwei, director of the Political Office, said that the Yingze Branch deepened into 130 companies and investigated 25 contradictions and disputes, and saved the economy to recover 120,000 yuan.

The Taiyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau Yingze Branch is based on "satisfaction with the masses, happy and unhappy, and does not agree" as the starting point, collect the "hurry" problem. Each member of the Party Committee of the Branch will lead the leader to grasp an unforgettable project and go deep into the grassroots to understand the demands of the masses and carry out investigation and visiting activities to listen to cadres.

A total of invited the General Congress of the CPPCC and other organizations to convene 11 consecutive symposia, and issued 90 comments, and seeking 179 advice, and 63.

At the same time, surround the "people-centered" development thoughts, organize global window personnel training and improve service level.

And launch the provision of priority services, establish a "Special Emission" mechanism, carry out policies such as service delivery, etc., and the introduction of the delay office, green channel, and financial services, etc. Since the launch of the office, 126 service people have been taken. In addition, in order to better fulfill the prevention, service management, standardizing law enforcement, etc. 43 intersections of 16 major traffic trunks around the campus, improve the passivity of the peak period of up and down; build 1 + 2 + 3 + n patrol prevention and control mode, all-day police street, social security continues to be good, police love The same period has decreased%; each police station relying on the school, enterprises and other units to carry out 130 safety prevention lectures, and visit the households to post publicity posters, issued more than 200,000 propaganda orders, relying on WeChat into group propaganda covers more than 30,000 districts The special action of "breaking the case, the people’s livelihood" is a special action, and it is necessary to set up a fight against rectification, and strive to save the people to the economic losses.

(Editor: Zhu Ziyang, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Sanshan Economic Development Zone Hof Hield Informatie Publicity Research Work Conference Zhongan Online Wuhu Channel Wuhu Nieuws Wuhu Informatie

Sanshan Economic Development Zone Hof Hield Informatie Publicity Research Work Conference Zhongan Online Wuhu Channel Wuhu Nieuws Wuhu Informatie

  Om de algehele bevordering van de algehele informatie publiciteit en onderzoekswerkzaamheden te bevorderen, heeft de totale toename van 5 november, het Hof van Wuhu Sanshan Economic Development Zone een bijeenkomst van informatiebeschrijvingen en onderzoek gehouden.

De bijeenkomst werd gehost door de partijgroep, vice-president Gu Xinchang, de secretaris van het feest, en de decaan Wang Wenping woonde de vergadering bij en spreilde, de partijgroep, afdelingshoofd van de hele binnenplaats, het hoofd van de rechter, de rechter assistent. Tijdens de vergadering voerde de persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor de onderzoeksruimte voor het eerst een rapport over de ontwikkeling van het ziekenhuis voor 2021 informatie, publiciteit, onderzoek, zaak en het papierwerk. Het leiderschap van het ziekenhuis verzocht vervolgens het relevante werk. Ten slotte regelde Wang Wenping inzet voor de huidige publiciteits- en onderzoekswerkzaamheden voor de huidige en toekomstige rechtbank. De bijeenkomst benadrukte dat men het leiderschap van de organisatie moet versterken, de publiciteitsonderzoeken van de informatie hebben laten vertrouwen. Om de verantwoordelijkheid van de verantwoordelijke persoon te versterken die verantwoordelijk is voor de afdeling om de informatiebeschrijvingen en onderzoekswerk te begrijpen, regelt u de backbone-krachten om deel te nemen aan informatie-publiciteit en onderzoekswerkzaamheden, en actief de hoogtepunten, flitspunten en stevig aanmoedigen "Iedereen is het Informatie Propagandist "in andere politieagenten. Verantwoordelijkheidsbewustzijn, streven ernaar om een ??goed georganiseerde, alle deelname te cre?ren en een goede sfeer te hebben. De tweede is om de doelverantwoordelijkheid te verbeteren en de onderzoeksresultaten voor informatiepropaganda te plaatsen. Het is noodzakelijk om het informatie-publiciteits- en onderzoekswerksysteem verder te verbeteren, het werk van informatie en publiciteit en onderzoekswerk te verfijnen en het dagelijkse toezicht en de aanmoediging van informatiewerk te versterken, drukt u echt op de persconstructie, vaak aanmoediging.

De derde is om een ??uitstekend team te bouwen en deel te nemen aan de informatie-promotie en onderzoeksmacht. Het is noodzakelijk om de bouw van informatie- en publiciteitsteam te versterken, een reactieve, snelle en effici?nte informatie- en onderzoeksnetwerk op te bouwen en de communicatie en communicatie tussen informatiepropagandisten, tijdige feedback, nieuwe problemen die in de proef, nieuwe problemen tegenkomen, te versterken. Goed gedaan in informatie Het onderzoekswerk biedt mankracht en intellectuele ondersteuning.

De vierde is om de innovatie actief te verkennen en informatiebeschrijvingen te doen.

Het is noodzakelijk om de "rechtvaardigheid voor de mensen, justitie" en de functionele positie van de People’s Court stevig vast te houden, in combinatie met het Burgerlijk Wetboek van Burgerlijk Wetboek en "de People’s Court for the People" Special Action, actief nieuwe resultaten weergeven, Rechter’s nieuwe afbeelding en actief verkennen "de nieuwe vorm van PUFUTUM-propaganda, continu breidt de communicatie, geleiding, invloed en geloofwaardigheid van verschillende rechtbanken voort.

(Wang Mengyu).

Qiu County: The first batch of products after completing the work, the next line is sold

Qiu County: The first batch of products after completing the work, the next line is sold

At the end of March this year, in the help of the departments of Qiu County, Hebei Fort Biotechnology Co., Ltd. quickly completed it. The first batch of LGG starter products produced after completion, as the core raw material of probiotic yoghurt, has been sent to Hunan Province Dairy Enterprises to produce LGG fermented yogurt, the product is underline. Hebei Hofmont Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has 50 employees and 40 people have arrived.

In order to reduce the hidden dangers of the epidemic, the completed employees are all local people in Qiu County. In order to increase employees, 5 new employees were recruited in the near future.

Ling Fan, Chairman of the Company, said that the company has completed the online epidemic prevention knowledge training on all employees before completing the work on February 17. All employees measuring body temperature before working with lunch every day, and strict hand and sole health disinfection before work. For workers entering clean workshops, they need to be more stringent, and they need to pass through two disinfection procedures. On the basis of ordinary disinfection, they will replace clean clothes and then disinfected, and they can enter the workshop.

In order to ensure that one person has a table to die, the company has opened up two rooms for workers to eat.

It is understood that in order to ensure the smooth completion of the enterprise, Qiu County multi-party coordination funds set up strong backing for enterprises. The county leaders hosted the financial coordination meeting to coordinate the Qiu County Branch of the Bank of China, and the rural credit cooperatives were coordinated to coordinate more than 20 million yuan in production funds.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Qiu County Economic Development Zone Management Committee, during the epidemic, the Development Zone Management Committee sent a special person to enter the enterprise 2 times a day, and the help unit county health bureau delegated a special person to assist the company as a "stationer". Work, providing strong support for enterprises to successfully refecting. "Under the vigorous service and help of all departments of Qiu County, under this epidemic, I am very pleased that I am asked as much as possible, I am very pleased!" Ling Fan said that the sales of the company’s products are affected by the epidemic. " Currently, the main line is sold. Qiu County not only helped the company quickly completed in the special period, coordinate the publicity of probiotics in relevant departments such as County Science and Technology, County Health Bureau, jointly opened health lectures, helping enterprises to open up the market, improve brand visibility, and open more Sales channels.

It is understood that the company has opened production equipment such as fermentation, emulsification, lyophilization and packaging of Yisheng bacteria, and the main product of the fermented agent is known as yogurt, the company’s newly launched to LGG probiotic freeze-dry powder solid beverage On February 20, in Jingdong, Tmall started online, which is convenient to carry and preserve, and each contains 30 billion LGG active probiotics, which is also the newly launched product of the company this year. It is understood that since March, the county has "four-go enterprise" has taken 85, starting 85 start meters, and the operating rate is 100%. (Editor: Chen Si, Shi Jianzhong).

Shanghai and Zhejiang Soviet virus highly homologous

Shanghai and Zhejiang Soviet virus highly homologous

Original title: Shanghai-Zhejiang Soviet virus is highly homologous on the afternoon of December 11, the State Council’s joint defense mechanism held a press conference, introducing recent new coronary pneumonia epidemic prevention and control and vaccination work. Wu Liang, deputy director of the National Health and Control Bureau, said that the national epidemic situation is generally stable, and the local area has occurred in the local area.

Inner Mongolia, the virus genome sequencing analysis showed that the epidemic was caused by a new entry input source together, and there was no association with the epidemic of Inner Mongolia. This epidemic is first in Inner Mongolia, Hulunbeier, Hulum, Manchuria, Subsequently, in Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia, Tongliao City, Heilongjiang, Qiqihar City, Harbin, Hebei Shijiazhuang City and Beijing Haidian District, etc. 4 provinces. At present, the local epidemic in Manzhouli is still in the sustainable development stage. Recently reported that the number of cases showed a decline in fluctuations, and the trend of the epidemic needs close observation. The risk of epidemic in Harbin, Heilongjiang has decreased, and only the scattered case report has been scattered, and there is no new case report yesterday. Tongliao City, Qiqihar City, Shijiazhuang City and Beijing have not had new cases for more than 5 days, and the epidemic is better controlled.

Yunnan Luanchuan epidemic wave in the area is limited, and the cases are teachers and students in the same school. No casement, the case genomic sequence display is the same communication chain, and the epidemic has been basically controlled.

The viral genome sequences of the epidemic situation in Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu three places are highly homologous, and the epidemic is associated with the same. At present, the overall Shanghai epidemic is more smooth, there is no new case for 3 consecutive days; Zhejiang Shaoxing, Ningbo, Hangzhou’s epidemic development is relatively rapid, and the communication relationship between cases is relatively clear, mainly involved in homes and crowd gathering places, related risk area control and risk Personnel investigation work is in progress. Shaanxi epidemic currently found only in the case, and did not have a spread spread. Overall, the recent domestic epidemic presents a number of disseminated chains, local distribution and small scale aggregated characteristics.

After the epidemic, the State Council’s joint-defense mechanism completion group sent a working group to go to Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, etc., which will establish integrated, flat command system, promote the source, and community control. The measures such as nucleic acid detection are implemented to prevent the epidemic from further spreading.

According to Beijing Daily Client (Editor: Xiao Wei, Zhang Wei) sharing more people to see.

The first stage of CBA: Qingdao daily, no enemy, Beijing Shougang

The first stage of CBA: Qingdao daily, no enemy, Beijing Shougang

  On November 12th, Qingdao Daily Grand Team player Wang Hong (left) held a ball in the game.

  On the same day, in Zhejiang Zhuji, the 2021-2022 season China Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) first stage in the 12th round of the week, Qingdao Daily Place is not an enemy of Beijing’s first steel team at 73 to 78. Xinhua News Agency, Sun Fan Yue, November 12, Beijing Shougun Player Li Muhao (below) was treated in the replacement.

  On the same day, in Zhejiang Zhuji, the 2021-2022 season China Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) first stage in the 12th round of the week, Qingdao Daily Place is not an enemy of Beijing’s first steel team at 73 to 78. Xinhua News Agency, Sun Fan Yue, November 12, Qingdao Daily Plaza Player Hong Zhonghua (middle) in the game. On the same day, in Zhejiang Zhuji, the 2021-2022 season China Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) first stage in the 12th round of the week, Qingdao Daily Place is not an enemy of Beijing’s first steel team at 73 to 78.

  Xinhua News Agency, Sun Fanue, November 12, Beijing Shougun Player Tian Yuxiang (top right) was injured.

  On the same day, in Zhejiang Zhuji, the 2021-2022 season China Men’s Basketball Professional League (CBA) first stage in the 12th round of the week, Qingdao Daily Place is not an enemy of Beijing’s first steel team at 73 to 78. Xinhua News Agency reporter Sunfan photo.

Reference characters poor white house chef

Reference characters poor white house chef

On November 10th, the US "Political News" website issued the article "Poor White House Chef" on October 20, the author is Tina Sirede, Alex Thompson. The full text is as follows: New crown pneumonia epidemic is extremely impact on the diet industry, making it changing in terms of aspects, from the final profitability of the restaurant to cooking raw materials around the world.

This impact is particularly deeply deeply inside the White House. According to sources that know about the duties of the White House, there is usually a dish to make a dishes for the grand events of the grand event, and prepare simple meals for the Cabinet level and government agency conference. . For the first time, it is a historic period for the first time. The White House kitchen has been in history. The first time by two women: Christta Kuberford and Susan Morrison, the former defeated hundreds of applicants after 2005 by the first lady Laura Bush Appointed as the White House Executive Chef, the latter was appointed for the administrative paste for the chef at the end of last year. She has been a helpful pastries since 2002. Both people have been gradually promoted in the White House kitchen for decades.

However, after arriving at the peak of personal career, they are now facing different reality: due to the rare organized activities due to the current stage of the White House, this means that they have learned all the delicious meals and luxury desserts that have been doing for many years. The menu of the national banquet. Instead, it is a tomato that bidelines preference.

Because Kobimo Ford and Morrison have been working in the White House before, they have been familiar with the diet of the President of Biden. His taste is basically no different when the vice president is. However, the big kitchen did a due diligence.

When I went into the White House in January this year, the staff met with the first lady, took out a written questionnaire, asked about the preferences, food allergies, and dietary demand to prevent any changes in nearly five years.

Both chefs are very low.

We contact the first lady’s office and want to interview them, learn more, but they are rejected.

This is different from the situation in the Obama’s ruling period. At that time, the other chefs worked under Obama and other chefs under Obama had appeared on TV programs and printed media. Sometimes the first lady Michelle will move to us for the first lady. initiative. Among them, Kobimer Ford has participated in the shooting of the "American Food God" program, and there is a propaganda video in the White House. The video tells that there is a beekeeper in the White House, and the chef is in this person. Brewing out the unique beer in the White House. I hope that the normal rhythm is one of the publicity offensions that let us move in the media. Komerford has accepted the interview with the American Cable TV News Network in 2014, and the work experienced work experience from the bottom step by step.

She was born in the Philippines and came to Chicago 23. Her first job is to make a salad girl in Chicago.

Since then, she is a chef in two hotels in Washington, and in a resident training program in Vienna, Austria, a one-month round-value chef.

In 1995, the Clinton’s ruling period, the front white honegun administrative kitchen Vartte Shaset recruited Kokford to the White House kitchen, she became an assistant chef. A news that is closely related to the White House staff said: Komervad likes to say, with taste and flavor, traditional Philippine meals can make people understand everything she does.

And add a lot of garlic in the food is at least least.

They also said that Morrison is an amazing sugar artist. (Yes, she applied to sugar to the extent of godification.) However, new crown pneumonia is popular to make the White House many of the grand activities and wonderful dining opportunities, including the most important social activities on the White House Calendar: Usually In February, the chief dinner party is held. So far, the President and the first lady have not held the national banquet. In this occasion, the number of guests gathered in the national banquet usually up to 120 people.

Bill Josez, who has served as the White House Executive Pastry, said: I will definitely, Christta and Susan are very eager to return to normal rhythm, because they accepted the training to address such an occasion. This is their duties and the responsibility of their leadership team.

Not easy to spot diplomacy is not an important role, but the White House chef does have to take into account the President’s homeless diplomacy.

The activities of the White House may become a carrier for trading, idle chats and informal conversations with leaders of various countries. The food provided for these occasions can be promoted.

Former President Franklin Roosevelt held 11 national banquets, at a national banquet in 1939, he enjoys the King of the British King George and Elizabeth King and Elizabeth I eat hot dogs, drinking beer, and become a world famous scene.

We asked about the historians of the US President Jon Micha, if the president could not hold a traditional White House dinner and party, what he lost. Mikham said: I think that the difference between the period from 2020 to 2021 is no one in the history of modern politics, or at least one of the characteristics of the people. New crown viruses have changed the common life rhythm of president, from traveling to the White House.

It doesn’t mean that these social rituals and common event space will really have a significant impact, but this type of activity means that the status quo of President Biden has to face it is that he can even expect retail politics possible help. Even if this help is negligible.